How To Format WordPress Posts By WordPress Post Editor Icons

We are going to dedicate this article to WordPress newbies. They are new to WordPress and most of them are unaware of the basic knowledge of WordPress. Most of new WordPress users are contacting us and demanding us to write an article about how to format WordPress posts by WordPress post editor? We, therefore, tried to help them as we did always.

Today, in this post, we have tried to cover some of the fundamental and basics ideas about formatting WordPress posts with the help of, built-in formatting options of, WordPress post editor.

If you look closely look at your WordPress blog’s Post Editor Toolbar, you will be able to find most of the formatting options there. If you’re familiar and have ever used word processing software like Microsoft Word, you will find that most of these formatting icons will look like that and you will found yourself familiar with them. In fact most of the formatting options and icons, e.g. bold, italic, strike through etc, are quite same as that of Ms Word.

So if you have used these options and icons in Ms Words then you should also be able to use them also in your wordpress blog’s post editor during editing an already published post or writing new blog post. In the below lines we have provided easy and simple steps for understanding the above mentioned topic. You are required to focus on it and closely read the article so that you can do your job easily. Here we are giving you an easy and simple tip that if you ever get stuck and faced any difficulty using your formatting icons, we advise you to just simply hover over that icon and you will see the name and function of that icon.

Now we are going to get start and format your WordPress blog’s posts. For this purpose you have to visit Posts > Add New or Post > All Posts and select the post you’d like to edit. The screen will looks like the following picture.

Format WordPress Posts By WordPress Post Editor

Here, below the Add Media button and in front of Paragraph option, you will find different formatting icons, that are included, in the WordPress post editor. In the below lines we are going to discuss them, and their functions, one by one. These icons are provided just below the WordPress Media Library button.

  • Bold, Italic or strikethrough text: We will start our discussion from the Bold, Italic or strikethrough text. If you look at the icons, in front of paragraph of the WordPress post editor you will see these icons. These are present in the first row of the toolbar. You can use these icons to bold, italize or strikethrough text, during writing and publishing your posts/articles. The functions of these icons are the same as that of icons in Ms Word. If you want to bold your text, simply select your desired text that you want to format and then click on the bold button/icon. As a result you’ll see that the selected text has been bolded.
  • Bullet and Numbered List: Now we are going ahead and moving to the next two formatting icons. These icons, and their functions, are also similar to that of Ms Word icons. It can be used for bulletedand numbered lists. In simple words, if you’d like to add a bulleted list to a post, simply select your text, and then click on the option of bulleted icon. Similarly if you want to add number list, just select the text that you want to add number list and then click on the option of number list option. As a result you will see that numbered list has been added to your desired text.
  • Quotation Mark Icons: In the next step we are going to discuss the quotation mark option and its function. In fact the quotation mark iconis the block quote feature. Please note here that by default, this, quotation mark icon option, will add an indentation and italicized style to your selected text. Also remember here that, how block quotes are styled on the front end of your site, this is controlled by your WordPress template.
  • Alignment Options: The functions of alignment icons is also identical to the alignment icons of Ms Word. You can choose these alignment option for different purposes. For example if you want to align your text left, select your desired text and then click on the icons, responsible for aligning text to the left. If you want to align your text to the center or to the right, just select the text that you want to align and then click on the icons, which is responsible for text to the center or right.
  • Insert More Tag Option: If you look at the WordPress post editor, you will find this option after the icon of linking text. In fact this is very important option. This icon can be used if you want to show the first few specific lines of your article and the next will be shown in read more link. In other words, Insert more tag will give you the option that how much text of your blog page will shows with a read more link. For example if your article consist of several paragraphs and you want to display the first two paragraphs then you will be needed to keep your cursor just after that paragraph ends and then click on the icon of Insert More Tag Option. This will show a link with read more words. In this way your post will occupy very litter space. And if someone want to read the full article then they will click on the read more link and after that they will be carried to the full article.
  • Distraction Free Writing Mode: Now If you are interested to write your article in distraction free writing mode, then you will be required to click on this icon. After clicking on this icon it will take you to the mode of full-screen writing. This full-screen writing mode is identical to Ms Word software. Now if you want to exit out of this mode, you’ll be required to click on the “exit full screen.” And you will be out of this mode.
  • Toolbar Toggle: This icon is present in front of, and also adjacent to, insert read more tag If you click the Toolbar Toggle icon, you will see that another line of formatting options will open there. Here you have different options. For example you can add heading stylesto your text, you can also underline text and you can also set a full alignment.
  • Color Option: You can use this color option for adding color to your text. This icon/option is present in the second line of formatting style. In case, you want to change the color of your text, just simply select that text, and then use this icon. Now after clicking this option you will see that several color option will be opened there. Select your desired color and your selected text color will be changed.
  • Past as Text: In this second line of formatting option another icon is present that is called pasting as text icon. This icon provides two options, the first one is as plan text and the second one is Microsoft Word Style. Remember here that by default the function of this icon is that what you have written in the Microsoft Word will pasted here accordingly. But when click on this icon, its function will also change and now if you want to past your text from Microsoft Word here, it will be pasted as plan text.

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