Today we are going to discuss about what is a podcast. Now days it is another big source of income for most peoples. In this article we will try to go to a deep and lengthy explanation of what a podcast is? Going to the history, and doing some research, about the word podcast, we finally reached to the result that the word podcast was first of all mentioned by Ben Hammersley in 2004. He wrote this article in the Guardian newspaper. In this article Ben Hammersley suggested the possible names for this new growing medium. In fact the word Podcast is derived from the combination of two words.

  1. Pod, which is the first part of podcast, is derived from the Apple’s iPod a digital media player. It also suggests that this content is movable and you can listen it anywhere you go to.
  2. Cast, which is the second part of podcast, is derived from Radio’s broadcast. It means that it works exactly in the same as radio broadcasting.

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Thus these two terms combines and makes another term called podcast. To easily understand the matter just look at these two words and you will pick the idea very easily that from where the term podcast originated, iPod+Broadcast=Podcast. Here we are going to clarify one most important ambiguity that, just because its name is after iPod, as we stated above, it is not necessarily means that you must have to use or own iPod or any other moveable digital media player for that, to enjoy a podcast.

Now coming back to the main topic “What is a podcast?”

In simple words a Podcast means “as on-demand internet radio talks.”

If we go to the further explanation and in more details about podcast so it simply means that these are commonly audio recordings of the conversation between a guest and a host. If you think you will find it just like the conversation that you can typically listen to on the radio. Similarly, it is also like a single monologue of a person who is sharing his or her thoughts. Podcasting is mostly identical and similar to that you can commonly listen to it on your computer or on your laptop. There is a big ambiguity and let we explain this ambiguity that most people think that it is just audio conversation between the host and the guest. But don’t need to be confused here because podcasting is not only limited and restricted to just audio conversation but it can be also video as well.

During podcast conversation the topics of the content can be anything like blogging, Email marketing, social media, entertainment, travel, business, finance and marketing and like more. Keep in mind that, if you are the organizer of podcasting conversation, try to bring the best persons & leaders on board in order to share amazing and extraordinary ideas, life hacks, and new models of reality that mesmerize the mind and speaks deeply to the hearts of listeners.

For each and every podcast a website/blog is needed to display their various contents/episodes that can be listen or downloaded for future listening. With the help of download option, means that when you download it, you can listen to it by using different devices like your laptop, desktop, or also take it with you by transferring it to a portable digital media player. In addition you can also use a podcast application on your phone.

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