Top 25 Ways To Double Your Site Visitor Numbers

This article is dedicated for those newbies who have just recently started their new blog/website and are waiting for, blog visitors, blog traffic. There is no doubt that will be trying to make good content and write good article but they are not coming. After reading this article completely you will be able to double your site visitor numbers, with our 25 best tips, and divert more blog/website traffic towards your site.

You may have also informed your friends and family about your blog/website and probably they may have already visited your site, but once again the situation just seems tragic. But don’t worry about this issue because you are not alone that are facing the same situation.

In the previous few weeks, our expert team members have carefully analyzed more 1000 new websites and they found that 85% of them have less than 10 visitors on daily basis. Please note that our purpose of writing these words never means to discourage you. Our sole purpose is to explain and tell you it’s not gonna change with time. We simply mean that it will get worse with the passage of time.

Understand what is the problem?

As a newbies, it is always very difficult, in these days, to make a link between your content and your blog readers, if you are going to launch your new website or blog. Keep notice that getting visible online is always very difficult and hard task in these days. But there are also some peoples, especially the most top bloggers, who says that you should follow the 20-80 rule which means that you should always spend about only 20% of your time for creating your content and 80% for its promotion.

The unavoidable shift in mindset

First of all you have to see that it’s not possible to change without hard work. In the internet world there are several peoples who launch their blog/website and that goes viral. But this is the case with few peoples. You can also say it as winning the lottery. As no one can won the lottery so it applies also here.

To divert more traffic towards your site, and want to increase your site visitors numbers, so it is really a very hard work. There are several peoples on the internet who sharing their content and motivate and inspire you and telling you that it is very simple and easy. But if you comes to practical life you will find it very difficult in the beginning. On the internet especially on the Google search engine you will see several posts saying that “I have really doubled my blog traffic in 10 days and you can do it too. This is just an example. You will face such types of other interesting and unique post titles.

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So how can you get more visitors?

You hard work will never be wasted and it will bring fruitful results. But keep in mind that you must have to work hard for your blog/website visitors. The hard work you are performing will also take some time but with the passage of time your blog/website visitors will increase and your good efforts will must add up somethings over time. We does not means that you spend all your time on blogging and writing high quality content. We simply means that you give just little bit time and take a small practical step on daily basis.

In these efforts you to place a link here and there, comments on other sites and so on. Once you start and follow these instructions and once your hands getting dirty with these steps it will must give you positive results.  Once you got more visitors, as a result, they will divert even more visitors’ toward your site and then they will attract even more visitors like a chain reaction. This process will go on and your will be getting more loyal visitors.

But this is not too simple and even a very difficult task. Reaching to the number of 1,000 visitors on daily basis is really a tough task. But don’t worry about that. We have good news for you that we have prepared a list of some especial points that when followed you will get more traffic. There is no doubt that our unique list of important points will definitely help you to achieve your desired goals.

Our Unique list of attracting more visitors to your new website

To get more blog traffic and even to double your site traffic you may have searched about this issue in the previous days or weeks. You may have typed the words like “how to get more visitors for my site”. As a result of this search you probably have found several results like “101 ways to get more traffic”, “definitive guides” and “top ideas for diverting more blog traffic” and so on.

Our expert team have recently prepared a unique list that especially focused on the most useful and effective ways that will not only work in the current situation but will always work in the future too.  With the help of our unique tips your blog/website will gain more visibility in the field blogs and websites. And if correctly followed your blog may cross several thousand visitors on daily basis. Our important and unique list for increasing site traffic is given below.

1. Blog/website Design

First of all your blog/website must be beautifully designed because the power of beautiful, usable, professional design can’t be overstated. For the first time when a website/blog readers visit and look at a site, so the first thing they note and judge is how it “feel and looks like” from the design and UX perspective. Those site that are using their default themes or have old design of the years back of 2000, will definitely receive less traffic, lower time-on-page, very fewer pages per visit and also very less trust. On the other hand those websites/blogs that are using great and features stunning templates and design will experience very high traffic, because it clearly shows high quality hard work and reap amazing benefits.

If you have knowledge and skill of HTML and PHP and Photoshop then you must have to work with it and design your site according to your requirements as well as the requirements of your visitors too. You may add some CSS codes to your site that will add some extra features into your blog/website. If you have no idea about these then you must have to hire an expert on monthly basis or give him/her a project and he/she work for you. In this way the designing expert will prepare your site according to your requirements.

2. Choose your niche and topics wisely

As blogger or website owners, either you are new or old, you should choose your niche and topics very wisely. As it is very popular saying that “think before you speak” so we think that these words really and rightly applies here. You should think twicely and at the same time you may think that you are already over this part. You should choose those niche and topics that you think have more knowledge and information. This is important, especially in that case, if you are running an ad campaign and see where your site is failing. In this case you still can and should fine tune what you are offering to your blog readers.

Let we further explain this with an example. Consider you are running a blog about “Sports”, now you can still find a more specific field like “Cricket”. Similarly if you are running a blog about “Blogging tips” so you can further specify and chose “WordPress blog tips”, “blogger tips” and so on. In the begging you may feel that you have excluded a large part of your audience, but in fact this not the case. Actually by doing this you have just made your blog/website more relevant, unique and also visible to large number of peoples on the internet that searching for the topic similar to your one.

3. Understand your audience

Before writing a good content it is also very important that you should understand your audience. Keep in mind that peoples have three main motivations when then are browsing the web. They either want browsing for to solve their problem/s, find some useful and helpful information or have fun. Now think about your content that does it fulfil and match with any of these three? If yes, your blog/website will get good traffic and if not, your site will probably fail severely.

With the help of your content try to help and solve the problems of other peoples. Also focus on that your blog/website should be useful and helpful to other peoples by helping them solve their problems. Also try to provide them helpful and useful information they are looking for. Also try to help them feel good with the help of your blog content.

No we are going back to the above mentioned examples you can start your blog/website about “Blogging Tips” and looking to solve a problem, “how to install a WordPress Plugin” to give information. Similarly you can also start your blog about “Cricket”, and upload the 1992 world cup cricket match to make it fun.

It is the same case with every topic, first of all you should sit down and think widely about it. You should care about that why would people want to visit & re-visit your site from time to time? For example if there is not a good reason, in your mind, for it so try to and work to find the relevant one. This will considerably increase your site traffic.

4. Write good content

In the field of blogging, it is considered that content is king. It is clear that writing a good content is very hard and difficult but it has also several benefits that can’t be ignored. In spite of good blog/website designing a very good and unique content is also very important. For example you have created and designed your site beautifully and soon you have started publishing articles, on your blog, so you will see that if visitors finds them they will only spend nearly 5-10 seconds “reading your content”.

Now if your content is unique, interesting, compelling, exciting and consist of materials that they are searching for so they will spend more time on reading it. But if your content is lack of the above qualities and, not able to catch your reader’s attention and also, lack of other more related qualities they  just leave it. This is verified and shown by different surveys conducted for this purpose. It is therefore very important and necessary that your blog’s content should be informative, relevant, useful and easily readable for the blog readers/visitors that you are targeting.

Peoples will never come back if your content is of poor quality and lack of relevant information and also difficult for readers. As a result visitors will leave your site very quickly. On the other hand if they find your content full of relevant and to the point information and also at the same interesting it’s much more likely that they will share it on social media. The chances are also there that they may bookmark it. Similarly they must be interested to read more related articles on your site. This kind of activities will further develop and improve your ranking in search engines which will bring you even more visitors.

5. Use more images

It is also very important and necessary to use relevant pictures in your blog posts. The usage of relevant and good qualities images is very important for several reasons. These are discussed in the below paragraphs.

Reason # 1: First of all, your website/blog will look very beautiful and better. People are very visual and optical and if you add some images to your site s it will add a lot to the look and feel of your blog/website. As images/pictures can effectively communicate a message to its viewers as compared to written communication. Thus use of pictures/images is very important in a blog post.

Reason # 2: The second reason is that most peoples are searching and looking for images in different search engines. If you are so able to create and use new images that are attractive, unique, useful, helpful to someone, and also looks good then there are more chances that it will divert and win a lot of visitors in return. It is, therefore, important to always try to use your own, newly created, images in your blog post.

6. Create awesome videos to attract visitors

As it is clear that videos attract more blog reader’s attention and emotions, as compared to than other visual mediums, and as a result get more blog traffic.

If you are one of them who get very low blog traffic then we really suggest you to create some attractive and unique videos for your blog posts. In this way your blog post will be more noticed. You should think about creating a unique and attractive & helpful videos for your upcoming posts. You can upload your videos to some popular websites like YoutubeVimeoDailymotion.

You will be aware that these video uploading sites are the most popular sites in terms of videos and have very large number of internal audiences, and therefore, rank high in search engines. If you are going to create videos so in this video you can either film yourself or ask any friend who would like to do for you. Similarly you can also create animation or whiteboard videos.

7. Publish Longer Content

To get more blog traffic always try to publish longer content, while writing your blog posts. During writing you post try to use more than 2000 words. Some research has clearly shown that popular search engines including Google give more preference to lengthy, detailed and comprehensive articles; as compared to smaller blog post where less than 2000 words are used. In short words we can say that Google rand other big search engines ranks those content that have more than 2,000 words better than content with fewer words.

Similarly another jointly participated research by Buzzsumo & Moz, clearly analyzed over 1 million articles, and found that articles that are longer as 3,000 – 10,000 words get twice as many shares and 3 times the links content that have fewer than 1,000 or less words. The screenshot below shows the average shares and links articles analyzed get based on their word count:


Some popular bloggers also reveals that one of the top reasons why their blogs get a lot of traffic is because they writes in-depth and comprehensive articles. We highly suggest you try to write longer articles. Your average blog post length should be ranged from 4,000 to 8,000 words, and as a result your blog will be ranked very high for lots of long-tail keywords, which will leads to significant traffic on the long run.

8. Must Care about SEO

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is a very broad topic, it is therefore, we will discuss it in more details in another article. But shortly we can say that SEO is a marketing rules that focuses on improving visibility in organic also called non-paid search engine results.  SEO consist of technical and creative elements that are necessary for the improvement of site ranking, driving more traffic and also grove awareness in the search engines. SEO also make sure that your site is rightly structured in a way that search engines easily understand.

SEO is not just about to help the search engines, to understand your site easily, and make your site search engine-friendly but it also help to make your site better for peoples too. Keep in mind that your site you should must care about the basics rules and trends of SEO. Now the times have changed and this is a competition arena. Because 10-20 years ago there was no real competition back in these days. In these days you could just write a decent article and as result has got a lot of attention and traffic because due to less or even no competition.

In the currently time, several researches have been made on this topic, and we just can’t ignore their research findings. These research finding shown that your website posts/articles will get much more attention and traffic if they are at least 2000 words long that are well organized. It is necessary to have a few keywords in your mind and you use it wisely in the blog text and headers. It is also important to use some images, charts and infographics in your articles. Also keep remember that you should make it easily readable with proper and suitable headers, paragraphs.

9. Conduct Keyword Research While Writing Your Posts

Before writing your blog post you are required to do Keyword research. In fact, it is one of the most important and necessary part of showing up in search engines. You have to search for the targeting terms and phrases that your site viewers are actually typing into a search engine. But it is difficult to know about these words unless you really do some research. In this respect Google is providing a free tool which is called AdWords Keyword Planner is the best source to find suitable keywords for your post.

By using this service you will be needed to type some words at the top, and then hit search option. Now AdWords will display you phrases that match the intent and/or terms you’ve used. Here you can find a lot of features to play around with. Here you can take advantage of different features, particularly the keyword filters, keyword options, and include/exclude features. When you select “exact match” AdWords will then display you only the quantity of searches estimated for that particular phrase.

On the other hand if you are interested to use some broad matches of phrases and words, they’ll include any search phrases that use related words in a pattern they think could have overlap with your keyword intent. If you are searching for “Phrase match” so Google service will display only those phrases that consist of the word/s in your search.

There is also another tool, called Keyword Explorer, which is uses for finding the keyword terms and phrases. We suggest you to also use this one as your all-in-one keyword research tool.

During writing your article, it is very necessary to use the finding of keyword research in the title and headline of your post. For instance, if we want to write a blog post about how to generate money form AdSense, we might craft something that uses the phrase ” how to make money with google AdSense step by step guide” or ” how to make money with google AdSense account” near the front of my title and headline, as in “Google AdSense Ideas for making more money online,” or “AdSense tips that will help you make a lot of money with AdSense.”

Improving an article to target a specific keyword isn’t as hard as it sounds. Some research shows that more than 80% of the high traffic value comes from merely the phrase that is effectively used in the title of the blog post, and writing high quality content about the subject. It is therefore recommended to use keywords in your blog post titles and headlines.

10. Keep the reading level low
it is also very necessary that your article will be easier for your readers. Article easiness and traffic are inter-dependent on each other, because the more easier your article is to read, the more will be blog traffic. Luckily there are also several free tools that will help you to find it.  In fact these tools will crawl through your content and will analyze the vocabulary level of your blog post. Similarly they will also rate your readability on the basis of grade level. You can use technical phrases and words if your site is extremely niche and technical. Otherwise you should use middle school reading lever or even further lower level so that your readers easily you’re your point that you aim to say.

Once these tools analyze your site they will display you your score. Now if your score is too high, it doesn’t mean that you are required to need to dumb things down for your readers. Actually it simply means that you are required to make simpler word choices or edit your complicated sentences to simpler one or even cut down your complex sentences. With the help of these activities visitors that have different education levels will get value from your content. This also ensure that those readers who’s maternal language is not English and they speak English as a second language will easily understand it too. It is highly recommended that your main goal should be a very clear, easy and understandable content. Similarly your tone must be very clear and relatable when you’re creating a blog post.

11. Share your Content on social media

As you know that in these days social medial is playing a very important role in terms of communication. Peoples living in one corner of the world can easily communicate with other peoples, living in another corner of the world. Once you have created your website/blog and prepared your content you can easily share it on social media. Keep notice that social media should be the very first step right after creating your site.

You can easily make shareable you site on social media! There are several social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest and like more, on which you can share your posts. If you are WordPress users so you are lucky because there are several free WordPress plugins, with the help of which you can share your content on social media.

Downloading and installing these plugin will take just a few minutes. Go to WordPress plugin director and search for social media plugin and the result will display several WordPress plugins. Click on your desired plugin and download and install it. As we have already mentioned that the whole process, of downloading and configuring, will just takes only 5 minutes. Now your site will be immediately attached to the most popular and basic social media networks.

Ask your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms to like and share your blog content and also invite other peoples to do the same. In this way you will be able to divert a huge traffic in a very few days.

12. Collect subscribers through Feed + Email and also track them

Subscribers are very important for a blog/website and they are playing a pivotal role to increase their site traffic. But it should also be clear and kept in mind that the importance of having subscribers will considerably decrease in the near future. This is because that Gmail, which is Google email service, has recently started to filter out those newsletters from the inboxes of people and this is in fact a horrible, injustice and disgusting action. We simply means that when peoples subscribed to get their desired blog/website’s content and updates and they can unsubscribe any time they want, so why it is needed to cut them off from what you have to offer them. But anyhow, Google team best understand this matter.

You are needed to give chance and make it really possible for people to like your blog/website to subscribe.

If you are WordPress user so you are really a lucky one because you can easily download and configure an appropriate plugin, from WordPress plugin directory. One of the relevant WordPress plugin is Newsletter and Feedburner plugin and you can complete this whole process in almost no time. In a very few minutes you will be able to have the whole system for subscription, unsubscribing, sending out newsletters to your subscribers, viewing statistics of your system and other lot of good features.

To give subscribers option to subscribe to your site you can also use Feedburner, as we have mentioned in the above paragraph. You can simply create an RSS feed by using Feedburner and placing subscription buttons on the sidebar of your site. You can put these button either on the top or at the bottom of your blog posts. With the help of these subscription buttons you can encourage your site visitors to enjoy your content to sign up, either by feed, or via email. Both of these are the easy and standard popular options in terms of subscription.

As we have mentioned already that subscribers are very important to divert more traffic therefore don’t give even a single chance to lose even one person who have subscribed to your site. Those subscribers are really interested in what you have to publish in the future as your blog/website content. There may be some subscribers who would have bookmarked your site and will love your content. So think about your loyal subscribers to regularly get updates when you publish your new article on your site.

Once you have prepared your system and set things up, you have to regularly visit and check, on weekly basis, to know that are your subscribers are clicking on posts or not. You will also know that which one is doing so. In this way you will be able to play well for those who subscribe to your blog content and can help to make you a more professional and better blogger. And this is the right and an easy way to divert more traffic from RSS.

13. Increase Your Site Traffic via Your Email Connections

This is also one of the best method to promote your site traffic with the help of your email connections. During sending email out to others, who also use internet and have the ability to spread your good work, it is important to design your message in a good format. Also don’t forget that you are not ignoring email as a communication medium. Keep notice that during your conversation with others, either one-on-one or group conversation, feel free to bring up your whole site, a topic about which you have written or even a single post.

During conversation, question answers session, if you get the same question several times then try to write an article about that issue that really solve the problem. While sending emails to others you can also use your email signature to best promote your site content. You can also know, from this method, that how many clicks your sent email footers can earn. We believe that, it is not too high but it is also not equal to zero and, still it is a good way to increase your site traffic.

14. Advertise Your Site

You can also increase and even double your site traffic via advertisement. It is one of the best method to divert more traffic toward your website/blog. We best accept and recognize that it will costs money, and you will pay for it. We highly recommend you to advertise your site, on Facebook, Google AdWord, Bing or any other platforms, for two reasons.

First of all, you have to advertise because you can have more visitors of course. But we also says and think that unless you run some good affiliate programs, on your blog/website, the answer is no. As it is clear that, during advertising program/campaign, each click will cost you anywhere between a few cents to a dollar or even more. But remember that most of the time this money is wasted.

During your ad campaign your site will be more enlightened and will become more popular. As soon as you create your first ads, you must have to choose your ad keywords and write your correct and relevant ad text. Now you will be able to see why your site will fail and how it could succeed. Once you pay let’s say $50-$100 for this ad campaign you will get a lot of traffic.

It is not necessary that run your ad campaigns only on Facebook, Google AdWord, Bing etc. You can also publish advertisements on Pena flex, sign boards and wall chalking. We think that this is the easiest and more chief method. And once you are over your first ad program/campaign, you will never operate your website/blog like you have done it before. Now you will experience a lot of traffic visiting your site from around the world.

15. Comment on forums or posts

Commenting of other site is also a useful and valuable method. With the help of placing comments your site will be enlightened and will get more traffic. We think that the value of comments will never go out of fashion. To divert traffic from other popular site you have to find relevant forums that are similar to your niche or site and then place some useful and valuable comments that are really useful for those reading it.

But! Keep in mind that if you are trying to just spam any relevant forum to your niche they will never click on a spammy link. Also believe me and remember that they will just ban you in no time. On the other hand truly adding some valuable kind of information will trigger and spark the interest of peoples reading that article. There are more chances that people will click a link that you have placed their wisely with some kind of clever bait for clicking.

We highly recommend you to comments on relevant and popular site and articles because commenting on a popular site and post can also be useful as long as you really have something to add besides your link. The site owner will check your comment and if they found your comment is good they will leave it with your link. But if they found it as a spammy, they will remove it on the spot. In short words we can say that commenting on other sites and posts can also earn some valuable number of visitors to your site.

16. Get More Traffic, For Your Blog Post, from Yahoo Question & Answers

Another good and free source of getting more traffic for your site is Yahoo Answers. It is the same as that of Quora. Yahoo answers also has a large number of community where, a large number of peoples, asking questions from different niches and other peoples answering them.

So what are you waiting for? If you have already signed up and registered with yahoo, then go to and sign in. If you are new user then sign up to Yahoo and register yourself. Once you have completed registration process, now search for relevant questions, asked by peoples, in your niche and website/blog topic you have written. Provide them some meaningful and valuable answers. If possible also give them more valuable tips.

After finishing the process of answering them, now at the end, put your site post link into Source field. As yahoo answers has a very large number of community, therefore, those who visit your answers in this community may click on your link and visit your site. So this is another big source of increasing and even doubling your site traffic.

17. Promote your site via Quora Question and Answers

Quora, just like Yahoo answers, is another best and useful site and source to increase your site traffic. Quora has a very large number of community where a large number of peoples are asking different questions on daily basis. But in the recent days, it’s pretty much overused. The reason behind it is that almost every new blog/website owner just coming and rushes to Quora to answer questions, related to their niche, because Quora is mentioned in almost every list like this. But anyhow, it still a good and very effective source in terms of diverting traffic to your site.

You can answers to questions asked by different peoples from around the world. To give answers to question you have to register first. The registration process is very simple and easy like that of Yahoo answers. Once you have created account and registered yourself there. Now search for relevant questions, which are related to your site niche, and try to give some valuable and useful answers.

Quora has another good feature and that is on the basis of your profile and search history Quora will filter and send you new questions, related to your interest, on daily basis. Try to answers as more question as possible. Also place your site link so that peoples also click on your site. If there is another good site, similar to Yahoo answers and Quora, just go and help our other peoples who are placing questions. If peoples find your answers valuable and genuinely helpful there are more chances that they will click on your site link and visit your site. In this way you will get best targeted visitors for your site.

18. Write guest articles and invite guest bloggers

To double your site traffic, you can also use the technique of guest articles and also invite other peoples to write guest articles for your site.  To do this you have to search for similar and related sites, to yours one. If you think, on one side, they are playing to role of your tough competitors, but on the other hand, they can help you considerably and you can build partnership with them and they can become your partners. If you want to increase and double your site traffic, you will be needed to search and target popular, strong, authoritative websites/blogs and hope that they will like your content and publish on their site. You should also make contacts with other similar sized websites and blogs and ask for a partnership with them. And once your site has reached a certain level of traffic and popularity you can also accept guest post from other honest and loyal peoples.

It should be very clear and be kept in minds that behind most of the blogs and websites,  be it small or large there are honest, authentic, real, kind and mostly nice people who will be really willing to help you most of the time. Same is the case, here, with commenting system. you are required to don’t just beg for links, you have to put some valuable and useful comments on their site.

19. Encourage commenting

In fact encouraging commenting on your articles also a key role in diverting more traffic towards your site. If you are the owner of a site you may probably published a few articles on your site, so what was the last sentence of your published posts? If your last few sentences are not attractive and not able to engage your readers at the end of your posts then you are really making a big mistake. In these sentences, at the end of your articles, you have to ask them about their feelings, opinions and experiences. You can also ask them some valuable suggestion and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. In this way your message will reach to more peoples and will they will click on your site link. Thus your site will experience more blog/website traffic.

Keep in mind that if your last few sentences are compelling enough, then most of times your site visitors will respond very. At the same time they will also spend more time and probably will tell you what they had in their mind. They will also give you some valuable suggestions. By using this simple technique you will not only get a chance to understand the mind of your readers more. When your site readers spend more time on reading your articles,  the search engines will register that and will add to your website’s/blog authority rank. Your site readers/visitors may also come back later to see your response, on their comments or suggestions. We suggest you to make your last few sentences more attractive and compelling so that your site readers are encouraged to post comments on your articles.

20. Use links In Your Article

During writing your blog post, it should be kept in mind, to use links. Links are of two types, internal and external. But both of these links play a key role in making your site more popular and may add a lot of value to your site.

Now we are going to discuss these in a few words. So internal links are those links that are targeting and pointing to your own content. You have to link some relevant content in your blog post. From SEO point of view, we highly recommend you to use this practice. There are several benefits of using links in your articles. For example, it can help search engines to crawl your site content much faster. Similarly, due to using relevant link you site visitors will be stay more on reading your site content. In this way the bounce rate of your site will decrease.  When your site visitors spending more time on reading your site content, so Google will register that people spend more time. As a result your site will get high position in search results and ranking, as compared to other site, who are not using links.

Hopefully you will understood about internal links. Now we are going to write a few sentences about external links. So external links are targeting and point to other sites. When you are linking your article to the content of some other popular sites may increase the reputation of your own blog/website. In addition to this, always try to make it sure that you have included related articles at the end or bottom of your each posts. However, if you are WordPress user then you can find a good plugin which will do all this automatically for you.

21. Speed up your site

As you know that loading speed of a blog/website also matter a lot. Some research suggest that those site who’s loading speed is more than 3-5 seconds, peoples will leave that one. So it is clear now that if you want to get better search engines results then your site must have high loading speed. This situation is more familiar, especially with those, who have never visited it before. Consider, for example, that your site visitors may have found your site’s article in the search results of Google or on some social media sites like Facebook.

Now let’s consider that your article was more appealing and may have sparked some interest in them and they clicked the link. They may be interested to read your article but when they tried to visit your site they found it too slow to load. It should be kept in mind that every person can’t wait to read your content when your site take too much time in loading. As it is clear that the tolerance level of peoples is different from other.

It is, therefore, very necessary to be sure that every single second counts and matter too much. As a result the slower your site loads the more visitors you will lose. And the faster the speed of your site the more visitors will you gain. In short words we can say that loading speed of a site matter largely therefore you have to avoid big images and slow scripts on every page of your blog/website where you expect most of your visitors to visit/land like your homepage or some other promoted posts/articles.

22. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly and Get More Traffic

You can also attract more blog/website traffic when your site is mobile friendly and optimized for mobile devices. As you know that in these days millions of peoples are using mobile, tablet devices so, to divert these peoples also towards your site, it is very necessary that your site be optimized for mobile devices. If you are WordPress user so it can be done automatically, however still you may need to check, your site, from time to time how your blog/website looks on mobile and tablet devices and at different resolutions.

It will be good to use several different devices to open your site. During this process, make sure that your blog/website looks good and also acceptable at every different resolutions. Keep notice that you can also lose your site traffic if your blog/website looks bad on the screen of mobile.

23. Increase Your Traffic Via Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google analytics and Webmaster tools are another methods to increase your site traffic. Fortunately Google is providing amazing tools when it comes to analytics and you are able to know about the strength and weaknesses of your site. With the help of this tools you can know about the statistics and real insights about every different aspect of your site. And again, Google is providing these, excellent and real insights, services for free.

While using this tool you can also check the bounce rate of your site. Similarly you can also take advantage of other free services like how much time people spending on your website/blog, when they visit, what articles they read, from which countries they belongs to, how your site appears in searches and exactly which searches, what keywords you qualify and match for and how you rank.

It is important to use Google analytics and webmaster tools if you want to increase you site traffic. You must take advantage of these services if you are interested to divert more blog traffic towards your site.

24. Use appealing, memorable and catchy headlines and write list articles/posts

This is another technique and method to increase your site traffic. If you want to really boost your blog/website traffic then you have to use some appealing, memorable and catchy headlines in your posts and also write list articles. This technique is necessary and dependent on the basic human nature. As every human being is addicted to search for top lists and appealing headlines. It is very important that every time you want to write an article so make it sure that you give it a good title which are attractive and also interesting at the same time.

During writing your post and giving headlines, also make it sure that your headline is not boring.

Let us suppose that your new blog article is very good and appearing in a Google search result page. Think in yourself that would you want to click on it, or you would like to click the other nine search results? You also have to read the mind of other peoples and think instead of them because they usually just look through very quickly and then click on two or three search results of what they consider to be the best fit for their search. Also keep in mind that even if your blog/website post is very attractive and remarkable and also 100% relevant to their desired search results, they will never click it if the headline doesn’t sell it.

To overcome these mistakes we suggest you to install the most popular SEO plugin called Yoast SEO Plugin. once you have completed its installation, you are required to properly edit and design the snippet for your most important articles. In this way your blog article will be displayed on most popular search engines like Google and like more. Keep in mind that this little snippet is the “face” of your content and it should be very attractive and appealing. On the other hand if you do not edit it properly then Google will pick any line, of their choice, and will represent your article which can be a hit or completely miss.

25. Always try to publish unique, appealing and viral content

At the end we would like to tell you that you should always try to publish viral content. As it is very difficult to tell you in advance that why and what content would or would not go viral. Simple is that you can ask, this question, from yourself that would you like to share this article if you just see it online? As there are several people that shares several different types of stuff, but they tend to share some articles more than others.

Make sure that if your website/blog article is more appealing, attractive and also looks of high quality, full of information or funny as a result they may be willing to share it, on social media, words of mouth etc. And if luckily if your post is shared then every share will bring free traffic for you site. At the end we highly suggest you that your content must be appealing, unique and interesting in some way and let people do the job for you. This will help you a lot and finally will divert more traffic towards your site.

If you know about other method that is helpful in terms of increasing site traffic, please inform us, so that we add that one in this article. Also if you like this article please don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends.

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