How to Submit Your Site TO Google Webmaster Tools

Blog traffic, Blog Traffic and Blog Traffic. This is the most important and searchable content on google search engine. Most of the newbies who have registered an attractive domain name in order to create a WordPress site, and then played around a bit with different themes, available on WordPress theme directory, and have added their very first blog post. You may be one of them who want to Submit Your Site TO Google Webmaster Tools.

After completing the above steps, the next and most important step is to register your blog/website to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This is very necessary and once you have successfully completed its steps you will be able to divert and attract considerable blog/site traffic towards your site. A few simple and understandable steps are given below to accomplish this job.

1. Add your site to Google Webmaster Tools

  • First of all go to the home page of Google Webmaster Tools.
  • After that login with your Google, credentials, like ID and passwords.
  • Once you entered your ID and passwords, it is very easy and actually straightforward. You are just required here to enter your website’s address and then click on the “Add a property”
  • After you have “added property”, now you have to move to the next step, which is slightly technical. Now you will see a page like given below and have to carefully follow all the instructions.

Before you move forward it is necessary to confirm that the site is in really yours. And the next step is very simple and easy, just download the file anywhere on your desktop/laptop. Once your download is completed, now you have to, upload this downloaded file to the root folder of your blog/website. Uploading this file to root folder is also a technical process. However, if have some IT/technical experience and skill then you already have set up an FTP account and you can upload this file very easily.

In case you don’t have any skill and knowledge and don’t know how to do it, don’t worry about it. Just try to follow the below given steps and you will be done.

  • First of all you have to log into you cpanel account, of your hosting company.
  • Next you have to look for “File manager”.


  • In the next step, click on it and look for a public_html folder, click on this folder to open it.
  • In the next step look for the icon that is known like “Upload”
  • Now you are really able to either drag and drop your downloaded html file, or you will find a button called “Select file”. Don’t worry, it is very easy and you can do it.

Now you have to go back to Google Webmaster Tools. Their click on the link to confirm your successful upload and complete the Captcha and then click on the “Verify”. Once you have completed the above steps and verified, in fact, it means that you have successfully added your site to Google Webmaster Tools.

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Uploading a SiteMap

Uploading sitemap to Google is very important and necessary. But most of the peoples, especially newbies, have no idea about what is a sitemap? To explain it, in simple words it means that, basically it’s a map that helps Google index all your site/blog pages. If you have already knowledge and skill about it, then it is very easy for you. However, we have tried to explain it in more simple step by step process. After that you will be able to easily upload your sitemap. Steps are given below.

  • First of all, you have to go to your WordPress Dashboard and click their on Plugins >> Add new
  • Now type the “Google XML Sitemaps” in the search box and you will see the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, Download and activate it.


  • Now you have to go to Webmaster Tools, choose Crawl / Sitemaps
  • Now click on the red Add/Test Sitemap button in the upper right corner
  • Now enter “sitemap.xml” in the edit field and then click on the “Submit” button.

Congratulations! You are done. Your Google XML Sitemap has been successfully added to Google Webmaster Tools. Once you have successfully added your Google XML Sitemap, it will be processed after some time, and you after that you will see a graph like given below.

With the help of this graph, you will always be able to see that how many pages, of your site/blog, are submitted and, in addition, how many of them are indexed. Once you have submitted your Google XML Sitemap, you don’t need to do anything, it will always automatically update your complete sitepame.xml every time when you add a new page or post on your blog/website. In short, after submitting your Google XML Sitemap everything is automatic, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Now we are going to add your site to Google Analytics. This is also very simple and easy, and even a newbies can also do it very easily. Some useful steps are provided here below. Hope you will have understood, in the above paragraph,  how to Submit Your Site TO Google Webmaster Tools.

How to add your site to Google Analytics?

The answer to this question is very simple and easy. Just follow the following points.

  • First of all, go to the Home Page Of Google Analytics and follow the registration steps, provided their.
  • After then, you are required to provide account name, website name, URL of your website and then accept a couple of terms and agreements.
  • Now, you will get into the Google Analytics Console. Here you will see something like the following picture:

Keep in mind that these steps are considerably technical, but we are here, and you don’t have to worry about it. For this purpose, there is also a plugin which will do all the work for you. You are needed just download our recommended plugin and activate it.

  • In the first step, Log In to your WordPress website/blog.
  • Now, from your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins >>> Add new.
  • Now type the name of the plugin, called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, in the search box of this page. You will see it in the search results, Install and activate it.
  • After installation and activating this plugin, you see another a new entry on your WP Dashboard. Now you have to click on Google Analytics / General Settings
  • Now you are required to click on “Authorize Plugin”
  • After that, click on “Get Access Code”. After clicking, a new page will open.
  • Now log in here with your Google account.
  • After that, in the next step, you will see a long code. Just select it and copy it to your clipboard, to be used in the next step.
  • In the last step, go back to your WordPress tab, Google Analytics / General Settings, and paste the code, you have copied, to “Access Code” and save it.

Congratulations! You have successfully added your site to Google Analytics and now you have access to more invaluable information regarding your blog/website and visitors. For this first time you find these procedures very complicated and long, but you will get to speed very quickly. Once you are able to see your site data, with these tools you will be happy to initializing your free analytics tools, on which you have spent your valuable time. We are hopeful that you will have learnt, from our article, how to Submit Your Site TO Google Webmaster Tools.

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