How to create youtube channel with business or other name

There are different ways to make money online and YouTube is also one of the most important one. YouTube is the largest site for uploading videos in the world. That is why, there is a high search volume for videos. According to YouTube itself, about one billion hours of content are watched on daily basis by more than 1 billion users. This is the main reason that a very large number of peoples/companies have working on implementing this kind of strategy to promote their business or to earn income. Peoples/companies create YouTube channels with business or other name and posting different videos on a specific topic/niche and earning considerable amount of income on monthly basis. There are some channels whose subscriber are more than 7 Million and thus making a huge amount of money/month. If you are interested, you can also make considerable amount of money on monthly basis.

Creating video content and then making money online from it is a big trend in these days. Everyone, who is younger or older, either male or female is deeply interested to make money online with less efforts, at their homes. And fortunately, it is made possible Google, the big search engines.  Actually this happens because watching videos is a practical and easiest way to learn about different topics.

The process of making and creating YouTube channel is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. But keep in mind that when you are going to create a YouTube channel you have two options. The first one is creating it under personal account or under the name of your company. But don’t worry about that, because in this article, we are going to present you with these two options to choose the best one that fits your requirements on this network.

About most of the steps/process are the same for both accounts. However, we will discuss and talk about both of them and will also show the differences in creating a personal and a corporate account throughout this tutorial.

How to create a new channel on YouTube?

With the help of your Google Account, you are able to watch, like your favorite videos and also to subscribe to your favorite sports, moves, funny, educational, technical & business channels. But without a YouTube channel, you are not in the position to have any public presence on YouTube. However, if case you have already have a Google Account, you are required to create your own YouTube channel in order to upload videos, comment and make playlists. For this purpose you can use a computer or the YouTube mobile site to create your new channel.

In the below lines, first of all, we are going to show you how to create a personal YouTube channel.

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Create your Youtube channel with business or other name

Just like creating personal You Tube channel, creating your Brand account YouTube channel is also very easy. For this purpose, you will need a Google Account, regardless of the type of channel that you will have. If you have already a Google Account, sigh in with that one. However, you can also create a new one if you don’t have already one. After that we have provided a few steps, just follow these steps to create your Brand account YouTube channel. When you create your brand account YouTube channel so you can also add other peoples to manage it by using their Google Account.

To create YouTube channel with a business or other name, and that have multiple managers or owners, please follow the below given instructions. Most of the steps are nearly the same as that of creating a personal channel on YouTube. Keep in mind that you can also use a Brand Account for creating your YouTube channel that has a different name but that’s still managed from your Google Account. If you are interested in more information and want to learn more about Brand Accounts please click here.

1. First of go to YouTube home page.

Go to Youtube Home Page

2. Sign in to YouTube, with your Google Account, on a computer or using the mobile site.

Sign In to youtube

3. Now you have to go to your channel list.

4. Look at the upper-right corner, in case you already have an account, you will see your image or the logo of your company, if you’ve already set a profile picture there. But if you do not have a photo, now you’ll see a light-blue circle, showing the first alphabetic letters of your name.

Click on Your Channel tab

5. After that click on the circle and then click on Your Channel. A new page will open that will ask for some information.

6. Now you have to choose that either you want to create a new channel or use an existing Brand Account:

    1. If you want to create a new channel then click on the tab of Create a new channel.
    2. Similarly, you can also create your YouTube channel for a Brand Account that you already manage just by choosing the Brand Account from the list given there. Keep in mind that if this Brand Account already has a channel, you would not be able to create a new You Tube channel. In this case you will just be switched to that channel in case you selected the Brand Account from the list given there.

7. Now you have to choose a name for your channel.

Choose name for Personal or Brand account

8. In the next step you will be required to fill out the information with your business or other kind of channel like company or corporate channel.

9. In the next step you have to click Create channel when you have completed the above one. Now verify your account. After that, click done.

10. And that is it. You have successfully created your business or company channel. Now upload your relevant videos and share it on social media. You also have to increase traffic for your channel so that your monthly revenue increases considerably.

Hope you will have learnt about how to create youtube channel with business or other name. If you like this article, please don’t forget to share it on social media.

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