How to verify your YouTube Account

In the previous week some of our site visitors asked that we have created YouTube account but we cannot upload lengthy videos to our YouTube channels. This is due to the reason that their YouTube accounts are still not verified. To answer to their questions, we simply suggest you peoples to verify your YouTube account. Once you have created and customized your YouTube channel account you can then verify it. Without verification your YouTube account, you would not be able to upload videos more than 15 minutes. It means that your normal and unverified YouTube account cannot support lengthy videos that have duration more than 15 minutes.

Go to Youtube Home Page

If you want to upload lengthy videos to your YouTube account you must have to verify your YouTube account. The verification process is very simple and even a newbies can also do it without facing any hurdles. Now to get started with verification process simply go to the Once you visit this page you’ll be asked to provide your phone/mobile number, which can receive text messages or phone calls, for your YouTube account verification.  After that the system will send you a verification code via SMS or voice call.

verify your YouTube Account

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When you receive a code via phone call or SMS you have to enter it into the text box provided there.

Now click on the button to verify your provided number.

Once you’ve successfully verified your YouTube account, you will be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Now the question may arise in people’s minds that,

Q. 1- Why YouTube ask for your phone number?

The answer to this question is very simple that YouTube take spam and abuse very seriously. And verifying your identity and your YouTube account by using your phones number is one of the best way to protect our community and also fight/combat abuse. In this way your YouTube account will be protected from any kind of misuse.

In fact YouTube don’t sell your personal information to anyone. YouTube will just use your phone/mobile number that you enter to send you a verification code and to check that the given phone/mobile number is not being used for verification of a very large number of YouTube accounts. To sum up our discussion related to the above question we can say that YouTube will use your Mobile/Phone number just to verify that the given number has not being used for large number of account.

Now another question can also be asked and may be raised in the mind of some peoples that,

Q. 2- I entered my mobile/phone number but still haven’t received any code

This is also an important and big question. The YouTube account verification is very simple, it takes no time, and usually you’ll immediately receive the verification code. But if you have not received a verification code you can also request for a new one code. But if still you are not receiving any code, then you have to reconsider and check that you’re not facing one of these common issues/problems:

One of the common issue and problem is that there are some countries and carriers (the telephone/mobile phone services providers) that do not support text messages, due to some reasons, from Google. We don’t want to go into more details that why these countries and carriers are not supporting the text messages from Google. However, most of the mobile carriers’ support and receive text messages from Google. You can use other options for example you can try voice call option or use a different phone/mobile number, if your carrier does not support text messages from Google.

There will be another reason and that will be that there will be too many accounts associated with the same phone number. If your phone/mobile number is associated with too many accounts then you will see the given error message that say, “This phone number has already created the maximum number of accounts”.  In this case you will be required to enter a different phone/mobile number for your YouTube account verification. As we have already told in the above paragraphs that YouTube very strictly and seriously take the spam and abuse policy and to help prevent abuse, YouTube has limited the number of accounts that can be associated with each phone number.

Now YouTube has restricted this number to two. It means that you can verify up to two (2) YouTube accounts. And whenever you exceed this limit you will see the error message that say, “This phone number has already created the maximum number of accounts”.

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