How to move YouTube channel to Brand Account

Today in this article you will learn how to move YouTube channel to brand account? This is very easy and simple to do this job. However, if you are not able to follow these instructions, this may be due to that you are likely using the old version of YouTube. You can also update to the current version of YouTube if you’re using a newer browser.

One of the best advantage of Brand account is that once a YouTube channel is linked to a Brand Account, so multiple people can then manage it from their Google Accounts. Now if you have already a YouTube channel, so you can associate it with a specific Brand Account.

Before we move to our main discussion/lesion you have to check to see if your channel is already connected to a Brand Account.

  • If your YouTube channel is not already connected to a Brand Account then you have to follow the steps below.
  • However, if your YouTube channel is already connected to a Brand Account, you can simply add channel managers. You can also follow the steps given below to move the channel to a different Brand Account.
Change channel Brand Account connections

You can also change your channel brand account connections. For instance, if your YouTube channel is connected to your personal Google Account, so you can easily move it to be connected to a new or existing Brand Account. This technique will really allow you to have a different name on your channel than your Google Account. But you will still be able to manage it from your Google Account. Remember here that you can also add more than (multiple) managers to your YouTube channel.

Also be remembered that you can only move your YouTube channel to a Brand Account that’s owned by your Google Account. In simple words you can move your YouTube channel when you are the owner of Google Account. Otherwise you would not be able to move YouTube channel.

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After reading this article, you will learn how to move YouTube channel to a new Brand Account. There are few simple and easy steps are involved in moving YouTube channel to a new brand account. With the help of Google Account, you can create a new Brand Account and, then connect your desired YouTube channel with it. Following are the steps to move YouTube channel to a new brand account.

Step # 1:

First of all, you have to sign in to YouTube on your computer or using the mobile site.

Step # 2:

In the next step, you’ve to, go to your channel list.

Step # 3:

Next, you will be needed to click on Create a new channel.

Step # 4:

In this step, you will be asked to, just fill out the required details to name the Brand Account and then verify your account. Now you have to, click Done. This process will creates your new Brand Account.

Step # 5:

Next, you have to use the account switcher. This account switcher is present at the top right to sign in to your personal YouTube channel. This is exactly the channel that you want to move to the Brand Account.

  • Important Point: It’s very important that, rather than being singed into the Brand Account, you should must be, signed into the channel that you want to move to the new Brand Account. This technique will really ensure that your channel is not involuntarily or unintentionally deleted during the move.

Step # 6:

In this step, you’ve to go to your advanced account settings. If you want to get there, just click on your account icon that is present in the top right >>> Settings or  . Next click on the Advanced option, that is present next to your name information on the overview page.

Step # 7:

Next you have to click on the Move channel to Brand Account link. This will be present under the “Account information“.

Step # 8:

In this step, you will be asked to enter your password. Here, in this page you’ll see some information about your YouTube channel and what it’s currently connected to.

Step # 9:

Now you have to click on the option of “Select desired account” and then select the Brand Account from the list provided there.

Step # 10:

Next if you found a box that containing a message in the form of text and says “Already has a YouTube channel”, you’ve to click on Delete channel.

Important Note: Once you clicked on Delete Channel, so this’ll delete any existing channel along with all the videos associated with Brand Account.

Step # 11:

Before you move your channel, you have to check that how your channel name will preview and appear once it is moved. Now click on the option of Move channel.

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