What should be the length of focus keyphrase?

After reading this blog post you will be able to know about the SEO keyphrase and the length of focus keyphrase. In fact the keyphrase length checks that whether the focus keyphrase is present and also whether it is too long or not. Focus keyphrase is very important because it divert organic traffic towards your site. It is, therefore, necessary to use keyphrase in your blog posts. If you are using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, then the advantage of it is that the keyphrase length assessment checks whether the focus keyphrase is present in your blog post and similarly it also checks whether it is not too long. In the below paragraphs we’re going to explain everything about the focus keyphrase. You’ll learn why the length of keyphrase is so important for SEO purpose, and you will also learn about some very basic tips on how to improve yours if you got the orange or red color bullet for your Keyphrase length.

You will be needed to try to target relatively short focus keyphrase in a cornerstone article like “sports cars”, or a long focus keyphrase in more one in a more particular piece of content like “latest sports cars in 2019”. If there is no focus keyphrase and you have not set it for your article then SEO would not be able to calculate and analyze your post or page SEO score. So it is very important and necessary to use focus keyphrase in your blog post.

What is mean by focus keyphrases?

Before we move to our main discussion about keyphrase length, it is necessary to know about what is keyphrase. In simple words we can say that the focus keyphrase is the phrase that you really want your posts or pages to be found for. In fact a keyphrase can be one single word, but usually it consists of a few words, which is why it’s called a keyphrase. If you want to know about your keyphrase then you have to use the Yoast SEO plugin. In this plugin you will use filling out your focus keyphrase. In the below paragraph we will explain with some useful and easily understandable examples that what is keyphrase and how to use it.

Let suppose your blog is about motor cars and you want that your blog post to rank for ‘latest motorcars’, so it is needed that you should optimize your blog post for that word/term. As we explained above that a focus keyphrase can be longer, as compared to keywords. For instance, you can write a blog article about “latest motorcars especially for sports”. Similarly you can also write an article about healthy biscuits to eat after a workout. Now we can optimize these posts as “motorcars for sports” and “healthy biscuits after workout’. In fact these are the longer focus keyphrases that are called long tail keyphrases.

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Importance of keyphrase’s length for SEO

The length of keyphrase for SEO is very important. When you are using longer focus keyphrases it means that you are automatically optimizing your blog post or page for the long tail keyphrases. One of the advantage of the longer keyphrase is that you will have very fewer competitors. Keeping this point, there are several different approaches for choosing a keyphrase for your blog posts or pages. Keeping in mind the importance of keyphrase length you can choose to optimize your blog post/article for a generic and short keyword. It is therefore that these common keyphrases receive a heavy search traffic, as compared to others, but also be noticed that it also have a big deal of competition. For instance a keyphrase of ‘biscuits’ could be an example of such a keyphrase. There will be a large number of peoples that will search for this word/term. But at the same time there will also be several companies that will be optimizing for this word too.

To divert and get organic traffic from search engines you can also choose to optimize for a longer, more specific and precise keyphrase. It is, therefore, these longer keyphrases are known as long tail keyphrases. Keyphrases receive less search traffic, as compared to keywords, but the traffic of keyphrases usually have a higher and more conversion value. The reason is that it focuses more on a particular topic or product. The keyphrase like ‘healthy biscuits for children’ and ‘motorcars for sports’ are very good examples of a long tail keyphrases. If we say somethings about comparison, then there will be lesser people, on the internet, that will be searching for these types of longer keyphrase than for the aforementioned ‘biscuits’. But at the same time there are higher chances that people will find what they are really looking for when searching for a more specific word/term like this.

Keep notice, that from long tail focus keyphrases we didn’t means and says that you should make the length of the focus keyphrase in such a size that it reach to the size of whole sentence. In simple words you should not make your keyphrase a whole sentence. We simply says that you should use a maximum of four or five relevant keywords for your focus keyphrase. It means you should restrict your focus keyphrase to a maximum of four or five relevant keywords. You have to use just a large number of words that are close to each other and creating a readable copy.

The words like ‘what’, ‘and’ & ‘the’ are filter out in English, French, Spanish and German languages. As we have already mentioned that longer focus keyphrases will make it difficult and harder to optimize your blog post. And you will be required to use a large number of words that are close to each other’s repeatedly. The only solutions to automatically optimize, your blog articles, for synonyms and related keyphrase is the Yoast SEO Premium plugin. Its free plugin is also available and contains several great features but if you purchase its premium version it will add more extra and other great features. This WordPress Plugin will really solve more of your SEO problems.

In simple and easiest words we can say that a single, high-level focus keyword makes it easier, for search engines, to optimize the blog post or page. However, it will be also difficult and harder to rank for that specific term because there are large numbers of other competitors that will also be using the same word/term too. Whether you are using long or short keyphrase, it depends on where in the internal structure of your blog or site the new content will be positioned.

How keyphrase length works

Keyphrase works on very simple principals. If you want to know about whether your blog post will rank or not, you will be needed to find the length of the keyphrase. For this purpose, you will be needed to determine how many words you have used and how much it should contain. If you are Yoast WordPress plugin users, fortunately, this plugin will help you to resolve this puzzle in the form of providing three indications in the SEO section. These three indications will really assist you to know about the number of words. In the same way it will also help you either to extend or reduce the number of focus keywords or not. These indicators are present in the form of three colors of Red, Orange and Green. Its further explanation are provided below.

1. Red color Indicator: The red color indicator provides information about if the keyword consist of in the whole page or post more than one times but you have not set it in SEO Title and SEO Focus Keyword. Now the red color indicator will give you red alert and will give you guidance about what you have to do to increase the SEO of your blog page or post.

2. Orange Color Indicator: The second one is the Orange color indicator. This orange color alert will help you if your keyword is more than 4 words. When this situation happen then the orange color alert will give you suggestions to reduce the number of your focus keywords. Keep notice that you should use the same keyword for SEO Focus Keyword and SEO Title. All of these features are available in Yoast SEO plugin.

3. Green Color Indicator: The third one is green color indicator. This indicator will help you and will show you that you have followed all the guidance of the Yoast SEO plugin. Now the green color alert will show you that the length of the keyword is OK and perfect and you can proceed to publish your blog post.

Can you improve your focus keyphrase?

Most peoples are asking that can we improve our focus keyphrase. The answer to this question is big Yes! One of the best and outstanding source of improving the focus keyphrase is Yoast SEO plugin. This SEO WordPress plugin providing you with feedback about the length of your focus keyphrase. In case you got red or orange color indicator for your focus keyphrase it means your keyphrase might be very long or be missing. You can really improve your focus keyphrase and we are here to provide you some most important and basic tips that will really improve your focus keyphrase.

Always set a focus keyphrase
You will be needed to always set a focus keyphrase and never forget it. In case, you forget and don’t set a focus keyphrase for your blog post or page, the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin would not be able to analyse the SEO score of your page or post. Make sure to always set a focus keyphrase, as it will well-optimize for the keyphrase that you want to rank for, your blog post or page.

Keyphrase should not be too long:
Your focus keyphrase should not be too much long. It is, therefore, highly recommended to decide to choose a longer tail keyphrase. But also keep in mind that also make it sure it’s not too much long.  As we have already mentioned that you have to use a maximum of four to five keywords for your focus keyphrase. On the other hand if you use keyphrase that is longer, so it will be difficult to optimize your blog post or page. The main reason is that you have used a large number of words that are very close to each other, repeatedly through your text.

What are you looking to rank for:
This is the most important and a little bit technical part. It is very hard and difficult to decide what you want to rank for. To overcome this issue, that is where, the keyword research comes in. for this purpose you have to develop the keyword research strategy. And in this keyword research strategy you should define what you want to rank for and similarly how you want to achieve those rankings. Once you have decided what you want to rank for, then also find out which words, phrases and concepts are closely related to that. You to do a research and find out what words peoples are using on the internet to describe you’re the product or service that you are offering. Here you’ve also to decide whether you want your page to rank for a short, generic keyword or a longer, more specific keyphrase?

These are the simple guidelines and recommendation about keyphrase and the length of focus keyphrase. If exactly followed there is no chance that your site or blog post or page wouldn’t be ranked higher in search engine optimization. If you find this article helpful, please like, subscribe and also comments and share it on social media.

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