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After reading this unique blog article you will be able to learn about what is keyword and what is keyphrase. You will also learn about the difference between these two terms. During reading different blog or website posts on the internet, you might be heard about keywords, keyphrases and also about keyword phrases. In fact these are so important and crucial terms that almost every SEO article consist of these words and peoples have used these words, as synonyms, to boost their site ranking. Now the question arises that what do they means and also what is the difference between these words?

difference between keyword and keyphrase

To properly optimize your blog or website you have to do keyword research, as it is very important and necessary for site optimization. You can also say that doing a keyword research is the first step and therefore called the building block for site optimization.

On the internet, when we look for somethings in any search engine, we describe it in words and then we goes also to type these words into search field. Once these words are typed we then press the enter button, the search engine matches those words with the words on other several blogs and websites, that are already included in its index. After that the search engines gives us most relevant and appropriate results, from those blog and websites that best match the words you typed in search field or box. These words are known as keywords in search marketing. It is, therefore, these keywords are very necessary and important part of the successful promotion of any project.

Addition of appropriate and relevant keywords to your blog or website content will definitely help search engines to associate your content with search queries and results. In this way your site ranking will be improved and you will get more traffic for your site. It is, therefore, very important to do research and find the most relevant and right keywords for your site content.

On the internet, and especially in the posts of SEO, you probably read more about keyword and keyphrase. But have you ever thought about that what is keyword and what is keyphrase? Whether they are single words or longer and multi-keyphrases? Similarly what is the exact and real difference between these two words/terms? Don’t worry, we are here to help and explain you the difference between keywords and keyphrase. Here you will learn the very basic of SEO and increasing your site traffic.


What is keyword?

A (focus) Keyword best describes the content of your website/blog’s page or post. We can also say that the “keyword is the search term that you really want to rank a certain page or post of your blog or website”. Keyword is any word or phrase that you uses when searching for somethings with any search engine. This any type of single word that is related to your business or service which can be helpful for your business can be your keyword. Once you have used the keywords in your blog post or page and when peoples are doing a search for that keyphrase, they should find your site

E.g. your website/blog is about WordPress & Plugins, and you have written an article all about WordPress and its Plugin. Now the Keywords that will best describe the content of that post or page probably be: “WordPress” or “Plugins”. Similarly, if running a business of shoes and selling it online with your site then “Shoes”, your brand name like “Bata”, “Digger” and “Nike” etc would be your keywords.

What is keyphrase?

Now we are going to define and explain what the (focus) keyprase is? In simple words we can say that a (focus) keyphrase is that search word/term that you want your blog or website post or page to rank for. Once you have set the keyphrase in your blog post or page and when peoples are doing a search for that keyphrase, they should find your site. In simple language, Keyword phrase is the combination of those keywords is known as key phrase.

Let again consider the example given in keyword explanation that you are running an online show store so your keyphrase probably be: “Digger Shoes”, “School Shoes”, “Sports Shoes” and “Nice Shoes” etc.  to get higher ranking in search engines, you should not just use single keywords but also use sufficient keyphrase. Once you start ranking on sufficient phrases, Google and other search engines will automatically start displaying your site/blog for your targeted keywords, in the search results.

Most of the search marketer expert, also knowns as SEO expert, often use both of keyword and keyphrase as synonyms. They also prefer to use the term “keywords” because it is shorter as compared to key phrases. However, for successful on-site optimization, it is very important and necessary you should carefully choose your most relevant keywords builds key phrases and incorporate them into your blog or website content.

Let suppose that your site is all about SEO blogging, and you have written a blog post about how newbies bloggers can become SEO expert. Now the keyphrase that will best describe the content of your blog post might be: “Newbies SEO training”

If you are unclear about the above example, we will present you another simple example. Let suppose that your blog or site is all about Tea & Spices, and you have written an article all about Tea & different species. So the keyphrase that will best describe the content of this article would be somethings like this: Tea and its different Species”.

Note: Also read about what should be the length of focus keyphrase?

Keyphrase Vs Long tail keywords:

Before moving forward to our main discussion, it is necessary, to also discuss and explain somethings about “Keyphrase versus long tail keyword”.
When doing some research and getting some knowledge about SEO, you may have heard about long tail keywords. You will also heard that these long tail keywords are more precise and specific as compared to focus keywords. In most cases, but not necessarily, they are containing more words.

Most peoples, especially those who are new in this field, might be confused and wonder that what the difference is between keyphrase and long tail keywords? But don’t worry about that, as we are here to explain this technical issue to you in more simple words. First of all we are going to define the Keyphrases. So we can define the keyphrase as it consist of more than one word and they can either be specific or general. On the other hand, the long tail keywords may contain of more than one word, but they don’t always. In more simple words we can say that the main difference between the keyphrase and long tail keywords is that first can be general or specific, for example “blogger’s training” or “Blogger’s training for new bloggers”, whereas the long tail keywords are always be more specific and precise, e.g. “Bloggers training in Peshawar”.

With the help of keyword the content of your blog post or page can best described. We can also say that it is the search term/word that you want to rank for with a certain page. Once you have set your keywords for your site page or post and when peoples are searching for that keyword in search engines, like in Google, Yahoo or Bing etc, they would find that posts or pages on your blog or website.

Let suppose your blog or site is related to motorcars, and you have written your post about motorcars. So the keyword that will best describe the content of that post probably be “Motorcars”. Hope you will understand about keywords.

So what is the differences between the two?

If you are still not clear and may have some ambiguity in your mind we are explaining it in the easiest terms/words. The keywords or keyphrases should both describe the principal and essence of what the post is all about. But the main difference between the two is that keywords are single words, while keyphrases are made up of a few words or it may be a short sentence made up of four to five words.

Similarly, keywords have usually get considerably higher search traffic volume as compared to key phrases. On the other hand, key phrases drive more targeted and most appropriate traffic to the blog or website, as compared to keywords. We can say that the more keywords your keyphrases has, the more chances you’ll have to get exactly what you’re looking to rank for and will get it very quickly.

But strictly speaking, a keyword simply means one single word. In the beginning, when the first search engines were launched, relatively they had started working on the very simple principals of relatively simple algorithms. It is, therefore, several users used single words for their searches. But search engines constantly developed and evolved so now they support large key phrase that consist of two or more words. After evolution and further development in search engines, it is now more suitable and convenient for users because now they can express their requirements more precisely. Also the search engines provide them more accurate, relevant and to the point results.

On the other hand a key phrase means a set of separate terms/words that form a phrase. We can also say that a key phrase is a multi-word search term. If you look at the words itself like keyword and keyphrase so you will distinguish these two words by yourself. Because a word mean single word while phrase mean a set of words that build a phrase or short sentence.

Let suppose, you are looking for “Domain companies” and type the word “Domain” only in the search field. So it will be very difficult for any search engine to clearly understand what you mean by typing the keyword “Domain”? in this case there will be higher chances that you’ll get irrelevant results. On the other hand, if you type “Domain hosting companies” the search engines system will quickly recognize it at once and understand you are looking for information about those companies dealing with domain hosting. In this way, the system will give you with most accurate and relevant results. At the same time, the system will also provide you some additional and extra information on this topic.

Now another big question arises here that should you focus more on keywords or keyphrases or should you focus on both when optimizing your site? The answer to this question is very simple and clear. It totally depends upon your business niche. Let’s say you’re selling toys or providing information resources about toys.  In this case, you would be more interested and want to get high ranking for the keyword “toys”. In this situation it makes sense. But what about if you are an internet marketing agency?  What’ll be the point of trying to get higher ranking results for the keywords like “Internet” or “Marketing” separately? We therefore say that it is all about your common sense.

The important principal to get more targeted traffic is that “use more keywords in your keyphrases and there will be higher chances to receive what you have been looking for and you will get quickly.

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