Content Planning for Local SEO

In this blog post, we are trying to focus and explore somethings about content planning for Local SEO. Content is, the building block and, playing an important role in the success of any digital marketing. It doesn’t matter that on which channel or source the specified content appear. If your content is relevant and to the point, your business/website might be ranked higher in search engines results. As a result more and more searchers will find your business/website and they will visit it.

  • Content define that how and why visitors choose to associate with your business/website.
  • Content determines for which keywords most popular search engines find your website relevant.
  • Content determine the social media followers and fans of a business that choose to associate with your site/business.

It would not be difficult to talk to your friends, relatives, business partners and your loyal and trusted customers about your business, if you are running a small business: the type of peoples you are helping, similarly the pride and superiority that you are taking in your work, what visitors/customers value about your website/business, and like more.

On the other hand, it is very difficult and tough task to write about your business. You probably be struggling in finding the right words in describing your business on the internet. But never fear! The expert team at Web & Blog’s Solutions are always here to help you. With our unique ideas and tips your website content will appear and be shown more attractive and authentic to your visitors/customers.

When rightly followed, your site content will probably be more useful to them—if it isn’t filled with polished and more refined language. Your content needed to be more helpful for them and it should really answers their questions related to your services you’re offering or products you are selling to them.

Keeping the above scenario in mind, we are presenting some useful tips below. With these tips you would be able to get started with creating highly quality content for local SEO.

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Make a list of popular words & phrases peoples look for.

In content planning for your local SEO, first of all, you have to make a list of the most popular words and phrases that peoples/users/searchers look for. To a make this list, Google and Bing are the best sources that provide these words and phrases for free. Both of them offer a simple method for searching the keywords and keyphrases that your potential visitors/customers are interested in.

This is very simple and easy method and probably most of the peoples who are using search engines have performed this technique. The method is that you have to visit Google or Bing search engine homepage and do a search. Before you hit the “enter or return” option of your keyboard, just take a look at the list of words and phrases that are related to your words or phrases you typed in. actually, these are generally the popular keywords or keyphrases that are mostly related to what you typed in, using the search engines. Generally, other peoples also typing in such kind of words and phrases, and search engines then populate the most commonly used words and phrases in front of you whenever you, or other users of search engines, are doing a research.

Once these words and phrases are populated, you have to make a list of these terms and phrases. After than make sure to target a page of your blog or website about each of these one. To create a comprehensive list of such type of other terms and phrases you have to repeat this process several times. When you prepare your list on the subject, then start start your content process.

Use Google Trends For doing Research on keywords

There are different sources to perform a research on keywords. One of the best source for performing keyword research is Google Trends. Once you do a research on Google Trend, you can use these keywords in your content. Google Trend can provide you with a few more specifics and related search volume of each keyphrase that Google or Bing suggests, while performing keyword research.

If you want, you can filter the search into your specific geographic area. By doing this, you can see what are the most popular phrases are in your province, region, state, and city and even in some cases in your area. Google will propose more keyphrases related to these phrases that are next to the geographic overlay. So what are you waiting for? Just use the Google Trend and research on keywords to be used in your content.

Remember the top questions your customers ask you:

For content planning you have to remember in your mind the top questions that your customers are asking you. Keep notice, if your customers are asking the same question again and again offline, probably they will have the same question online too. There are more chances that they will ask, and may even type, these questions directly into the search engine. It is very important that each of your top questions have a full page description to it, in order to maximize your ranking potential for each question.

Tell somethings unique about the areas you are working in:

It is also necessary to mention some information about the area you are working in. in order to be ranked higher in local search results and have Local SEO ranking, you will be required to adopt local SEO best practices. From the SEO team’s standpoint, one of the best practice is to create a page for every province, state, cite, town, county and region in which you are working in.

One formula rightly apply on this situation and that is the more local the “scent” of a given page, the more likely search engines like Bing and Google are will rank higher that page. For example, if you owns a construction company and looking for business in the big cities in your area, you could mention about history of the construction, construction system of that market on its own page. Similarly, you can also talk about the building design that are more resistance to earth quicks and floods etc; and those designs that have higher incident chances due to construction issues. You can also mentions about some lawsuits and proceedings that have occurred over due to faulty construction practices in that area.

Tell somethings about your previous work/projects:

It is important to showcase your previous work/projects to your customers. You can also talk about your important and featured projects that you have worked on and performed, previously in that market. While telling about your previous work, keep in mind to be as clear and explicit as you can about your previous services you have performed.

Keeping these points in mind you can talk about how your services/projects helped your customers in achieving their goals. When you list some case studies and your previous work, it will make your business more unique and attractive. It is, therefore, that we suggest you to focus on mentioning stories that will help your future customers relate to your previous work, and stay away from using canned marketing-speak.

Embed Your Customer’s Video interviews in Your Website:

As everyone of us know that this is the era of smartphones, so you have to film a few short video interviews of your customers that what are they think about your previous projects and work. You can then upload those interviews on YouTube and embed them on your website. We think that video interviews and testimonials is the best method to assist future customers relate to previous customers

With the help of these short videos, your customers and clients personality will shine more. One point is more important and that is to add a short text transcript of your conversation below the video. In this way you will be able to include some important keywords and keyphrases in yours text. You will also take advantage and credit from major search engines like Bing and Google as well.

Make your Work/projects Socialize:

It is also important and necessary to socialize your previous work and projects. As with the popularity of Internet, and especially due to abundance of smartphones, more peoples are using social media. It is necessary for you to create social profiles of your business, on social media like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Pinterest etc. and share your case studies and previous work on these social media networks.

As these social networks have billions of users, in this way, more peoples will know about your work and they will talk to others about your work and previous projects. These social media networks also support creating of groups, and there are already created groups as well that have millions of members, so you can also share your work on these groups.

Hope you will have learnt about content planning for local SEO. If you like this blog post, don’t forget to share it on social media, with your friends, colleagues and family members.

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