How do I rank higher in local search?

From our previous blog post about what is local SEO, now you know what local business SEO is all about? You may be keen and interested in how do I rank higher in local search and how to achieve success in it! Our expert team at Web & Blog’s Solutions is always here to guide you in the right direction. In this blog post we have focused and answered the questions that some of our blog visitors are asking the question how do I rank higher in local search?. We recommend you to make clear and know about the basic elements of local search ranking, given below;

Nearness: This element describe how close is your business to the customers/searchers?

Relevancy: This element describe, how your service and products are relevant to the search queries?

Loyalty: This element describe, how your products and services are reliable and what other consumers/searchers say about the services and products you are offering them.

Important Local SEO services:

In this part of our article, we are going to discuss and explore some main local SEO services. With the passage of time, it is always changing, and will need more time and efforts to get right. This is why that most of the SEO experts, consultants and agencies invest in learning how to do local SEO rather than broader SEO.

As everyone has different goals and they are trying to achieve it, so the rules and principals will also be different. This has been proved that in several cases clients are happy and they do not mind if they receive direct contacts and physical traffic than website visits, due to high visibly of their business in local search results and business directories.

The trend of traditional advertising media is declining time-by-time. With the passage of time, the number of peoples that are reading local newspapers, has considerably decreased. Some recent studies & figures says that, from the year 2000 onward, more than 85% local newspapers have lost their sale and readership. This is why, because a large number of peoples are turning day-by-day to the internet, for news and information about local business. Two things are responsible for this change; internet & smartphones.

In the below section of our article we are going to provide and cover some important and key tips that will really help you to achieve great success in local SEO. Below is an overview of the most important local services. It will play a pivotal role and will make a real difference that you will feel.

Include local areas in your website:

It simply means to add your province, state, city, county and region name throughout your website, in which your business is located. However, if your business consist of multi-location, you can use separate pages for them. Similarly you can also add some local community functions, and featured posts and other information about them, on yours website.

Use Google My Business page to further boost traffic:

Google offering a service for business purpose to business owners called Google My Business (GMB). It is to be noted that only 44 % business has been listed on this page. It is totally free service that Google offering to almost any king of business. Once you have listed your business on Google My Business page, it will considerably increase your chances to be ranked higher, on Google, in local search results.

We highly suggest to use this Google service for your business. This is also another tool that you can use to provide detailed information about your business. Once you add your information, it will help your business to be displayed on most important Google services, like Google Maps and local SEO.

Just like Google My Business (GMB), Microsoft also offer the same service, called Bing Places for Business (BPB). You should immediately create ownership on these two online directories. As these are the main and key steps toward helping your business, so with the help of these two main online directories your business will be displayed on major search engines, especially in local SEO.

As we have stated above that only 44% of peoples has listed their business on this Google My Business page and 66% local business are still remaining. It means that these remaining business still have not touched and they don’t know the importance of online marketing. Fortunately these remaining ratio of business leaves the doors open for you to get a head-start before your competitors wise-up and they gets more competitive for you.

Relevant Quality Backlinks can also improve your reputation:

Getting back links play an important role in the reputation of a website/business. However, if these backlinks are obtained from well-known websites and blogs, it will help the search engines to immediately recognize your website as a trusted source of information. Once your website and business has been recognized by search engines it will also help to boost the reputation and prominence of the local search algorithm.

It is, therefore, suggested to try to get quality backlinks from your local business associations, citations, websites and bloggers. After obtaining backlinks from these sources your website/business search visibility will be considerably improved.

Add your site to Citation sites and Directories:

To optimize your business and website locally, you have to make it sure that your site has been added and features on popular citation websites. Furthermore, you also have to add your site on main online business directories. After doing this, customers will be able to easily find your site and business. They will also know about other information about your business like your Company’s name and contacts info, like address of your business, telephone numbers and your business website URL, on citation websites.

Your search ranking can further be increased and improved if you add some additional information, about your business, on business directories. So it shows that adding and including your site and business on business directories and citation sites will considerably help your business in search ranking.

Take advantage of free Local SEO Opportunities:

There are several free local SEO opportunities available in these days. You can enhance your local search ranking of your business/website on major search engines. These include Bing Places for Business, Google My Business and numerous other online directories available for free. You can use these services and promote your business/website traffic for 100% free of cost.

Rating & Reviews Also Play Important Role In Local SEO:

It is too much clear that honest rating and reviews can play an important role in the reputation of products and services. With the help of honest and genuine rating and reviews, you will be able to showcase the quality of your products or services for sending positive signals to major search engines. These signals will tell the search engines that your website/products/services are trustworthy and useful.

As you know that word-of-mouth is very important source and paly active role in the success of any kind of local or non-local business. If you are running local business, you can ask your trusted and loyal customers/visitors to leave a positive review and 5 star rating on your online business. In this way, your company’s online reputation will be increased and hundreds of new visitors/customers will be attracted towards your business.

Important factors for local SEO consist of the amount of reviews, the overall quality of the reviews about your site or business and the authority of the reviews and ratings. These all play a key role for high ranking in local SEO.


To conclude our discussion about how do I rank higher in local search?, we highly recommend you to make your presence sure on internet. This why, because a large number of peoples rely on internet to find information about their desired products or services. So if you have listed your business on internet then new customers will visit your business. However, if your business is not found and not listed on the internet, and in local search results of major search engines, it simply means that you have missed the chance of meeting with new customers/visitors.

Once again, we strongly suggest you to make your presence sure on the internet. In addition, you can also implement a variety of strategies for Local SEO. In this way, your business will be listed on the internet and more and more new and existing customers will visit your business.

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