Add Custom Scrollbar to Any Element in WordPress

Some of blogger have an issue related to a long sidebar that is breaking their WordPress layout on certain pages. They want to add Custom Scrollbar to WordPress element but can’t do that. This really an issue and most of blogger want to get rid of this problem. A few days back, some of our blog readers requested to write an article about resolving this issue.

Today we, therefore, decided to give some time and find an easy and simple solutions for this problem. In this simple article, we’ll explain you how to add a custom scrollbar to any element in WordPress. Most of WordPress users didn’t want to remove any of their widgets, we therefore advise them to add a fixed height and scroll bar to all of their long widgets which fixed their problem.

To add a custom scrollbar to your elements in your WordPress blog, first of all you’ll be required to install and activate our recommended WordPress plugin that is called Custom Scrollbar plugin. Once you have activated this WordPress plugin, you will then be needed to go to the Appearance »»» Scrollbars to configure the above mentioned WordPress plugin.

Now you’ll be at the plugin configuration page, and the first thing that you’ll need is to start your process by simply providing your desired name for your scrollbar. With the help of Custom Scrollbar plugin you can add multiple scrollbars, it is, therefore, important and necessary to add a name to your scrollbar. Once you have provided name to your custom scrollbar you will be able to find your custom scrollbar in the Dashboard admin area.

Now you are in the setting area, and the next item, that we have to focus on, is the Target Element Selector. Keep notice that this is the Class or ID of the web element that you want to target. Keep also notice that you can find the id or class of any your desired element just by right-clicking on the element in Chrome browser and then selecting inspect element from the menu.

Once you entered the targeted selector, you can choose the width & height of your custom scrollbar area. It is the place where you can also choose the theme and position for the scrollbar. When you completed your desired changes and you are done, then just simply click on the save changes button so that your settings are saved.

That’s it! Now you can visit your blog or website and see how your custom scrollbar are looking like in action. As you successfully completed this process, now you are able and can repeat the process to create another custom scrollbar by clicking on the Add button.

We are confident that you will have learned the above mentioned procedure of adding custom scrollbars to any element on your WordPress blog or website. If you like this article, then please like and share it on social media with your friends and family members. You many also subscribe to our YouTube Channel here. You will find more useful tutorials and other supporting videos their.

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