31 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site In 2020

One cannot get protection for their site without best WordPress security plugins. As most of the peoples knows best that WordPress is the most popular content publishing platform that is being used by millions of websites around the world. Due to this reason, most of the hackers are taking too much interest in hacking websites that use WordPress.

It is difficult for hackers to hack websites which are using WordPress platform, because WordPress itself is very secure. And for example, if developers find any type of vulnerability, they bring an update to patch and cover the gap. One of the most popular method, which these hackers are using for hacking WordPress-powered sites are through third-party themes and plugins.

If you use best WordPress security plugins, it will definitely help you to protect your site from external attacks. It will act like shield against the attacks of malware, brute force and other hacking attempts. In the last week one of our visitors asked about which one is the best WordPress security plugin we have to use on our site.

Today, in this article, we will walk you through the complete list of best WordPress security plugins and will show you which WordPress security plugin you have to use? You will also learn which security plugin will work best for you? We will also show you how using a WordPress security plugin will protect your WordPress site from malware, brute force attacks and hacking attempts. After using anyone of the below plugin, you will be able to protect your website.

In this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress security plugins that you can use to protect your website. Before we move to our main discussion, let us know is your website is secure? Check your website with Free Website Security Check Here.

Why to Use a WordPress Security Plugin?

Using a WordPress security plugin is very important and necessary for every website. Due to malware attacks, there are nearly 18.5 Million websites infected each week. Some studies suggest that an average website is attacked 44 times each day, which consist of those websites which are using WordPress and non-WordPress sites.

Any security breach on your website can cause more serious damages to your business. Due to any security break, the following issues are more commonly noted.

  •  Someone can use your website to distribute malicious codes to unsuspecting users and other blog and websites.
  •  Your website may be destroyed or spoiled, which will definitely affect your brand reputation and SEO ranking.
  •  Hackers can also steal your site and business data that belongs to your users and customers.

You can scan and analyze your WordPress website, for security beaches, at any time. However, it will be very difficult for non-technical users to clean up a hacked WordPress website, without professional help. Now it is necessary for you to follow security best practices in order to avoid being hacked and also protect your website.

There are different methods used for protecting your website. One of the best and most important method in securing your WordPress site is to use a WordPress security plugin. In this article, we have compiled a complete list of WordPress security plugins that help you harden your WordPress-powered website security while also blocking brute force attacks on your site.

Now let’s take a deep look at the most popular and best WordPress plugins. Also learn how these security plugins will help you protect your blog or website from being hacked.

It is very important to note that you have to use only one plugin from this list. Using multiple WordPress security plugins active from this list may lead to bugs issues.

1. Wordfence

We are starting our WordPress security plugin list with Sucuri. Wordfence WordPress security plugin is one of the most downloaded security plugin with extremely higher user’s rating and more than 3+ million active installation to date. This security plugin is considered a powerful, full-featured and constantly updated security plugin for WordPress, in the market.

Wordfence security plugin

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to provide protection to your site, from malware, hacking, and malicious traffic. This plugin offer a lot of more tremendous features that make WordFence most powerful free WordPress security plugins. It is, therefore, WordFence is considered another very popular WordPress security plugin.

The free version of WordFence plugin comes complete and very popular scanner, exploit detection and threat assessment features. Apart from other great features, this security plugin will automatically scan your whole website for common threats. Similarly, you can also launch full scan, at any time, whenever you want.

For example, WordFence security plugin detected any type of signs of security breaches, you will be alerted with complete instructions to fix the issues. In addition to other great features, this plugin also consist of a built-in WordPress firewall. This firewall runs on your server just your WordPress-powered website is loaded. Remember that this makes it a little less effective than DNS level firewall like that in Sucuri.

2. iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes security plugin is another good choice for website owners looking for securing their websites from hacking and other types of attacks. It has more than 900,000+ active installations and five-stare user rating. This WordPress plugin will protect your WordPress site by fixing security vulnerabilities, stop automated attacks and helps its users to choose stronger passwords enforcement.

iThemes security Plugin

Similarly, it also offers file integrity checks, limit login attempts, security hardening, 404 detections, brute force protection and more security features. For easier maintenance, iThemes security plugin also offer a security checklist in the plugin dashboard.

Like all other products, iThemes Security offers a very nice and clean user interface with a lot of options. In fact, it is a WordPress security plugin from the folks behind the most popular BackupBuddy plugin. Remember that this security plugin does not include a website firewall. In the same way, it also doesn’t include its own malware scanner. It uses Sucuri’s Sitecheck malware scanner.

Bother experienced and newbies WordPress users can use this plugin very easily. This plugin comes with one-click installation for easy setup of the plugin. It also offers advanced security options that can be easily configured from the dashboard.

3. All In One WP Security Plugin

All In One WordPress Security plugin is another very good choice for its users. It has more than 800,000+ active installations and is one of the most preferred WordPress Security Plugins for beginners. This plugin has user-friendly interface that makes configuring its security option easy.

all in one WP security & firewall plugin

All In One WordPress Security plugin for WordPress will really improve your site security by adding a powerful firewall that prevents malicious scripts from changing your WordPress code. This plugin comes with a basic website level firewall which can detect some common patterns and block them for you. The firewall of this plugin will also block fake Google bots from crawling your website and blog and can prevent hot-linking of your site images.

All In One WordPress Security plugin is considered one of the best, powerful WordPress security auditing, monitoring and firewall plugin. With the help of this plugin you will be able to easily apply basic WordPress security best practices on your site. This plugin also enables you to create a strong password for your account.

Apart from other features, it comes with features like login lockdown for preventing brute force attacks, IP filtering, user account monitoring, file integrity monitoring, scan for suspicious patterns of database injection and much more.

4. Sucuri

In fact Sucuri it is really the industry leader in WordPress security. It has more than 700,000+ active installation to till date. It is, therefore that, most of the WordPress security experts suggest sucuri to be one of the best security plugin in the market. You can also use the basic and free Sucuri Security plugin version. This free version will also enables you to harden your WordPress security and also scan your website for common threats.

Sucuri Security plugin

However, if you go for the paid plans of this security plugin, definitely, there are more value and options, which comes with the best WordPress firewall protection. This firewall will help you in blocking malicious and brute force attacks from accessing WordPress site. Sucuri security plugin will also help you to filters out bad traffic, even before reaching to your site’s server.

This free WordPress security plugin has four important features: Security activity auditing, Remote Malware Scanner, File integrity monitoring and WordPress overall security hardening. Securi Security plugin is also best option for developers and experienced users, as it also requires understanding of codes and files within WordPress site.

Securi plugin also serve static content from their own CDN servers. In addition to security, the DNS level firewall with CDN gives you a more wonderful performance in boosting and speeding up your blog or website. Apart from security, and speeding up your site, they will also offer to clean up your WordPress site if it gets affected by malware at no additional cost. Another tremendous feature of this security plugin is that if you have a website already affected by malwares, they will clean up in a little time for you. If you are interested in this plugin, you can download it here.

5. WPS Hide Login

WPS Hide login is one of the best choice for those who are looking for light weighted WordPress security plugins. It has more than 600,000+ active installations and very higher users rating till now. The good feature of this plugin is that it will hide your login page by letting you change its URL to whatever you want. WPS Hide login is completely free WordPress security plugin that comes with WPS Limit Login, WPS Cleaner and WPS Bidouille.

WPS Hide Login

The WPS Hide Login security plugin claims that is is very light WordPress security plugin as compared to other security plugins. This plugin will allows you to safely and easily change the URL of the login form page to anything you want. This plugin requires WordPress 4.1 or higher to be installed. It is also compatible with major WordPress plugins like BuddyPress, bbPress, WPS Limit Login, JetPack and user switching. This plugin doesn’t literally rename or change files in core, nor does it add rewrite rules. It will simply intercepts page requests and will works on any type of WordPress blog or website.

Remember that the method of hiding your login page is completely safe because it does not remove or change your WordPress files. In this way you will be able to access the wp-admin directory and wp-login-php files. In addition to other features, it will also prevent your site from Brute Force Attacks, prevent hackers from login page and easy to use and configuration.

6. Anti-Malware Security Plugin

Anti-Malware Security plugin is another very good useful WordPress security and anti-malware plugin. It has more than 200,000 active installations and very high user’s rating. This plugin consist of actively maintained definitions which can help it in finding the most common threats. Anti-Malware Security plugin scanner allows you to easily scan all your site files and folders for malicious code, backdoors, malwares and other kind of malicious attacks.

Anti-Malware security and brute-force firewall plugin

If you want to use this plugin, you will be required to create a free account on the plugin’s official website in order to access the latest definitions and get some premium features like brute force attack prevention. This free security plugin has high rating on WordPress plugin’s directory.

Apart from other, this plugin also makes call to developer’s site for looking updated definitions to protect against any threats. You can go for registering this plugin at gotmls.net and get more access to new definitions of known threats and more added features. This plugin also run a complete scan to automatically remove known security threats, backdoor scripts and database injections.

7. Blog Bad Queries

Block Bad Queries is one of the simple and best WordPress security plugin that works unobtrusively to protect your site from malicious attacks. This plugin has more than 100,000+ active installations and 5 out of 5-stare user’s rating. Once you download, install and activate this security plugin, you won’t have to worry about any kind of Block Bad Queries that are interrupting your workflow, because this plugin works silently in the background.

Block Bad Queries plugin

Block Bad Queries WordPress security plugin will also enable you to improve your site protection. This plugin is super easy-to-use, powerful, fast and will enable you to prevent SQL injection, executable file uploads and directory traversal requests. If you want to get more feature, you can choose Block Bad Queries Pro version. The pro version consist of more advanced scanning and user-ID phishing prevention features. This WordPress security plugin is highly affordable, and you can get its lifetime license at just $20.

With the help of this plugin you will be able to protect your website against any kind of malicious URL requests. It will also offer great features like BBQ monitors your incoming traffic towards your site and blocks requests that contains evil (bases64, other long request-strings). This plugin is really a perfect solution for those WordPress websites that are unable to use .htaccess and will meet their security needs.

8. WP Activity Log (Formerly WP Security Audit Log)

WP Activity Log is another good security plugin for WordPress-powered websites. It has more than 100,000+ active installations and 4.8/5 stare average users rating. This plugin mainly focuses on providing high quality activity monitoring that will help you to keep notice of suspicious activity and stop attacks before they happen. Another good feature of this plugin is that it will log changes to your WordPress-built blog or website, to speed up and make the recovery process easy and simple if any kind of attack does occur.

WP Security Audit Log plugin is specialized in certain features. For example, this plugin can also simplify general troubleshooting and productivity monitoring. You can also choose WP Security Audit Log Premium version that will enable you to check who logged in and log users out with just single-click. You can get its license at $89/year.

9. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Limit Login Attempts Reloaded is another very good WordPress security plugin for WordPress-built websites. This security plugin has more than 1+ millions active installations and 4.9 out of 5-stars users rating. By default, WordPress allows unlimited login attempts. This default feature of WordPress allows passwords to be cracked through brute-force easily. However, once Limit Login Attempts Reloaded plugin is installed and activated, it will limit the number of login attempts that are possible through the normal login and custom login pages.

Limit login attempts Reloaded

This WordPress security plugin will also blocks an internet address from making further attempts after a specified limit on retries has been reached. So the security features of this plugin will make brute-force attack difficult or impossible. With the help of this plugin you can also whitelist/blacklist IPs and Usernames. It also offer multi-website compatibility with extra MU settings.

10. Loginizer

Loginizer is another WordPress security plugin which helps its users to fight against any type of brute-force attack by blocking login for the IP, once it reaches the maximum number of retries allowed. With the help of Loginizer security plugin you can blacklist/whitelist IPs for login using this plugin. Apart from other features, it also offers support for reCAPTCHA, 2-Factor authentication, PasswordLess Login and much more, in order to improve your site security and keep your blog or website more secure.

Loginizer Security

If you want to get more features, you should invest in its Loginizer Pro-version of this plugin. The pro version will offer passwordless loging, two-factor authentication via email or app, login challenge questions, username auto-blacklist, new registration domain blacklist, Auto-Blacklist IPs and much more features.

11. SiteGuard WP Plugin

SiteGuard WP Plugin has more than 200,000+ active installations and higher users rating. With the help of this security plugin you will be able to protect your site from brute-force attacks, such as protection and management capabilities. This plugin offer different functions for its users like Admin page IP Filter, Rename Login, CAPTCHA, Login Lock, Login Alerts, WAF tuning support and much more.

SiteGuard WP Plugin

The Admin page IP Filter function will provide protection against the attack to the management page under wp-admin. The rename login function will decrease the vulnerability against illegal login attempts attack like brute force attack or a password list attack. The CAPTCHA function has the same function and it will also decrease the vulnerability against illegal login attempts attack like brute force attack or a password list attack. The login lock function is especially developed to prevent an automated attack. The connection IP address the number of login failure when it reaches the specified number of login attempts with in the specified period of time.

12. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

Cerber Security plugin

Cerber is another high rated free security plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It has more than 100,000+ active installations and higher users rating. This plugin has tremendous features like limiting login attempts, scanning your site files and folders for malware, file integrity checker, scheduled scans, two-factor authentication, spam and bots protection, IP black/white lists and much more.

13. Titan Anti-Spam & Security

Titan Anti-Spam & Security plugin is very popular and amazing WordPress security plugin that offers unique features to its users. It main features includes firewall, anti-spam, malware scanning, security and threats audits and site accessibility checking for WordPress websites. Most of the security experts consider this Titan security plugin as most comprehensive WordPress security plugin and security solution. In addition to other great features, it also offer support for blocking malicious traffic, protection for your website at the endpoint by providing deep integration with WordPress.

Titan Anti-Spam & Security plugin is very easy-to-use and reliable WordPress plugin. This plugin does not violate encryption, it can’t be bypassed and in the same way it does’t contribute to data leakage. Similarly, it will also scan schedules for daily, monthly and manually.

14. Shield Security

Next up, we have a top-notch Shield Security, which is a free security plugin for WordPress users. This WordPress security plugin has more than 80,000+ active installations and 4.9 out of 5-stare user’s rating. Shield Security is one of the best WordPress security plugin that has a 5/5 rating on WordPress plugin directory or repository. It consist of a guided configuration wizard that makes setting Shield Security plugin as easy as possible. Shield Security plugin focuses on being as silent as possible by lowering alerts and notifications to the minimum level and automating most of its functions. With the help of this plugin you can make your WordPress website security simple and more effective.

shield security plugin

Apart from other features, it also offer protection from automatic Brute Force attacks that is done by bots, by limiting login attempts. This plugin will also detect malicious file changes by scanning WordPress core files. Similarly, it also has built-in automatic spam protection feature that will protect your site from spam attacks. It also provide two-factor authentication through email and Google authenticator app. In short, this plugin offer protection with Smarter Automation to its users. For starter, it is extremely easy and simple to setup. Just go for this plugin and install and activate it. This plugin is very useful in order to limit login attempts as well as block brute force attacks.

15. VaultPress

VaultPress is yet another top-notched and best WordPress security plugin. This plugin has higher rating and more than 80,000+ active installation in WordPress plugin directory. It is created, designed and maintained by Automattic, and one the best security plugins for WordPress right now. This WordPress plugin offers real-time backup and security scanning services. Once you download, install and activate, it will offer you a decent selection of security featured backed by key maintenance elements. VaultPress security plugin not only offers, its users, too many security features that includes spam prevention, brute force attack protection and activity monitoring. VaultPress will really make it sure that your website is protected against malwares, damages, hackers and outages.

VaultPress security plugin

In addition to security features, VaultPress security plugin will also provide a lot of backup features like handling regular site backups with just single-click restoration, migrating site from one server to another and uptime monitoring. This plugin will effectively backup each post, every comment, media file, revision and all the settings on your site to their servers. If you are interested to get more features, you might go to upgrade to a Premium or Professional Plan. VaultPress security plugin will scan your WordPress-built website for malwares and viruses, which can then be removed with just one-click button option.

16. BulletProof Security Plugin

BulletProof Security plugin in yet another good plugin for securing websites and blogs. It has more than 60,000+ active installations and very high user’s rating (4.8 out of 5-stars). As its name suggests, the plugin defends and protects your website like a bulletproof jacket. This security plugin can be a one-click solution for all your WordPress security requirements.

bulletproof security plugin

It will protect your blogs or websites against XSS, RFI, CRLF, SQL injection and code injection hacking. This is more user-friendly and effortless for beginners. This plugin has some great features for its users. It comes with a setup wizard that helps you through plugin settings.

Once you go to the setting panel, you will find that it consist of links to extensive documentation that are very helpful for understanding how the scans and security setting works. BulletProof security plugin also comes with a malware scanner that allows you to check the integrity of WordPress files and folders.

To strengthen and bring more hardness in your site security, this WordPress security plugin bring some great features like login protection, idle session logout, security logs and database backup utility. While using this plugin, you can also set up email notification with security logs and get alerts about when a user is locked out.

We are hopeful this blog post will helped you find one of the best WordPress security plugin for your website or blog. You may also be interested to read our list of best WordPress backup plugins, which will help you restore your blog or website after any security breach occurs.

17. WP Hide & Security Enhancer

WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin has more than 60,000+ active installations and higher user rating. With the help of WP Hide & Security Enhancer plugin you can hide your WordPress core files, login page, plugins and themes from being shown on front-end of your website. This security plugin enables you to provide a simple way to clean up html by removing all fingerprints of WordPress. Once installed and activated, each and everything will process virtually and no file and directory will change. Most of WordPress security experts consider it as a huge improvement over site security. Even though you will be using WordPress blogging platform but still no one will know you actually run a WordPress site.

WP Hide & Security Enhancer

This WordPress plugin offers a lot of great features for its users. For instance, it offers support for blocking default admin URL, blocking support for any direct folder access to completely hide the structure, custom admin URL and custom wp-login.php filename. Similarly, its other features include blocking defualt wp-signup.php, blocking default wp-login.php, new upload URL, remove WordPress version and Meta generator block. WP Hide and Security Enhancer plugin will not only allow you to change the default URLs of your WordPress, but it will also hide/block defaults. Thus it one of the unique feature of this plugin, because other similar security plugin just change the slugs, but the default are still accessible and visible, revealing WordPress as CMS. This plugin will totally make your site invisible.

18. WP Fail2ban

Fail2ban is another one of the best WordPress security plugin for its users. It has more than 50,000+ active installations and 4.7 out of 5-stare average user’s rating. This plugin is very simple and easy to use WordPress security plugin. Once you download, install and activate this plugin, it will provide you prevention against brute force attacks.

WP fail2ban security Plugin

This plugin offer a lot of great features that make WP Fail2ban a very good option for its users. For instance, it will provide you proxy servers and cloudflare, blog users, remote tools add-on, offer support for third party plugins as well. In order to properly utilize this plugin, you must have to make it sure that your WordPress is running on PHP version 5.6 or above.

19. Acunetix WP Security Plugin

Acunetix WP Security plugin is another free and comprehensive WordPress security plugin that helps you secure your WordPress-built blogs and websites via performing scanning for vulnerabilities. This security plugin has more than 40,000+ active installations and high user’s rating. Most of web developers consider it as best WordPress security plugin because it offers too many features to its users.

Acunetix WP Security plugin

For instance, this plugin will hide WordPress version for non-admins in the back-end dashboard, secure File permissions, passwords, remove WP Generator META tag form core code and will allows you to easily take backup of your WordPress database.

20. NinjaFirwall (WP Edition) Advanced Security

NinjaFirewall This is another popular WordPress security plugin with more than 40,000+ active installation and higher user’s rating. With the help of this plugin, the blog administrator will really benefit from latest and advanced security features that usually are not available at the WordPress level, but it can only be obtained in security application like Apache ModSecurity module or the PHP Suhosin extention.

Ninja Firewall

This security plugin consist of the most powerful filtering engine that is available in a WordPress plugin. Furthermore, File Guard in another good feature that is provided by NinjaFirwall plugin. This File Guard feature will detect, in real time, any kind of access to a PHP file that was recently modified or created. This will send alert notification to your specified email address.

21. Stop User Enumeration

Stop User Enumeration

Stop User Enumeration is also a good security plugin for its users. It has more than 30,000+ active installation and higher user’s rating. This plugin is specially designed to detect and prevent hackers from scanning your site for user names. In User Enumeration process the hackers are probing your website to discover your user name. But Stop User Enumeration plugin helps its users to block this kind of attacks and even allows you to log IPs launching these attacks to block such kind of further attacks from hackers in future.

22. Hide My WP Ghost – Security Plugin

Hide My WP Ghost plugin is also a good security plugin with more than 30,000+ active installation and higher user’s rating. Once you download, install and activate this plugin, you will be able to change and hide WP common paths for the best WP security against hackers bots. This plugin will enable you to change all the WordPress common paths together with the plugins and themes names.

Hide My WP Ghost

Similarly, with the help of this plugin, no file or directory is physically change. Each and every actions are completed automatically with this WordPress security plugin. Once the common paths are changed, all the common paths will be hidden from hackers in order to protect all the themes and plugins. This plugin is compatible with Apache, WP Multisite, Litespeed, Nginx and IIS.

23. Defender

Defender is another most popular and best WordPress security plugin from WPMU DEV. This security plugin has more than 20,000+ active installations and high user’s rating. The free version of this plugin is a little limited, however, Defender provides several key security features you might be interested to implement. This plugin will instantly add additional layers to your WordPress website to protect it against security threats. Apart from other features, it also provides Google two Factor Authentication, free scans of suspicious codes, timed logouts for brute force attack prevention, login screen masking for custom URL login page, WordPress core file scanning and IP address blacklisting.

Defender WordPress Security Plugin

Defender security plugin will starts with one click website hardening technique. However, if you want to get more features, you may go for Pro version, which is more complete and provides more features. The Pro version of this plugin offer additional scans, audit logout and vulnerability reports. For this purpose, you need a WPMU DEV Membership to access it. Once you subscribe to its services, it will provide more than 100 plugins for unlimited sites, for just $49/month.

24. SecuPress

SecuPress is another good choice for WordPress-powered website owners. This security plugin has more than 20,000+ active installation and has 4.2 out of 5-stare user’s rating. Like other popular WordPress security plugins, it also offer prevention to your WordPress website from malware, block bots and other suspicious IPs. For limited features, you can use its free version and it can be optioned from WordPress plugin directory.

SecuPress Free Security Plugin

On the other hand, if you want to get more extra features of this plugin, you have to download the pro version that will offer more advanced features.

The pro version activates weekly scans automatically and reports back any suspicious activities on your webs/year. This is for single site, however, if you want to use it for more than one, the price will reduce. Its pro version can be obtained at $60Once installed and activated, it will offer protection of security keys, block visits from Bad Bots, vulnerable plugins and themes etc.

25. MalCare Security and Firewall

MalCare Security and Firewall is another very interesting and free security plugin for WordPress users. This plugin has more than 10,000+ active installations 4.3 out of 5-stare rating. If you deeply think about its name you will find that its name suggest that plugin can be used as security and firewall purposes. It is the only tool we have featured than can help you in cleaning up your site after an attack, with just a single-click, though you’ll need the premium version to do so. This plugin includes a built-in login protection system that protects WordPress admin dashboard from block brute force login attempts.

MalCare Security Plugin

This security plugin also consist of a malware scanner systems that will scan your site’s code against hundred signals of malicious code. The interesting point is that this malware scans are automatically performed on daily basis. If you want, you can also perform a manual scan at any time, very easily with a single-click of button.

The free version of MalCare security plugin also consist of a very intelligent and rule-based firewall. The firewall system of this plugin will also monitor all traffic including visits, login attempts, and errors and store them in the database system. Another interesting feature of this plugin is that by performing security processes on MalCare servers, the plugin will not affect your site’s performance and speed. If you want to get more interesting feature, you can go for MalCare Premium Security Service that comes with automatic malware removals, offsite integrated backups, white-labeling and much more. You can get this plugin at $99/year.

26. Brute Force Login Protection

We are going to talk about another top-notch and best WordPress security plugin that is known as Brute Force Login Protection. At its name self suggest that this plugin can be used against Brut Force Login Protection. This WordPress security plugin is also known as single-purpose WordPress security plugin that will protect your site from Brute Force Login attacks by blocking the attacker IP address for a specified period of time using the .htaccess file.

27. Google Authenticator

Google authenticator is another free and best WordPress security plugin. Let’s take a look at a few that specialize in certain features. Once installed, Google authenticator is specializes in adding two-step or two-factor authentication  to WordPress site, instead of logging in using username and password only, another method of authentication is done for every new device like voice call, text or mobile app. This plugin will integrate with a variety of form builder plugin in order to secure your registration and login process.

Google Authenticator

Remember that the 2nd authentication method is needed once per device. It is, therefore, you will be required to do it once per device. Google authenticator plugin also supports security keys plugged in the USB port.

Apart from other features, it will also provide user login monitoring and IP address blocking services. If you want additional feature you can choose Google Authenticator’s Premium Version. This will provide more wonderful features like multiple login options (consist of password-less login), more authentication options and different method of authentication for specific user roles. You can get its license at $5/year.

28. WP Antivirus Site Protection

WP Antivirus Site Protection is another best WordPress security plugin. As its name suggests, WP Antivirus Site Protection WordPress security plugins can be used to protect your, WordPress-built, websites and blogs against viruses and malwares. This plugin has numerous great features like it will scan all your WordPress installation files to find spyware, backdoors, malwares, hidden links, worms, rootkits, adware, fraud tools, Trojan horses and remove them from your site.

Whenever the plugin detects any kind of threat, it will show it in the WordPress admin dashboard area. At the same time, if you want, the plugin alert system will also send an email to your specified email address. For scanning your site files, the WP Antivirus Site Protection plugin will use Siteguading.com API against the daily updated virus database.

29. Security Ninja

Security Ninja is a handy WordPress security plugin with a good number of features that will improve your site’s protection. It has more than 9,000+ active installations and 4.7 out of 5-stare user’s rating. This handy plugin consists of more than 50 security-related tests you will be able to perform to find how secure your site is. With the help of this security plugin you will be able to check to see if WordPress core, plugins and themes are up-to-date, find user’s password strength by simulating a brute force attack, test file accessibility and find out if general, database, or JavaScript debug mode is enabled.

Security Ninja Plugin

Those website owners who ever felt like their site was secure, but were not 100% sure, Security Ninja will help you in this loop. You can find more tremendous features by investing in its Pro version. The pro version of Security Ninja includes scanning of malwares and cloud firewall. You can get its pro version at $29/year.

30. Astra Web Security

Astra is another best premium WordPress security plugin that offer a lot of features to its users. Remember that Astra is a premium WordPress security plugin that automatically generates reports on how many attacks it prevented on your website. Similarly, it will also show you what the nature of those attacks was.

Astra security plugin has a too many features like you will not need to wait while your site is getting cleaned up. In order to clean up your site, you have to click the “Clean Malware” button and your site will be free of any kind of Malwares. Similarly it will block all those countries that are well known for hackers, provide WebApp Firewall and scanning uploads to prevent malicious files.

The pro version can be availed at different prices. For example, you can avail the essential plan which is very perfect for small WordPress blogs and website at just $9/month. For a more bigger project, you can choose the Pro or Business plan which will cost you $19/month and $119/month respectively.

31. WebARX

WebARX is another handy WordPress security plugin that bring numerous great features for improving your site’s protection. This plugin has more advanced Web Application Firewall that updates automatically to prevent plugin and theme vulnerabilities and can be installed in less than a minute. This plugin is used by more than 3,000 developers and digital agencies worldwide. Also remember that WebARX security plugin has a 95% 5-stare rating on its official page.

WebARX security plugin

In addition to other great features, here are other wonderful features that will keep your WordPress security at the top. These features includes PDF security reports, automatic off-site backups, two factor authentication, SSL and up-time monitoring and WordPress hardening. Similarly, WebARX security plugin can block any kind of malicious bots and hacking attempts, secure your site from plugin vulnerabilities, prevent malware infections and protect your site from brute-force attacks.

This plugin has some unique features like it offers different type of WordPress security monitoring options that will keep you aware of what’s going on with your website. In this way you will be able to keep everything up-to-date and also avoid any kind of WordPress security vulnerabilities.

Choose the right WordPress Security Plugin for your Site

Protecting your WordPress blog or website should be your first and foremost priority. However, without security plugin it is impossible, and can prove to be a real challenge. As it is clear that you had worked hard and as a result of that hard work, you prepared some unique content for your website, and people started working with you. Now obviously, it would be very sad to see it go down the drain in a matter of minutes.

In these circumstances a best and proactive approach is the wiser option and the first step is to immediately install a WordPress security plugin. The plugins that we have included and mentioned in our best WordPress security plugin list are really able to protect your website or blog against all types of malware and other kind of attacks.

Before you go running to the WordPress plugin directory to download each and every security plugin in this list, we highly suggest that you have to consider which security plugin you truly required for you site. One important point should be kept in mind that security plugins are often hefty. In simple words we means they can decrease your site’s speed. It’s better to be discerning than to trade one problem for another.

To choose the right best WordPress security plugin for your site, first of all you have to check out your hosting service. Keep notice that there are some hosting companies that incorporate security features like backups, updates, firewalls and malware scans. Now closely look at the services of your hosting provider, if your host company already handling these tasks for you, then obviously, there is no need to have a, separate security, plugin for managing them. In this case you will be needed to find if you are good with an all-in-one security plugin, or if you just require more specific features.

Let suppose your hosting prover or another service provider is covering most of the task you need, but still some gap exist, then you may simply need a few features plugin in order to fill the remaining gap. Furthermore, if you are able to provide a good budget, then cobbling together your site security coverage from several free or low-cost plugins may be more feasible than shelling out for a premium all-in-one featured plugin.

To further narrow down your thinking about choosing the right WordPress security plugin, we suggest you to consider both, each one’s features and cost carefully, and then decide between them. This technique will help you a lot in deciding the best plugin. However, if still you are not sure about from where to begin and which security plugin to choose, we recommend you to start with either WordFence or all-in-one security plugin like Securi Security plugin. You can also go to choose mix and match security tools like Google Authenticator and WP Security Audit Log, as it is easy to find your required features.


No one can deny that there are a wide variety of WordPress security plugins available in these days. And with so many plugin options and features included in each one, it is very difficult to select the perfect one for your site. It is the first and foremost responsibility of every blog or website owners to tighten and harden their site security. For this purpose you must have to work hard and make it sure that your WordPress installation is more secure as possible.

You should keep a few important points in your mind, for example, you should must keep your WordPress version, plugin version and theme version up-to-date and you should use strong password as possible. In the same way, don’t download, install and activate plugins or themes from untrusted sources and websites.

You should also take a few more steps to further tighten your site security and keep yours WordPress site more secure. For instance, you have to use one WordPress security plugin from this list. If you want to add extra security layers to your WordPress-powered blog/website we have listed the most commonly used and best WordPress security plugins for your WordPress site.

Just remember that pairing your plugins with other security best practices is really the smartest way to protect you site. If you are unable to see your favorite WordPress security plugin on the list, or have any questions about choosing between these WordPress security plugins! Do let us know by using the comment box below! We will update our best WordPress security plugin list and will include your favorite one. Have fun.

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