5 Google AdSense Tips: How to Maximize Your Earnings

There are more peoples asking us, through comments, that how to increase and maximize our income/revenue with Google AdSense? We are therefore compelled to write a few paragraphs about this issue. We have researched and finally reached on results that you just have to follow 5 Google AdSense Tips to maximize your earning. And it is really possible that you can earn, and even, maximize your revenue with Google AdSense. In fact, it is the easiest way to monetizing your website, with AdSense program, and to make more money online. It require some hard & enough legwork, and then you will be able to increase and boost your earnings from AdSense.

Today we have decided to provide, and explain, tips and practices that will really help you to maximize and boost your Google AdSense income. These are provided one by one in the below lines.

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  1. Keep Your Ads On Best Placements

Once you have created your blog/website and also published some high quality content you would applied for Google AdSense Program. And after your AdSense account is approved then it is necessary to put your ads on best places/locations of your site.  As it is clear that when it comes to ad placement, so the very common and general rule of thumb is to place your ads in those areas and places which are more visible to your site visitors.

Ads kept at highly visible area of your blog/website are earning more revenue as compared to areas that are not more visible to site viewers. The logic behind it is that more visible areas attract more attention as compared to non-visible areas. As a result it will increase your income, because where your site visitors pays more attention to so that it will attracts more clicks. However, it should also be kept in mind that, and make it sure that your ads are not frustrating and annoying your visitors and creating a negative opinions and perception about your site.

For WordPress users, who are running their blog on WordPress, we are presenting some placements/locations. When rightly used, it will really and highly boost and increase your income/revenue, with Google AdSense Program.

  • Website/Blog Homepage:
  • If you want to maximize your income, you have to increase your site’s click-through rate (CTR). And for that purpose Google recommends to use 728×90 leaderboard image ad unit. You can use these ad unites above your homepage and below the main navigation bar. As these are more visible areas therefore visitors pay more attention towards these areas. As a result it will increase your site earning.
  • It completely depends on your site page length, and you may also use a vertical ad unit with the same size of 728×90 in the middle of hope page. Similarly you can also use this ad unit at the end of your site homepage.
  • If you want to further increase your site earning you can also put ads on the side bars of your site. And you can use and test different ad units– like 160×600 wide skyscraper and 300×250 medium rectangle in your sidebar.
2.2. Website/Blog page:
  • In order to increase your blog/website revenue you can keep 336×280 large rectangle ad unit at the top of your article.
  • Similarly you can also keep a similar ad unit at the end of your post and before the comments section.
  • Just like the homepage, you can also keep a skyscraper or a medium rectangle ad unit in the sidebar of your site.
  1. Use Best Ad Sizes and Styles

In order to increase your revenue you have to use best Ad sizes and styles on your site. The bust Ad sizes and styles simply means the difference between ads your website/blog visitors will notice and then click, and the ads they’ll skip right over. Before choosing the best ad styles and sizes, your goal should be to make them more visible and decrease ad blindness. For this purpose Google AdSense recommends you to use colors your ad text and links that already present on your site and this way you will get best results.

There are three best practices and techniques for creating ad styles and these are proven to drive more clicks.

  • Contrast: To increase your revenue, you have to use and choose those colors, for your ad units, which stand out against the background of your website/blog. This Ad technique will be best and right fit for your ad units if you’re using a dark background for your website/blog.
  • Complement: With the help of this technique you can also increase your revenue. In this technique you have to choose those colors that are already present on your website/blog but don not matching with your site background and borders exactly where you have placed your ads.
  • Blend: For your ad units, to increase your revenue, use the similar colors for your borders and background as that of your page.
  1. Always Track Your AdSense Clicks

As best techniques and practices of Ads styles and placement will give you a good start but it would not always gives you best and positive results. Now to maximize your earnings, you have to understand that what works best for your website/blog audience, rather than blindly following ad placement best practices.

In order to track AdSense clicks, and understand the performance of every ad unit, you have to use MonsterInsights on your website/blog with Google Analytics.

With the help of MonsterInsights Ads tracking, you can determine that how many clicks each ad banner is receiving, where your site visitors paid more attention on your site and then remove the ad units that have low performance of click-through rate.

If you are unsure about how to use MonsterInsights to track Google AdSense clicks in Google

Analytics please click here.

  1. Use Plugin for Ads Management

There are several plugins for Ads Management with the help of which you will be able to easily manage your Google AdSense Ads. In order to easy organize and manage your Google AdSense ads, you can use AdSanity Plugin for this purpose. With the help of this AdSanity plugin, you can use and insert your ads into the right place, very easily and quickly.

With AdSanity Plugin, you can also group ads together by creating ad groups. You can also insert it into sidebars and post. AdSanity Plugin have several best features. With the help of AdSanity plugin you can set Expiration date for your ads, can have on-page & timely rotation for your ad groups. Similarly you can also check for ad block software and show a message to disable it.

  1. Use Google Custom Search Engine & Replace WordPress search with it.

You can also increase your site revenue with the help of Google custom search engine and replace your WordPress search with it. With the help of this technique Google not only provide a really great search engine for your website/blog, but you will also be able to display ads on the search results. You can use the eCPM on these ads as it is much higher than common banners because of the highly targeted nature of the eCPM ads.

We are confident that this post helped you a lot and you will have learnt about AdSense tips to increase your revenue. If there is your friend, family member or any other who are also interested to make money online and maximize it, just recommend our 5 Google AdSense Tips to maximize your earning.

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