5 Important things to Do Before Creating Your Gig

Probably you will have known that what is Fiverr and how it works? Fiverr is a platform that helps sellers and buyers to meet and agree on a project in which seller will provide their services while buyers will agree to pay in reward against the services of seller. There a lot of peoples who are using this platform and making money online. On Fiverr, buyers publish their projects in the form of online jobs and sellers are working on these projects at home and earning money online. In this article we are going to discuss 5 important things to do before creating your gig. But before you start making money online on Fiverr, it is necessary to create your gig on Fiverr. A little bit of background research and information is very important and necessary for before you are going to start any new work or business. This also applies on Fiverr gig. When you want to create a gig on Fiverr, it is very important to collect some information and do a little bit of background research. This will definitely help you to set up for a big success.

Our team members has written 5 important and basic planning steps before you create a gig on Fiverr. Now whether you are a newbie and creating a Fiverr gig for the first time, revising your already created gig or creating gig in a new category, our unique steps, given below, will help you a lot, and will set you on the right path and direction, to create a gig that will succeed.

  1. Read about Fiverr TORs:

Before you to go to create a gig on Fiverr, it is essential to read about the “Terms & Conditions”, also known as TORs of Fiverr. Most of the peoples just overlook reading the terms of conditions and services. As a result they loss big opportunity to become familiar with Fiverr rules. It is highly suggested to read about Fiverr Terms of services & conditions that applies. Just like other websites, Fiverr also established their terms of services and conditions for creating Gigs and to facilitate and serve the community.

Think like a Buyer:

Your gig on Fiverr should be beautiful, attractive and appealing that catch the eyes of potential buyers. Whenever you start creating gig on Fiverr, you have to think about creating your gig as liked and loved by the buyers. Your gig design should be unique and attractive for your buyers. While creating gig, you have to provide as much details as you can. In this way your buyers will didn’t feel any further confusion.

  1. Find the Right Niche:

It is very important to find the right niche for your gig on Fiverr. Niche is playing an important role in the success of your business in Fiverr. Remember that best gig ideas are small, scalable task that only take you a few minutes to complete. You have to draw the internal feelings which makes you more comfortable with doing a particular job. As a successful seller, it is required for you to break down your skill into further smaller segment of offering and start to sell from $5.00. Keep notice that $5.00 is the beginning price. If you are still ambiguous and unclear that what your Gig will be, you have to, ask the following questions, from yourself.

Is this service or action are scalable and could I will be able to deliver multiples of it in sets?

Does this service or action take me a few minutes, 5 to 15, to complete it?

Are there any additional services or components that could be built into this task?

Now, if your answers to all of the above questions is in “Yes”, then you have workable and practicable Fiverr Gig on your hands.

  1. Get ideas from other gigs:

Before you move to start creating a Gig on Fiverr, it is necessary to take a clear look at already Fiverr gigs that are similar to the one you are going to offer. When you do some research by looking at some successful gigs, created by other sellers, it will a sense and idea that what other sellers are offering in their gigs. You will also know about what the market is for your skill? This know how will help you a lot and you will understand what you will need to do to succeed.

After spending some time by conducting a small research, as proposed above, you will be able to know that are there many other gigs in your category selling already? You will also be able to distinguish yourself from other sellers. You will also take a benefit in the form of finding an opportunity to meet a need that hasn’t yet been met.

However, never be worried about if you see that there are already a large number of sellers offering the similar service to the one you have planned in your mind. Here, you have to brainstorm and try your best how you can distinguish from the rest of sellers in your category.

  1. Respect your value:

Once you have found the right niche for your gig and also did some research about gig idea, the next step is to display value for your services. While selling your services on Fiverr, it is very important to know & respect your value. Remember that on Fiverr, the service start at $5.00. Although it will be appealing and attractive to offer some promotions and also discount as well, in this way buyers will be attracted and the orders will start rolling in.

Remember to keep in mind that never offer your services and work for free to any buyers, because it is not a recommended method/approach and if you do so, you will lost your value. We therefore recommend you to set your potential buyer’s expectation and show them that your services can’t be obtained for free. It is very necessary that, as a seller, you have to know and respect your value and worth. While attracting your buyers, you should never compromise on your value.

  1. Establish a good working environment/work-space:

Before the orders starts coming in, from your buyers, you need to get organized in a good manner, this will help you a lot. You have to establish a procedure that for how you will you will complete orders is necessary. Think about the different aspects of your workflow/methodology. It is important to already plan about what time of day or how much time each week I will be able to give and spend on my Gigs? How can I set up a working environment/workspace and what kind of materials, like a laptop, internet connection having a good speed and other needed materials, do I need to work on my gigs?

Once you remember these 5 important things to do before creating your gig, there are more chances that you will get succeeded. And you will get more orders from your buyers. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends who need it.

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