About Us

Bismillah-e-rahman-e-rahim. From the name of Allah who is most kind full and most merciful.

“Welcome to Web & Blog’s Solutions”, the most largest and totally free resource site/blog for beginners and experts. The main aim of our creating this website is to provide helpful the peoples a platform from where they can learn and they become expert in webs and blogs problems they are facing. With the help of our unique content, in the form of text, graphics and tutorials, will help you to easily understand the subject and get success in their fields. Our content is beneficial not only for bloggers but also for small business and those website owners that are non-technical.

What You Learn Here?

At the platform of “Web & Blog’s Solutions” you will learn about,

  1. How to create a free blog/website on BlogSpot.
  2. How to customize your free BlogSpot blog/site.
  3. Which widgets you have to use on your free BlogSpot blog/site.
  4. Which template is suitable for your blog/site and why to use them.
  5. How to create a blog/website, using WordPress.
  6. How to customize your WordPress blog/website.
  7. What is WordPress plugin and which WordPress plugins should you have to pick for your site.
  8. Best practices to follow using WordPress.

Furthermore, if you have any other question in your mind about blogging, you are really at the right place. You can ask your questions, either in the form of comments or directly through our site, using the Contact Us option.

Somethings about owner…

I am Nadeem Khattak, and i’m the founder of Webandblogsolutions.

The story of Webandblogsolutions date backed in the year of 2009-2010, when i known about Google Blogger.  In April, 2009 i read an article in Express Newspaper about this free service from Google. From this article i got the idea and information that there are large number of peoples using this free service. I then decided to use this service and created a free blog on Google blogspot. I read more about its customization but there was a problem of coding. Unfortunately, this was and is a big problem for me.

In these years we continuously read out a large number of websites/blogs, but i reached to the point that the content available on  most of these web pages are written by developers, in technical and difficult language, for developers and experts peoples. Fortunately, in the year of 2018, i heard from one of my friend about WordPress and its local server. After that, We developed a team of expert to installed it and start working on it. In June, 2018 we decided to officially launch our site and 27 June, 2018 we launched it. Since then it live for the entire world and not it has become a popular free resource platform for everyone.

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At the end, we are hopeful that you will have liked our “About Us” page. If you get any useful content here, please share it on social media with your friends, colleagues and family members. In this way more peoples will be known about these tips and they will also become able to make money at their homes.