How to add branding watermark to YouTube videos

In past few days, our viewers are consistently asking that we are making and uploading videos to our YouTube channel but are unable to add branding watermark to YouTube videos. Most of them insisted to write an article about this issue in simple words. So today we have decided to meet their demand and write a few paragraphs about how to add branding watermark to YouTube videos. With the help of branding watermark to your videos you can inspire and encourage your YouTube channel’s viewers to subscribe to your channel. Usually this is in the form of a button and is also known as custom subscribe button.

Once you have added a watermark to your videos, your YouTube channel viewers will be able to directly subscribe to your channel, if they hover over the watermark when using YouTube on their desktop, laptop etc. With the help of this subscription button, when they subscribe to your YouTube channel, they will get notification whenever you post a new videos on your YouTube channel. A few simple steps are provided below, just follow the instructions and you will have done your job in a very few minutes.

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Add branding watermark to your videos

1st Step:

In the first step you have to sign in to YouTube Studio beta.

2nd Step:

Now you have to select setting from the left menu.

3rd Step:

In this step, you have to click and select Channel  >>> Branding

4th Step:

Now click on Choose image and choose which picture you would like to use as your branding watermark, in your videos.

5th Step:

In this step you have to select the display time for the branding watermark of your videos. Three options will be provided there and you have to select one of them.

  • End of video: If this option is selected, the branding watermark will be shown for the last 15 seconds of your video.
  • Custom start time: If this, custom start time, option is selected, the branding watermark will begin appearing at the time you have chooses. As its name indicate that this option will be according to your needs and requirements. And you can customize and provide the time and duration of time.
  • Entire video: If this, entire video, option is selected, the branding watermark will be shown throughout your whole video.

6th Step:

After you have completed the above given steps, finally you have click on the “Save changes” button. By doing so, all your setting will be saved.

How to use Creator Studio Classic option?

This is very simple and easy to use this option. Even, WordPress newbies can also do this.

Step # 1: First of all go the main page of YouTube and Sign in there.

Step #2: In the second step, you have to click on Account Icon >>> Creator Studio, now you will be at creator studio.

Step #3: In this step, in the left menu, you have to click on the select Channel >>> Branding.

Step #4: In the next step, just select/click on Add a watermark.

Step #5: This is the final step, and here you have to follow the instructions given there, to add a channel branding elements that will appear in all your uploaded videos across all devices.

What are Image recommendations/guidelines for YouTube Channel

The images principals and guidelines are very simple and even a newbies can also perform this action in a few minutes. If you want to upload an image, so it must be square, with a minimum of 150×150 pixels, and less than 1MB in size. It is highly recommended that, instead of any solid background, you should use a transparent background. It is also recommended that you should include only one color in the image. When these techniques are used, it will make and help your image less distracting, especially on mobiles and tablets that have relatively small screens.

Watermark Availability for videos

It is to be noted that currently the channel watermark is available in landscape view on computers and mobile devices. It is also not clickable on mobile devices. Similarly, the channel watermarks also don’t appear on custom YouTube chromeless players or Adobe Flash.

Where to get Branding watermark metrics?

If you want to get the metrics about your Branding watermark so just go to the Annotations report in YouTube Analytics. Here you will find your desired metrics report.

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