How to add end screens to your videos

Once you have completed all the requirements you can add end screens to your videos. With the help of end screen you will be able to promote some other videos, encouraging viewers to subscribe and like more. This end screen can be added to the last five (5) to twenty (20) seconds of your desired videos.

Important points to remember before adding end screen:

In the given lines we have provided a few basic requirements that must be met before you add an end screen to your videos.

  • The video that you are going to add an end screen must be at least 25 seconds long.
  • During the end screen, your other interactive elements, like card teasers and branding watermarks, are suppressed.
Steps involved to add an end screen to your videos:

The following steps are involved for adding the end screen to your YouTube videos.

Step # 1:

In the first step, you have to, open the Videos page in YouTube Studio beta and then select your desired video to which you want to add end screen.

Step # 2:

Select your desired video to which you want to add an end screen to.

Select Your Video


Step # 3:

In the second step, from the left menu, you have to click on Editor.

Step # 4:

Hold the left mouse and come down. And then click on the option of Add An End Screen.

add end screens to your videos

Step # 5:

When you click on the Add An End Screen option, another window will open, providing you different options to select one of them. As given in the screen shots below.

select end screen

Step # 6:

In the final step, just select Add an end screen and then click on the Apply option below.

Step # 7:

Click on the Save button to save all your changes.

click on save button

Simple instructions for creator Studio Classic:

The following instructions are provided for creator studio classic.

Step # 1:

First of all you will be needed to sign in to YouTube.

Step # 2:

Now in the second step, from the top right corner, just click on your account icon >>> Creator Studio.

Step # 3:

In this step, go to the left menu, and select Video Manager >>> Videos.

Step # 4:

In the fourth step, which is also very easy, for the video that you want to add the end screen to, click on the Edit option.

Step # 5:

Now, in the top tab bar, click on the End screen.

Step # 6:

In this step, you have to click on the Add element option. Here, you can add up to four elements, and keep in mind that one of them should must be a playlist or video.

Step # 7:

Finally you have to click Save option.

Once you clicked on the save option all yours setting and editing will be saved. After that, you can also preview the element by just by selecting Preview option, which is present on the top left of the player. Similarly, it you feel uncomfortable with your changes you can go back anytime and also edit and change the end screen and its elements.

Note: Also read about how to add thumbnails to videos.

How to customize the end screen of videos?

There are several bloggers or YouTubers that don’t know how to customize their end screen of their videos. They are asking questions that how we will be able to do that. Our answer to these questions is big Yes! Keep in mind that elements are the pieces of content that you can add to your end screen. And fortunately there are several ways to customize the elements in your end screen. For instance, you can add new elements, apply templates, edit individual elements, and change the timing of your elements. Even you can also decide that where yours desired elements should appear on your videos. So it means that you can customize your end screen of your videos according to your choice.

How to apply template to yours end screen videos?

Applying a template to your end screen videos is very easy and simple. Templates consist of groupings of elements that can be customized to create an end screen, to yours videos. During this process, when you select Add an end screen, you’ll be asked and prompted to choose a template. Similarly, you can easily customize elements in the template or even you can also remove the template later.

If you want to apply a new template to the end screens, you will be needed to select Menu >>> Apply template.

How to add new end screen elements to your videos

It is also very simple and you can easily add new end screen elements to your videos. Keep notice that you can add elements by two methods. The first one is by applying a template, or by selecting + Element, which is present, on the end screens row of the Editor.

Similarly, you can also add a new element just by clicking into an empty element bar on the end screen row. And your new elements will be added to your end screen row.

Can type of element be changed?

Yes! The type of element cab be changed. We have provided the following steps that should be followed in order to change the type of element. These are given below.

Step #1:

First of all, you have to select an element by just by clicking on it, which is present in the end screen row of the Editor.

Step # 2:

Find out the element type drop down menu.  This is available to the left side of your video.

Step # 3:

In this step, you have to select the element types that consist of:

  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Subscribe
  • Channel
  • Link (YouTube Partner Program)

Now, if you are going to select, the first option of, video element, you can then choose whether to show yours most recent uploads, YouTube’s best recommendation for the viewer, or a specific video. You can also add a customized message, if you want to select a channel element option.

Change your element timing

You can also change and edit the timing of your element. By using this option, you are able to choose when you’d like that your end screen elements to appear in your desired video. By default, we mean without any customization, the end screen elements will appear at the same time. However, you can edit and customize the individual elements to appear at different times, according to your own requirements.

Follow the following instructions to change the element timing.

Step # 1:

First of all, you have to select an element that you want to change its timing, just by clicking on it in the end screen row of the Editor.

Step # 2:

Now find the boxes that consist of end screen time. These will be present to the left of your video.

Step # 3:

Now, you can update the starting time or ending time of the element, according to your needs.

There is also another option to change the timing of your end screen element. The other option are the arrows. You can use these arrows to drag it on the end screen row of the Editor. Hope you will understand this whole process of changing the time of element.

How to Change element placement

You can also change the placement of element. To change the element placement, please follow the following two simple steps.

Step # 1:

First of all, select your desired element just by clicking on it in the end screen row of the Editor.

Step # 2:

Next, in the video player, you have to drag the element to your desired position.

One important tip is provided here about grid preview. If you want to show a grid preview, then click on the grid icon , provided there, in the player. By doing this, you will be able to show a grid over the video preview of your videos. There is also another option available and that is “Snap to grid” and “Snap to element” options. You can also select “Snap to grid” & “Snap to element” options for help placing your elements.

How to preview your video’s end screen

You may be interested and want to see that how your video’s end screen will looks like, while your video is playing. To see how yours end screen will looks like, while your uploaded video is playing, just select the play button , on the video player and you will see the new changes in your video. We are hopeful that after reading this article you will be able to add end screens to your videos. However, if you still facing any kind of hurdles/problems, please write a few words in the comments box below. We will try our best to contact you as soon as possible with best possible solution. If you like and found this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your friends, colleagues and family members, on social media.

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