How to add thumbnails to videos

In this post, today, you will learn how to add thumbnails to videos. It is very easy and simple and take less the five minutes to accomplish this task. But before going to our main topic, of how to add thumbnails to videos, it is necessary to know about what is thumbnails.

What is Videos Thumbnails?

In fact, video thumbnails let its viewers to see a quick picture, also called snapshot, of your videos, whenever they are browsing and searching videos on YouTube. You can also say that your thumbnail is the book cover of your online videos World. With the help of thumbnail millions of people judge images and videos on daily basis. It is, therefore, thumbnails are considered very important because in this visual age, thumbnails have the ability to either a good or bad impression. Once the uploading process has been completed, you can then select a thumbnail from the three options that YouTube give you. You can also upload your own thumbnail. With the help of this thumbnail that you upload or choose from the videos snapshots, your channel viewers will see a picture when they are searching and viewing videos on YouTube.

To add thumbnails on mobile, use the YouTube Studio app.

How to Add/change a thumbnail in Video?

Add or changing a thumbnail in video is really very simple and easy. It will take a few minutes. Just follow the instructions, provided below in a few simple and easy to understand steps, and you will do your task in a very few minutes.

Step # 1:

First of all, you will be required to, sign in to YouTube Studio beta.

Step # 2:

Now, in the next step, from the left menu, you will need to select Videos.

Step # 3:

In this step, you have to select a video just by clicking on its title or automatically generated thumbnails.

Step # 4:

In the fourth step, just choose any of the auto-generated thumbnail and then select Save.

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How to add a custom thumbnail to videos

If you want to upload your desired custom thumbnail to your videos, so you can do it. Custom thumbnail is the thumbnail or snapshot that you have designed by your own. Why the auto-generated thumbnails are developed or generated by YouTube automatically. Not every YouTube channel owner can upload their desired custom thumbnails to their videos.

If you are interested to upload custom thumbnails to your videos, you must have a verified account.

Add a Custom Thumbnail to New videos

If you want to add a custom thumbnail to your new videos, you can do it very easily. Just follow the simple instructions, and you will be done.

  1. First of all you have to record or upload your desired video.
  2. In the next step, you’ll see an option to select/choose a Custom thumbnail, which is present under the “Video thumbnails” section.

Add Custom Thumbnail to already Uploaded videos

If you want to add custom thumbnail to already uploaded videos, you can also do it very easily. To do this job, you have to follow the simple steps provided here.

Step# 1:

First of all, sign in to your YouTube Studio beta.

Step# 2:

In the next step, from the left menu, you have to select Videos.

Step # 3:

In the third step, just choose/select your desired video by clicking on its title or thumbnail, provided there.

Step# 4:

In the next step, under “Thumbnail”, select Custom thumbnail.

Step# 5:

Now, you have to choose your desired file that you’d like to use as your custom thumbnail.

Step# 6:

In the last step, you have to select Save option.

When you have successfully added your desired thumbnail, then hover over it, and click on More to    download or edit the thumbnail.

Some best practices about custom thumbnail

We are going to explain some best practices and techniques about custom thumbnail. When our instructions are followed, there is no doubt that, you will achieve your desired results.

Size & resolution of images

It is to be always kept in mind that your custom thumbnail image should be as large as possible. Your custom thumbnail image will be used as the preview image in the embedded player. It is, therefore, highly recommend that your custom thumbnails should meet the following criteria.

  • Your custom thumbnail image should have a resolution of 1280×720. Similarly, custom thumbnail minimum width should be of 640 pixels.
  • Your thumbnail should must be uploaded in image formats, including JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  • Your image for custom thumbnail should not exceeds above the 2MB limit.
  • It is also highly recommended that always try to use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it’s the most used in YouTube players and previews.
  • Similarly, try to use a 16:9 aspect ratio as it’s the most used in YouTube players and previews.

What are in the Thumbnail policies

The thumbnail policies of YouTube, for custom thumbnails, are very strict and must be followed by everyone. It is, therefore, highly recommended that all custom thumbnail images must follow their Community Guidelines. If you have selected a thumbnail that clearly shows sexually provocative or nudity, it will be considered hate speech. In the same way, portrays violence, or is considered harmful or dangerous and it may result in the rejection of your thumbnail and a strike on your YouTube account.

If you are repeatedly offenses this kind of practices, it may lead to the removal of your custom thumbnail privileges for 30 days and, and if you still continues, your account will be finally terminated. You can also read and Learn more about Community Guidelines strikes.

If any kind of strike is issued, you’ll automatically get an email and will see an alert in your Channel Settings the next time you log in to YouTube. For this purpose, to ride of this strike, you can appeal the strike if you think and sure that your thumbnails don’t violate any type of YouTube Community Guidelines. The YouTube team will review your appeal and if your appeal is approved and you haven’t already replaced the thumbnail, YouTube team may restore it.

Why are my custom thumbnails disabled?

Most of the peoples also asking question about why my custom thumbnails are disabled. But keeping in mind that YouTube may disable custom thumbnails for certain search results when they’re considered inappropriate for viewers.

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