Basic Considerations during Keyword Research

Today in this article we will discuss some basic considerations during keyword research process. The points that we are going to discuss are very important and crucial for successful keyword research. If you are running a business and want to make your first mark on the online marketplace, then we suggest that right keyword research process are very necessary and playing a key role in finding success in the arena.

In the below lines we have prepared and described a few points that must be taken into consideration. These points will really put you on the right and proper track. The points are given below,

Create list of important Keywords

First of all you have to create a list of initial and important keywords. Once you create list of these important keywords and keyphrases, it will really highlight you in the eyes of your target visitors. You can use this list of keyword and keyphrases to find the products and services you are offering to your target audience.

At the beginning, the list should consist of what you think your audience will use to look for that kind of products for services that your site can offer them. Now you have to think about the what, where, why, how and other types of questions that you assume your target audience may be using, while searching on search engines.

Update your keyword list with Keyword Research Tools

The next step is very important and that is you have update and modernize your keyword and keyphrase list with keyword research tools. There are several keyword research tools that you can use to update your keyword list. These keyword research tools can really help you to sort through your initial list of keyword and keyphrases in order to identify which phrase and keyword has a proper combination in terms of demand and relevance to search results.

Polish your list using Keyword Suggestions

Once you have created a streamline list of keywords and keyphrases, you can also more refine this list by using keyword suggestions tools. With the help of keyword research tools you can refine your keyword list by providing you with best insights on how your target audience add, arrange, or subtract key terms from keyword phrases when they are searching for somethings on search engines.

During refining process of your keyword list, you have to make it sure that your final list is not related to your site content but should actually and accurately describe what your content is all about.

How to Use Broad Keywords

It is very difficult to compete with your competitors while using broad keywords. A large number of users are using broad keywords when they are searching for somethings. But as you know that when you target your campaign using broad keywords and keyphrase so it will also put you facing a lot of competition.

Broad keywords will allows your ad to match the widest range of possible keyword searches that are still somewhat related to your keywords or keyphrases. With broad keywords, you can pick a word related to your business, and then attempts to discover other terms that search engines deem relevant to your ads.

You can divert a large number of traffic that may not be as targeted as you think about that, and as a result will not bring you any good results for your business. Remember that broad keywords are useful for those businesses who wants to targets their customers internationally. On the other hand, if you are running your business a limited area like a city or state, and adding these specific cities or place in conjunction with your keyword like “Beijing Buffet Restaurants” or “Desi Food restaurants in Karachi” can really bring you better and more targeted results.

If you are using more specific keywords and keyphrases, it will attract a lower search volume. However, these kind of searchers are the kind of leads that your blog or website should be attracting.

Use Your Keyword Research For Specific Services or Products

It is very necessary that you have to use your keyword research for your specific services or products that your business offer to your customers. Your business may be offering these products or services that will belongs to various categories. In this case, you have to perform different keyword research for each of these categories. You have to specifically target your services or products that your business offer.

This will be boring and tiring if you are running an e-commerce site that have several categories. But one point should be kept in mind that such type of targeting keyword phrases will give you better chances to divert more targeted traffic for the exact type of services or products in a specific category.

Use More Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords is one of the best source of diverting more traffic towards your site. As it has low-competition, therefore, there are more chances to be ranked higher with long-tail keywords. Furthermore, this kind of keyword usually don’t receive a lot of search traffic, but searchers who is doing a search by typing long-tail keywords are generally have a specific problem in mind that they need to be solved. Most SEO experts suggests that long-tail keywords should be last but not leas consideration when you are doing keyword research.

The logic behind this strategy is very clear and that is to target as many relevant long-tail keywords as possible in your content that will help you in steady stream of high quality targeted traffic to your site. As we have already explained in our previous articles that long-term keywords have specific intent to them, to identify long-tail keywords in your site niche you have to use more words to our root keywords. For long-tail keyword you can also use Yoast Suggest.

Now if you look at our above given example, “Beijing Buffet Restaurants”, it will become long-tail keyword if we add a few more words like “Best buffet restaurants in Beijing”. It is, therefore, most of SEO experts prefer to use long-tail keywords in their blog post to rank higher in search engine result pages (SERP).


In short, whatever methods you use, you should must consider long-tail keywords when doing keyword research for your business. And identifying right long-tail keyword will play a key role in the success of your business. Once again we strongly emphasis on the importance to put yourself in the shoes of your targeted audience and always to look through their eyes and thoughts. You have to think about from your audience point of view that how they choose words and use them when doing search for somethings. Keyword research is very important for every business and can help you in streamlining your search engine optimization campaign. Similarly, they can attract targeted and potential visitors that actually bring fruitful results.

Hope this article, about basic considerations during keyword research, will help you a lot. If you like this article, so don’t forget to share it on social media networks with your friends and colleagues.

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