8 Best Auto Blogging Plugins for WordPress

Blogging is a good profession, especially for those who don’t want to work in offices. But preparing content for a blog is a great challenge for blog owners. However, there are some tools available, in the form of WordPress plugins, which allows its users to automate this whole process. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss somethings about the best auto blogging plugins for WordPress.

With the help of WordPress auto blogging plugins, you will be able to get the latest content for your blog or website on regular basis. As every blogger wants to bring fresh and latest content for its blog to engage more users. This will also meet their users’ expectations when somethings new are published on their favorite sites. It is human beings nature, that we want something new in our life each and every time. The same is the process of blogging. The users also want and expect to read something new on a daily basis when they visit your blog or website.

Creating new and unique content on regular basis is a very tough job and always needs time, research, and too many efforts. We also know about several peoples, who are running and maintaining more than one website/blog in order to improve their earnings. But donating time to research, prepare, and publish unique and fresh content, on daily basis, is almost impossible for individuals.

We can present two types of solutions to this problem. The first one is to hire one or two freelancers to research and create unique content for your website. But this method will definitely involve an additional cost. And remember, a new blogger or even old blogger too cannot afford it, and therefore not feasible for everyone. Especially, it is not feasible for individual bloggers.

We also present another approach, which is to create fresh content on autopilot basis. Keep notice that auto-blogging is not a new idea. We know about some of the most popular blogs and websites that are adopting this approach and working on autopilot technique. With auto-blogging, they are earning a lot of money on regular basis.

Thanks to WordPress and WordPress auto blogging plugins which made this enable and practical for its users to fetch content from other sites via feeds. The auto blogging plugins for WordPress provide you very easy option to create auto blogging blog or website and publish the content from other sites on your own. There are some auto blogging plugins used for this technique. These plugins make you enable to get content from your desired sites via feed and publish it on your own blog or website.

Furthermore, with the help of these WordPress auto blogging plugins, your site or blog will remain updated with fresh and new content. These amazing WordPress plugins will help you to easily engage your visitors by offering them each and every day fresh content when they visit your site.

Best Auto Blogging Plugins for WordPress

Now in the below paragraphs, we are going to discuss the above mentioned Premium WordPress plugins.

WP Automatic Auto Blogging WordPress Plugin

WP Automatic is a premium WordPress plugin that is used for fetching content from other blogs and websites to your one. This plugin enables you to bring and publish high-quality and curated content to your site within a very short period of time.

WP Automatic WordPress plugin is compatible with all most every WordPress theme. It has a lot of great options and features. For instance, this plugin also offers you too much flexibility regarding how this plugin will find content. Furthermore, you can also select a specific content depending on your blog niche or keyword.

WP Robot Auto blog WordPress Plugin

WP Robot Auto is another useful auto blog WordPress plugin that can be used for auto-blogging. This WordPress plugin helps you to bring high quality and unique content from other sites to your site. Importing content from other sites to yours will just take a few minutes. And then your desired content would be published on your website.

WP Robot auto blogging WordPress Plugin is compatible with any kind of WordPress template. You nothing have to do more, just define the look and feel of your blog and you will be done. WP Robot plugin provides a lot of flexibility to its users, how the plugin will find the content. It also offers you the option to choose your desired content related to your niche or a keyword.

In addition to other features, it will also automatically insert your affiliate links from eBay, Amazon and other kinds of affiliate sources into your published posts. In short, WP Auto blog WordPress plugin will help you to earn money on autopilot basis.

WP RSS Aggregator Auto blogging WordPress Plugin

In this section, we are going to introduce you with another auto blogging plugin for WordPress. Yes! We are talking about WP RSS Aggregator, which is the most comprehensive, popular, useful, easy-to-use and effective RSS feed aggregator plugin for WordPress. It has more than 60,000+ active installations. This WordPress plugin will help you to show posts from multiple feed sources in order to keep your blog or website updated, fresh and bring new content on regular basis.

WP RSS Aggregator-auto blogging plugin for wordpress

Your site visitors need to find fresh and unique content all the time, and WP RSS Aggregator is here to meet your requirements. You can use this plugin for multiple purposes and thus helps you to create a niche platform according to your desire. With the help of this plugin, you can also create a News niche website where you can find posts/articles from different sites in just a single place.

Once installed, you’ll find a lot of customization options for arranging the feeds according to your requirements and choices. For instance, this auto blogging plugin for WordPress enables you to set the feed import time interval. Furthermore, it also gives the option to choose whether or not you want to show the feed source and date on your site.

Another good feature of this plugin is that you can also set the links to open in a new window in order to reduce the bounce rates. In simple words, WP RSS Aggregator is the best Auto blogging plugin for WordPress which enables you to easily and effectively import content from other sources. And thus providing you fresh and updated content in a single place.


The above-mentioned auto blogging plugins for WordPress are mostly useful for text-based blogging. However, if you are a video blogger, you may think that there should be a video auto blogging plugin to automatically import videos and publish it on your blog or website. Then we will present and introduce you with another best auto blogging WordPress plugin. Yes! We are talking about Youtubomatic plugin.

For video bloggers, Youtubomatic plugin is very helpful and useful. This unique plugin allows you to easily import posts from YouTube to your WordPress site/blog and from WordPress site to YouTube automatically. A good feature of this plugin is that it uses the Natice API of YouTube to automatically publish videos on your WordPress blog.

YouTubomatic is a complete plugin that offers a lot of great features to its users. One important feature is that you can easily search for videos by using its different parameters. Another great feature is that you can also import comments from your YouTube channel that will make it sure that your site is engaging more audience. This plugin is very useful for those who want to create a video site, and this auto blogging plugin for WordPress is here to help you a lot.

WPeMatico auto blogging WordPress plugin

WPeMatico is another very good auto blogging WordPress plugin. It has more than 20,000+ active installations. You can use it very easily.  By using this plugin, you can automatically create content from RSS/Atom feeds according to your choice. This plugin will make your auto-blogging very easy.

WPeMatico-auto blogging plugin for wordpress

WPeMatico plugin also offers a lot of great features for its users. For instance, it allows you to import feeds from multiple sources and then easily arrange the categories to make it user-friendly. This plugin has a very clean and attractive interface that can manage all feeds you want to import.


CyberSyn is really another great auto blogging plugin for WordPress which can help you in auto content generation. It has more than 10,000+ active installations. This plugin allows you to automatically import content from your RSS feed.

CyberSyn auto blogging plugin for wordpress

Furthermore, another good point of this plugin is that it will not only provide content in text format but also in video format. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to easily embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, IGN, Ustream.tv, and DailyMotion RSS feeds.


RSSImport is another very good auto blogging plugin for WordPress. It has more than 10,000+ active installtions. This is a very good choice for those auto-bloggers who are interested to show the feeds on their blog by using a PHP, shortcode or a widget. In order to avoid any kind of external libraries, RSSImport plugin is using only a standard WordPress functionality.

RSSImport-auto blogging plugin for wordpress

RSSImport plugin comes with a lot of great features for its users. For example, this auto blogging WordPress plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Similarly, it is also very useful and works very well on all browsers. Another good point of this plugin is that provides a lot of flexibility for customization of feed content.

In addition to other great features, this auto blogging plugin for WordPress can be very easily localized into various languages. One of the most important and great features of this plugin is that it is available for free of cost. Anyone who is running an auto blog can download it from the WordPress plugin directory.

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription

This is another very good auto blogging plugin for WordPress having more than 8000+ active installations. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription is a free plugin that you might be interested to check out. It is suitable for those auto bloggers who want to display a category-specific RSS feed. If you are publishing articles from various niches, then this is the great plugin you should use.

Category Specific RSs feed subscription-auto blogging wordpress plugin

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to display category specific RSS feed for all your categories. Instead of that, you can also configure up to eight different custom topic-specific RSS feeds. In short, it is really a good plugin for those site holders who want to publish posts from different sources and niches. And this plugin will really help you a lot.


In these days, we have seen and observed that auto blogging is a great tool and source of income for a lot of peoples. This is especially more popular in India than other countries. With auto blogging, you can easily drive traffic to your main site and thus will make more money on an autopilot basis.

Most of the peoples use auto blogging as technique or tactic. They simply create multiple sites and then use them to drive more traffic to their main website or store. Another advantage of auto blogging is that it needs very little effort for creating content. After you have set up a site and also set the sources from where you intend to grab content via feed, the remaining work will be done by the plugin itself.

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