Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Are you also looking for best SEO plugins for WordPress, if yes, then you are at the right place? In the last month we’re often asked about what are the best WordPress SEO plugins that we recommend. Our visitors also demanded for preparing a list of best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2020. On the demand of our loyal viewers, we have tried our best to include each and every plugin that can improve your site ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP). This list of SEO plugin will largely help your site performance and you will get better results in the form of showing your content in search results.

As you know that search engines are a major source of traffic for most websites on the internet. And when you optimize your website for search engines, it will help you rank higher in search results and significantly grow your business. In this blog post, we will show you the best WordPress SEO plugins that you should use for your WordPress website or blog.

WordPress plugin directory is full of a large number of free plugin. It is often easier to understand and install, and you can really choose from a wide range of SEO plugins with a lot of different features. These SEO plugins will show you SEO projection & recommendations on your page and post editors. Some of these SEO plugins are limited in their features, but they offer unique features such as options for checking broken links or minimizing the file sizes of images.

Important points to keep in mind about WordPress SEO Plugins

Whenever you start searching and reading about SEO tips, or “best free SEO plugins for WordPress” you’ll be presented with a large number of articles. These articles or blog posts will be equipped with several dozen tools related to that topic. However, if you are newbie, this can be really overwhelming for you.

The main reason behind that logic is that as you are non-techy user, so you do not need too much best SEO tools for higher ranking in search engines. As we have already told you in the above lines that on the internet you will find most blog posts, including ours, that will present you most of the popular SEO plugins. But you have to understand the use-cases of each and every plugin.

Let suppose you are looking for “best free WordPress SEO plugins” and we provide you a list of top SEO plugins that includes, Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Match and SEOPress. Now in this case you will be required to choose one SEO plugin for the list. If you want to use more than one SEO plugin, there’ll be plugin conflict arises and you have to avoid such type of plugin conflict.

With that said, let’s take a close look at our SEO expert choice of the best WordPress SEO plugins. To start of the list for best SEO plugins for WordPresss, we have provided table of content that we will cover in this blog post. We’ll talk about SEO plugins for WordPress in this whole article. We highly recommend scrolling through the more thorough reviews we’ve completed on the best SEO WordPress plugin options below.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is considered ad one of the best WordPress SEO plugin in the market. It is also considered as the king and main player in SEO industry. It has highest and an outstanding 5-star user rating at the time of this article. The rating almost reached to 16,750 and it continues to win the WordPress plugin world with more impressive updates. Yoast SEO offer a complete website optimization tool that will help you increase your search ranking. It also offer a beautiful interface and the most user-friendly option for making your blog posts and products pages more amazing and stand out.

Yoast SEO Plugin

The plugin will also show you exactly what your Google search engine result is going to look like. With the help of this plugin, you can also easily add the Meta description and title to all posts and pages on your website, in order to make it more attractive and appealing and keyword rich for users and search engines as well. Yoast SEO plugin will automatically generate an XML Sitemap for all your site content. This will make it very easy for search engines to crawl your website. In case of you using another WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast SEO will help you to import your SEO data.

Yoast SEO offer a lot of great features and options. This WordPress SEO plugin can also help you to add Open Graph Metadata and social media images to your articles. In addition to its services and features, Yoast SEO website comes with premium support options, a prosperous community in the forum section, a very useful informative blog to learn more about SEO. The website also offer SEO courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced users as well. You can access the premium services by visiting the official website of Yoast SEO.

The Yoast SEO premium version offer more advanced features such as keyword optimization for five keywords on a page. It will also show preview that how your page will look like on Twitter & Facebook. The premium version will also give you internal link suggestions for sending users to other locations on your website.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is another one of the best SEO WordPress plugin for ranking your site higher in search engine result pages (SERP). It is also considered a very popular WordPress SEO plugin that offer a more comprehensive set of tools for improving your site ranking. It has several features and functions that are similar to that of Yoast SEO plugin. However, it is just a little more customizable and offer few extra features to its users. With the help of this plugin you will be able to edit your .htaccess file without FTP. All in One SEO Pack plugin will also enable you to block “bad bots” including referral spam.

All in One SEO Pack

Apart from the above mentioned features, this SEO plugin also offer other great features like edit your robot.txt file with a user-friendly interface and adding site-links search box markup to your website. Similarly it will allow you to easily add SEO title and Meta tags, open graph meta tags, XML sitemaps, image sitemaps and auto-generate Meta decryptions for your content and.

If you are running an online store, it will help you to optimize your store for SEO purposes because it works out of box with WooCommerce. This SEO plugin has a very easy setup that will allows you to easily control access to different settings using a feature manager. If you want to get the full features of this plugin you have to make payment for the All in One SEO Pack Pro plugin. The pro version of this plugin will give you more access to more add-ons. Thus we suggest that this one is more affordable SEO solution as compared to Yoast SEO. That is why it is considered the second most popular WordPress SEO plugin in the market. It is to be kept in mind that “All in One SEO Pack” is a Yoast SEO alternative, and you have to use only one WordPress SEO plugin on your site. Keeping two or more SEO plugin will then result in debugging and SEO issues for your site.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is another best SEO WordPress plugin. This plugin offer a lot of features for its users who want and looking for a fast, lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress without any ads or upsells. The SEO Framework is considered as one of the greatest and best alternative to Yoast SEO and that has much to do with the visual nature of the SEO ratings – along with more flexible options for targeting keywords.

This plugin is more helpful for those who are more concerned about keeping their blogs or websites speeds high and spending less time with complicated SEO blog posts. The post SEO settings of this plugin are controlled with a few tabs, one of which uses a colored scale to show exactly how close you are to make your post search engine – ready. The SEO Framework interface is perfect for beginners.

The SEO Framework plugin is all-inclusive, and this plugin offers more advanced functionality with the help of extensions. The API of this plugin is also useful for advanced users to get their hands dirty. The plugin also offer support for local SEO, article enhancement, monitoring for SEO and uptime, redirects and comments catching for spammers. The SEO Framework also has local SEO extension for companies that need to set up and display important local business information. This SEO plugin offer a lot of great features but the visual, colored meter/scale provides a more user-friendly way in order to check that your post is performing well on Google or not.

Another good feature of this plugin is that most of SEO settings are preconfigured so that there is very littler to set up after installation of plugin. A unique feature of SEO Framework plugin is that other SEO plugins utilize a focus keyword, but the SEO Framework focuses on the focus subject for encouraging more natural writing.


SEOPress is another most popular and powerful WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin offer a lot of great features that you expect form a SEO plugin. The features consist of Meta title, Meta description, image and content XML sitemaps, HTML sitemap, open graph support, redirects and much more. The SEOPress plugin consist of very easy setup for beginners. If you are more advanced in using SEO plugin, then it also offer support for you and will provide more control for using this plugin.

After top WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack, this WordPress SEO plugin is considered as most powerful tool, for ranking your site higher in search engine result pages. It is completely white labeled with no footprints even in the free version too. SEOPress is very powerful, fast, simple, letting you to manage all your titles and Meta descriptions for posts/pages/post types/terms.

This plugin offer so many great SEO features that you can compare with other plugins in terms of SEO features and ease of use. Most WordPress users give preference and choose SEOPress over Yoast SEO. The main reason is that the premium version of this plugin is very cheap and provide a lot of the similar features like that of Yoast and All in One SEO Pack plugins. It will also track your visitors with Google Analytics (with RGPD compatibility), and optimize tags in order to share your content on social media networks.

The free version of SEOPress also provides content analysis that will help webmasters to create and write better SEO optimized content. If you want to extend its functionalities, then you have to go for the premium version that will offer more advanced features like Local SEO, Video & Google News XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs optimized for SEO and accessibility, extent support for WooCommerce businesses, redirections and 404 monitoring, Google analytics stats in your WordPress dashboard.

Rank Math

Rank Math is perhaps another most useful and powerful WordPress SEO plugin in the market. In fact, it is one of the fast growing user-friendly best SEO plugin for WordPress in 2020. Rank Math SEO is the Swiss army knife of SEO tools for WordPress blogs and websites. This plugin will lets you optimize your site for most popular search engines, like Google and Bing, and social media networks. There is very easy setup wizard that will guide you through the complete installation process. The setup wizard that will allows you to import your SEO data from other WordPress SEO plugins during the setup process.

Rank Math provides each and everything that you need for taking full control of your on-page SEO. This plugin provides a combination of great feature of multiple SEO plugins you might be using on your WordPress website for ranking higher in search results. Thus it brings multiple features into one and easy-to-manage plugin which is very light weighted.

Rank Match SEO plugin also allows you to easily add Meta title, Meta description and Open Graph Metadata to your website posts. With the help of this plugin you can connect to Google Search Console, generate an XML sitemap and control access to plugin features that are based on user roles.

In addition to the above mentioned features, Rank Math also allows you to easily manage the on-page SEO of your blog posts, pages, products or any other kind of categorizations. With the help of this SEO plugin, you will be able to easily control the nofollow/noindex/noarchive Meta tags of all taxonomies in general and individual posts and pages in particular.

Just like other SEO WordPress Plugins, Rank Math also integrate with Google Search Console in order to bring important information right inside your WordPress dashboard. Once you download, install and activate this plugin, you will see all essential information from Google Search Console at one glance. These information will consist of how many search impression your blog or website is getting, what keywords you are ranking for, what are the main errors that Google sees in your blog or website and like more.

In addition to that, this WordPress SEO plugin also comes with 404 monitor, redirections, Local SEO, Automated Image SEO and Rich Snippet. Rank Math SEO plugin also offer another great features that most of top SEO plugins lacks and that is Internal Link Building Recommendations. This is one of the unique and amazing features. Remember that internal link building recommendation feature is available in premium version of Yoast SEO, but Rank Math provide this feature for free.

SEO Squirrly

When talking about best SEO plugins for WordPress, then SEO Squirrly cannot be skipped and ignored in this list. It is another good option for those who are not too much familiar with Search Engine Optimization. Without any complications in its elements, SEO Squirrly offer a complete SEO suite for its users.

The SEO recommendations of SEO Squirrly is different than the other SEO plugins that we have mentioned above. The SEO features of this plugin is very unique, for example when you start typing in your desired blog post on some topic, the desired keyword is also punched in so than when you continue to write your content, you will see that a series of green lights is activated in real-time.

This SEO WordPress plugin comes with great features that distinguish SEO Squirrly from other WordPress plugin and make it a great choice for its users. In addition to the already outlined features, we are providing some more unique features of this plugin. For instance, this plugin will do keyword optimization for you when you are writing your blog post. When you compare this feature with Yoast, so you’ll find it easier, as in case of Yoast SEO plugin, mostly you save your article in order to see suggestions and results.

Another good feature of this plugin is that will don’t disturb your SEO data. For example, in case you want to replace an already installed another SEO plugin with Squirrly, so this plugin will still keep all the settings, as it is, of your previous installed SEO plugin setup. Another feature of this SEO plugin is that it will provide you progress monitoring reports every week. With this progress report, it will also send you a very solid tool that will help to show you latest tweets about your niche. In this way you will get be more inspired from other contents and you will try to improve your site content.

Similarly SEO Squirrly plugin consist of content reports, and these reports can be send to other peoples that are working in with your organization. Let suppose, a writer may require to learn more about SEO, in this case you can send the content reports to them when they write an article.

Broken Link Checker

Another very good SEO plugin in our list is Broken Link Checker. Broken links are those links that are showing you 404 error when you click on them. They can severely affect your blog or website SEO ranking. Similarly, they can also create very bad impression and experience for your site users. If you are a blogger and running your blog for some time then you have to frequently check your site for broken links and also try to fix them on time.

You can use several broken links checker tools for this purpose. For instance, you can also use WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin to scan and check your broken links in your site. This is a free WordPress plugin that will help you in finding broken links on your blog or website. Once you identify broken links with the help of this plugin, you can also fix those links without even editing your whole blog post.

It is really a useful plugin and a good tool for checking broken links on your site. It completely free plugin and you can download, install and activate on your site without paying any penny. However, there is only one downside of this plugin and that is it can slow down your WordPress hosing server. And it is the main reason that some of the hosting companies like “WP Engine” have already blocked Broken Link Checker.

If you have too much content in your site, Broken Link Checker plugin can slow down your site and that is why we recommend to use external broken link checker tools like Ahrefs. The Ahrefs tool will help you to find out the broken links, and thus it helps you to make it sure that your blog or website is always fast.

To avoid the bad impression for your site users, we also recommend you to use Redirection plugin. It is also a free plugin and will help you to redirect broken links to a useful and appropriate page on your site. With the help of this plugin your site users will stay on your site and they will do not experience 404 error or other such kind of errors.

Also website and blog owners have to keep it in mind that SEO is not only about that you will write a large number of posts and create amazing and attractive pages populated with keywords. Also remember that SEO is also not only about that you will make your site content unique and readable for your viewers. For improving your site SEO you have regularly go through your site and remove any broken links from there.

When Google detect any type of broken link that leads to 404 page, it sees that blog or website as a less than desirable user experience. And once your site’s users face such type of experiences, then they will have no interest in landing on your site empty pages. After installing and activating the Broken Link Checker plugin, will deeply scan your site for broken links. And once you correct the list of broken links, the list will be empty. Now Google will treat with your site well and will see that your site is maintained quietly well mannered.

Rel NoFollow Checkbox

Another WordPress plugin that we have included in our best WordPress SEO plugin list is Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin. It is very lightweight plugin and does not affect your site speed. Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin provides you an opportunity for boosting your site SEO even without spending too much time shifting through HTML. In case of HTML method, first of all you will need to find out the links and then add a litter codes to them. However, if you are running your site on WordPress and installed Rel NoFoolow Checkbox plugin then you will do not need do all of it, because this plugin makes the whole process very easier for non-coders.

In addition to the above outlined features, another good feature is that it does not too much time in its installation. It takes hardly one to two minutes, and also there are no any kind settings that you will be required to configure. In simple words, we can say that this plugin will do all for you that you can’t do manually if you are non-coder. By using this plugin, you can easily and quickly go through the guest posts written by guest writers or articles written by your permanent or freelance writers, in order to make it sure that they are not trying to promote and market certain companies or products without your prior permission.

It very important to note that when you are giving links to other website’s posts or pages, you have to realize that those site links are valuable and somethings to Google. Most popular search engines wants to know about the quality of your external and internal links. The links that you give to other links from your site and the links that you give inside of your site or other site give links to your site posts or pages and that are going back to yours site.

It is the main reason that Google and other search engines give more value to internal and external links. Let suppose you have a large number of links, say hundreds of links, which are going and leading to other Spammy Sites, so Google will see this as irrelevant, manipulative, useless and unhelpful behavior and activity for users. To avoid such types of activities, Rel NoFollow Checkbox is plugin is very useful and perfect choice for those who have affiliate links in their sites.

Once you download and install this plugin, you can add “relnofollow” attributes to all your external links. By doing this, you are making it sure that your site links are not hurting your ranking. By doing so, your site links does not influence the ranking of the external site. In a few words, it scares away advertisers who give more value to those links for ranking purpose. Furthermore, we advise this plugin to affiliate marketers because it is really a great and perfect choice for them.

For affiliate marketers, we also suggest to check out a free WordPress link shortner plugin, called Pretty Links. It also very useful for affiliate marketing, as it can automatically add the nofollow attribute to your site links.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snppets is another best SEO plugin for WordPress users. This plugin is often used for the result of eCommerce product page and also blog post reviews. The good news is that Google like rich snippets because they are not all that intrusive. This plugin is able to expose valuable information to the users.

With the help of this you can make your blog or website stand out in search engine result pages (SERP) by showing stare rating below a review. This plugin also allows you to show prices below the concerned product, videos or images next to content description and like more. In order to get such types of information, most search engines use the data available in schema format. With the help of this plugin you can easily optimize your site content data by adding that schema metadata to your blog or website.

It is to be kept in mind that WordPress doesn’t offer any type of built-in-feature or method for offering up rich snippets. However, you can use the All in One Schema Rich Snippet plugin for this purpose because this plugin can do this work for you. This plugin cut down yours site search engine results to the most necessary and key elements. By using this plugin users will be able to see each and everything from photos, star ratings and author avatars.

Apart from the above outlined features of this plugin that make it a very good choice for its users, below are some other great features. With the help of this plugin you can optimize several types of content like peoples, products, events, reviews, recipes and videos and so on. For example, a baby suite might have a star rating, number of reviews and also a photo of the suite. Most of search engines, including Google always tries that its search results should be provided in more visual structure for its users. Google and its users, both, like the same results in the same visual structured format. We also suggest to use lightweight Schema WordPress plugin, if you do not have reviews on your site.


If you are looking for best SEO WordPress plugin, then WordLift is another good choice for you. One of the best feature of this plugin is that it uses AI to provide more advanced SEO services for marketers and content editors. With the help of this plugin you will be able to easily organize your site content while automating structured data markup. WordLift SEO plugin helps to improve the content findability by providing internal links features, recommendation widgets and semantic-rich metadata.

Different premium plans are available in this SEO plugin. The first one starts at $65/months. After downloading and installation of this plugin you will also be able to translate your blog posts and pages into machine-friendly content. The search crawlers, Chatbots and Personal digital assistants such Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri can use this content for increasing your site organic traffic. This SEO plugin is compatible with Google Analytics and also integrate with that plugin.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is another WordPress SEO plugin for getting higher in search ranking. As you know that SEO is not only about content optimization, site speed is also a major factor in search ranking. It is, therefore, very important that you have to keep a close eye to monitor your site speed and performance and you have to make it sure that your site speed is not affect your SEO.

One of the best way to increase your site speed is to enable caching. And WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress caching plugin and choice for WordPress-built websites. This plugin is considered one of the best caching plugin in the market which help and allows you to set up catching without going into more technicalities. We also present an alternative for WP Rocket which is WP Super Cache.


MonsterInsights is another good choice and best SEO plugin for WordPress. Most of the newbies depends on their best guess for making their marketing decisions. If you are also one of them, you don’t need to do that when you can get all the insights that you need to improve your site SEO strategy.

To get all the insights at one place, MonsterInsights is one of the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress-powered websites. By using this plugin you can very easily install Google Analytics in WordPress and display all the necessary reports inside your WordPress dashboard. Once you install and activate this plugin, it will provide all the reports that where your site users are coming from, your most popular content, what users are doing on your site and more suck type of information.

If you are running a WooCommerce site, it will also track your WooCommerce SEO data. It will allows you to know about which products are most popular and where you are losing your customers.


Un-optimized and large size images can also affect your site SEO ranking. For this purpose we recommend to use Shortpixel plugin. This plugin will compress and optimize your images that you have user in different post throughout the website. Probably you may have noticed that when you visit a site, the images on that site will take more loading time. Same is the case with your site, because images are usually the slowest files and take too much time as compared to other content.

Well-optimized and compressed images have positive effects on page speed. As of 2010, this is also another good ranking factor. Shortpixel plugin is very easy in its usage. All you need to do is to just download, install and activate this plugin. After that choose your settings and then it will automatically optimize and serve any images that you upload next time in your future content.

There are three different types of compression options available, like lossy, glossy and lossless. This plugin works with JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF documents. For existing images, that you have already uploaded images into your site, there is a bulk image optimizer option. You can compress and optimize that images by running it and it will optimize all images already on your site in line with your settings.

With the help of Shortpixel you can get 100 free credits on monthly basis. One of the best alternative for this plugin is EWWW Image Optimizer, which is completely free of cost.

Easy Table of Content Plugin

Easy Table of Content is yet another best SEO plugin for WordPress. Table of content can help to understand your whole content easily. That’s why Google recommends to break long pieces of content into more logical parts with associated on page anchors. While preparing your content you have to make sure that long, multi-topic pages of your website are separated into distinct more logical and well-structured sections.

While preparing table of content of your site, you also have to make it sure that each section has an associated anchor with a more descriptive name. Breaking your site long content into sections, like section 1.1, 1.2, or 2.1 and 2.2, will not work well. You have to make sure that your site page consist of a “table of contents” which links to the individual anchors.

However, if you install and activate this Table of Content plugin, it will add a table of content to your site posts and pages for easy navigation. And that is what this plugin does. This plugin allows you to make long pages less overwhelming, and create a positive impression and effects on SEO. As a result, it will improve time on page, bounce rate and dwell time.

Table of Content plugin is very easy to customize and you can choose where it gets inserted, the types of headers, like H2, H3, etc., to be included in the anchors. You can also choose different options like whether it appears on some of the pages of your site or on all pages of your site.


Redirection is another best WordPress SEO plugin that will help you to improve your site ranking. This simple WordPress plugin can be used to implement 301 redirects. It is suitable for bother advanced users and newbies as well. Both of them can use it, because it is very simple in its usage. By using this plugin, you have to enter the source URL and also target URL and after that click on the “Add Redirect” option.

This plugin also provide support for 3XX redirects.

Furthermore, there is also support for 4XX codes.

If you are more advanced user, the plugin also provides support for using regex matching for redirects, ignore URL parameters, ignoring trailing slashes and so forth. But one of the best feature of this plugin is that you can use if free of cost and. Redirect plugin has no premium version and it is 100% free.


HREFLANG Tags Lite is another best WordPress SEO plugin used for improving site ranking. In fact, Hreflang is an HTML attribute which is mainly used for specifying geographical targeting and the language of a webpage. If you have more than one version of the same webpage, and let support it is in different languages, you can use the Hreflang tag in order to tell the search engines such Google about these types of variations. And it will helps them to serve the most right version to their users.

Its installation and usage is very easy and simple. All you need is to install this plugin, and after that use the drop-down menu options to add translated URLs to your desired page or post.

From the screen shots, you can easily see that you can also use this plugin to set X-Default tags. But on the other hand, if you have large site, so this is not effective and efficient method to add Hreflang Tags. It is because, this plugin works well for smaller sites and blogs that have small amount of translated content.

Although this WordPress plugin has low review, due to some reasons, but still it is used on some popular sites like ahrefs blog. And according to these popular sites, this plugin works well and fin on their sites. However, if your site is larger and you are looking for somethings that are more powerful plugin, you should try Polylang WordPress plugin.

a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load is a simple plugin and good choice for increasing the slower-loading of images. It is very suitable for fastening the loading speed of images. You have to just download, install and activate this plugin. After that the images that are outside the viewpoint, visible area on yours device screen, won’t get loaded until they become visible up scrolling.

Site loading speed is an important factor from the SEO point of view. And a3 Lazy Load plugin helps you to improve your page speed, which is a vital factor in this case. All you need to do is just install and activate this plugin. However, this plugin also allows you to exclude certain site pages from slow-loading images. You can do all this in the setting of this plugin.

In addition to excluding certain types of pages, you also have the option to exclude certain images from slow-loading. For instance, you exclude images in content, images in widgets, images in posts, images in thumbnails and images in Gravatars.

WP Super Cache

Caching is playing a very important and critical role in the fast loading of your website. If you looking for that your site speed be as fast as possible, then you have to use and implement this strategy. To get as fast as possible, we recommend to install WP Super Cache, which is another best WordPress SEO plugin, on your site.

Usually, each and every time an internet browser requests a web page, the server has to do a group of complex and complicated calculation. During calculations, the server saves the latest site posts, generates the header and footer, find out your site sidebar widgets and much more. However, in most cases, the result of these calculations will be quietly the same as of prior calculations.

However, wouldn’t it be great, then, if we could make the server remember the final results, instead of processing each request separately? And this is exactly what the caching plugin does! The main function of WP Super Cache is to create static HTML versions of all the dynamic content on your blog or website. After that, this plugin serves those webpages to visitors instead of the lazy-loading dynamic versions. The final results of this whole process is the same, however, webpages are served faster. Most SEO expert consider it as a win-win situation. Enabling the basic caching functionality, for most of the users, is enough and works well.

Once you install and activate this plugin you will find it more simple and easy. This plugin works well for both, newbies & more advances users. If you are more technical user, this plugin provides you more advances settings. For instance, you can disable caching for visitors who have cookies set.

One important point should be kept in mind that when you are using a caching plugin, such as this one, you should clear the cache whenever you bring some changes in your blog or website. If you don’t do that, it won’t be shown for visitors right away.

Important Note: You should use only one Cache WordPress plugin on your site. Otherwise there would plugin conflict created that may affect your site SEO ranking.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

SEO is not only about creating best content or sharing your content on social media to bring more visitors. It is also about site speed and that is why Google has made it very clear that site speed is an important and huge ranking factor that should must be considered. Most search engines like Google, Bing and others give more preference to those sites that satisfy the searcher’s query while providing a good user-experience through their useful content.

You should never overlook about somethings like that. For improving your site speed, W3 Total Cache is another best WordPress SEO plugin that you should use on your site. This plugin play an important role in improving your site speed through caching, minifying and CDN integrations. In this way you will really minimize download times.

Most SEO expert consider it as another best plugin for increasing site speed. If you are thinking about site speed, then W3 Total Cache is your best choice, which can really impact your search engine ranking. First of all you have to check your site speed through Google Side Speed Checker. If the results displayed there are not good, then it is clear that you are not good in this area. Now it is the good time to consider the benefits of this W3 Total Cache plugin.

Once you install and activate this plugin, it will not only improve your site speed but also the overall user experience. There is a very long list of its users, which consist of some big names like Mashable and AT & T and more. Now you will be cleared that you are not alone, and you have selected a good company.

Apart from the above outlined features, this plugin also announces a very bold claim. According to this plugin, there are also some other great features that you should know about. For example, once fully and rightly configured, it will provide ten times improvements in the overall site performance. You can also check your site performance in YSlow or via Google Page Speed checking tool.


Autoptimize is also another best WordPress SEO plugin that can boost your site’s speed & traffic. This plugin minimizes, compresses and cache scripts and styles, e.g. Javascript, CSS, HTML, and like more. It is really a good plugin that helps you to speed up your blog or site.

Autoptimize WordPress plugin comes with too many great features. For example, this plugin integrates with Shortpixel in order to optimize & convert images to Webp format. After that the images are then cached & served from Shortpixel’s global CDN for making things much faster. This feature is totally optional and you go for it by selecting the checkbox in the setting panel. From the setting, this feature can enabled.

Apart from other good features, there is also lazy-loading functionality built-in. Another option is also there which can be used to optimize how Google Fonts are loaded. For instance, the first option is to leave as it is, the second option is that you can remove Google Fonts. The 3rd, 4th and 5th options are also provided there for different functionalities.

Really Simple SSL

If you want to boost your site’s search engine optimization, Really Simple SSL is another important and good choice for you. Google give more value to HTTPS ranking factor. Google highly recommend that every website or blog should have SSL in 2020, it is therefore very important and crucial.

If you install the SSL certificate in your site, so it is not all you need to do. It is also important and needed to permanently redirect the HTTP version of your site to the HTTPS version. And Really Simple SSL plugin makes this very simply and very well for you. All you need to do is to install this plugin and then check the box in the settings. LetsEncrypt offers SSL certificate for free. In addition, they also offer a lot of hosts support for this initiative.

Really Simple SSL plugin also helps you to fix the mixed content on your site. Mixed content means when both type of content, secure and unsecure content is loaded on SSL, on your blog or website. In fact, mixed content is a common problem when you are making the switch. Finally again we would like to suggest you that all you have to do is to check a box.

With this plugin, you can also enable 301 .htaccess redirect and also you have the option to enable or disable WordPress 301 redirection to SSL. Really Simple SSL plugin helps you to solve most of your issues that are arising when you are moving from HTTP to HTTPS. However, it is not always a perfect for you. You can also use another good option and that is worth using tool like Ahref’s Site Audit. With the help of this tool, you can easily check your site for any missing SSL-related issues.

A good point is that you can also use this tool even after installing and configuring this WordPress plugin. This will help you to uncover the main issues like HTTP to HTTPS canonicals, HTTPS to HTTP redirects and also internal links to HTTP pages.


Anti-spam is another good option that allows you to filter spam comments without requiring a captcha. Usually spam comments don not cause serious SEO issues as long as the links in your comments section are nofollowed. According to Google statement, spam comments are harmful in several ways because they might remove or demote pages overrun with user-generated spam in order to protect the quality of search results.

This shows that spam comments can severely damage your blog or website’s SEO even if they are nofollowed. However, with the help of Anti-spam WordPress plugin, you can easily avoid spam comments. All you need to do is to just install this plugin and you are don. The rest of work will be done by this Anti-spam plugin.

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Which is the Best SEO plugin for WordPress that you like most?

We hope this article helped you in finding the best WordPress SEO plugins for your site. At the start, for most of blogger beginners SEO will seems to be very complicated and boring. This is because most of newbies have no idea about the right SEO tools for your site. However, after doing some research on the internet you will find the best WordPress SEO plugins. You will also learn how to use those plugins, how to do keyword planning, competitor analysis and much more.

In this list we have tried to cover the most popular and best SEO plugin for WordPress powered websites. At Webandblogsolutions, we are using Yoast SEO plugin, Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs for our SEO purpose. As we stated above that in the list we have included all important SEO plugins for WordPress powered blogs and websites. However, if you are still unclear and still have any questions regarding best SEO plugins for WordPress, feel free to write a few words in the comment section below!

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