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Important Instructions For: How to Install Blogger Template

CB Free Blogger Template is very beautiful and attractive theme. The developer has used latest and advance technology in the development of this template. It is, therefore, considered one of the best themes that is particularly designed for Writers. This CB Free Blogger Template is suitable for Technology, News and Magazine blogs or websites.  If you are also running a blog or website and publishing and sharing contents  about technology, magazine and newspapers, so CB Free Blogger Template we suggest you to use this theme. Once you download and install it, you can customize it according to your own requirements. If you are new to blogger and don’t have HTML, CSS and XML coding skills don’t worry about it, because this theme will do it for you.  But if you are familiar to HTML, CSS and XML coding skill, then you can add more styles and can make your blog or website more attractive for your blog or website readers.

CB Free Blogger Template is very responsive and developed to tailor your need and the expectations of your blog or website readers. This template consists of many advanced features and it is professionally developed and designed for more professional users. If you visit the demo site of this CB Free blogger template you will note that it has a very simple design look, but in addition it is more effective too. In addition to other great features it has a very fast and superb loading speed. As you know that fast loading speed of blog is play an important role in Google ranking. Therefore, if you use this theme, it will rank your blog or website higher in search engines and as a result more traffic will be attracted towards your blog or website due to the superb high loading speed and SEO optimized design.

CB Free blogger templates also give you the opportunity and providing space for ads. In this way you can increase your revenue. You can keep ads in the header portion and also on the side bar area. If you put ads in the header area it will give you higher income as compared to side bar area. But you also have the option to put your ads on both in the header area and on the side bar as well.  As there different ads networks, like Google AdSene, affiliate marketing networks and like more, that provides the opportunities to put ads on your blog or website and you will earn money from it. Another great benefit of using CB blogger template is that it also provides already installed social icons, by which you can share your blog or website on social media and divert more traffic from there. You just need to enter the link of your social media accounts and it will be automatically linked there.

In short, if you are new to blogging world, you can easily customize your blog or website and can bring your desired changes in it. The layout setting of this template is so simple that even a normal person can do it very easily. In case, you have some HTML or CSS coding knowledge then you can add some extra styling features and make your blog more beautiful and attractive. Similarly if have HTML skill, then you will be able add extra features in your template and make it according to your requirements.


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