Common Blogging Mistakes That Must be Avoided in 2020

Today in this article we are going to discuss about the most common blogging mistakes that must be avoided in 2020. These mistakes have long-lasting consequences on your search engine optimization. We will touch and discuss each and every blogging mistakes one-by-one. Once you fix it, you will be able to get higher ranking in Google and other popular search engines.

common blogging mistakes

Niche Mistake

Choosing irrelevant niche for your blog is one of the most common blogging mistake that you should avoid. Blog niche is playing an important role in the success of a blog. Before you go to start blogging, it is very necessary that you have to decide about which topic/niche you want to write about. When you want to start a work, you have to think about it, to do that or not. However, most of the blogger in blogging field, start their blogging just by looking at someone else blogs.

I have started blogging from 2009, and since 2009, I have seen a lot of peoples in blogging who had just copied and pasted content, on their blog or websites, from other blogs and websites. And after few months, when I revisited that sites, I saw that they are posting articles on other topics. Such kind of practice is totally irrelevant and going against the Google SEO rules.
When you continue such practices, Google will really get confused about your site content. Google will not be in the position to understand which topic your blog or website about is. Furthermore, Google and other search engines will also be confused that which type of users your content should reach. Now think yourself, if Google itself confused about your topic and your target users, then how it will suggest your content to other peoples.

Webandblogsolutions, therefore, suggest you to choose and use that niche/topic about which you have a lot of knowledge and information. If you have more information about a specific topic/niche, you will be in better positon to write well and share your knowledge with other peoples who are search for that topic. As a result, you will be ranked higher in search engine result pages.

Irrelevant Platform

Choosing irrelevant platform is another common blogging mistake that must be avoided in 2020. A platform also matter a lot for the success of a blog or website. And Webandblogsolutions always suggest you to choose a best platform for creating your blog or website. The reason is that a good platform will give you more benefits and will allow your site to perform better as compared to a normal or weak platform.

Let suppose, if you want to open your business in the main market, the possibility is that it will be more advantageous for you and give you better results. However, on the other hand, if you open the same business in a local market, it will give you poor performance as compared to the previous one. Same is the case in blogging platform, again if you choose a better platform, the performance and result will be also good.

While talking about blogging platforms, there are several platforms available in the market in these days. If we further dive into more details, then we can divide these platforms into two main types. The first one is free blogging platforms, and the second one is paid blogging platforms. Now if we look into the trend, most of the peoples choose free blogging platforms, like If you are also one of them, you probably may have the idea that Blogger provide everything for free. As its human being nature, that they like each and everything for free, that’s why most people choose

Due to providing everything for free, majority of newbies choose to create their blogs on After creating their blogs on blogger, they work very hard in order to make money online, but the results are very poor and they didn’t get any fruitful results from blogspot. Now most peoples will think that you are discouraging us, but actually not. We sincerely suggest you to choose the best platform for creating your website that can make your site as a standard business. And among those, WordPress is one of the best platform for creating your website. However, this will cost some money from you.

If you search on the internet about, there will a lot of materials available. On YouTube, alone, there a large number of videos whoa are telling people to join Blogger and create their blogs on using this platform. I’m going to tell my own story about blogspot. In 2013-2014 I have create a blog, called careers91, on Blogger. This was about publishing latest jobs about different sectors. After doing hard work and publishing more than 100 posts on daily basis, I applied for Google AdSense to start making money from my blog. But unfortunately, my application, for Google AdSense, was disapproved.

Due to this behavior of Google, I was really disappointed. Because all the hard work I did in the past six months went useless. We, therefore, once again sincerely tell you peoples that there is nothing free here. Even, you can’t buy a ballpoint without a rupee. In spite of insisting to create your own website, still a large number of people stick with free Blogger platform. YouTube is the world largest video platform, and there a lot of videos that are encourages new bloggers to join this platform. The reason is that a large number of peoples uses similar keywords for searching on YouTube. As a result, these YouTuber channel owners are earning sufficient amount of money, when you watch these videos.

Poor Hosting

Web hosting is another mistake that most people make when they are starting blogging for the first time. We, therefore, highly recommend a good hosting provider, because they will make your website better. Although, most of the hosting providers are good, but best hosting provider is another ranking factor in eyes of most search engines. To get higher ranking, you have to choose the best hosting provider, that are fast and providing some great features.

poor web hosting
poor web hosting

While choosing best hosting provider, you have to think about their speed and past performance. When you purchase your desired domain, and create a blog or website, it will appear in the whole world. All those peoples who have access to internet can reach your domain URL. Now if your website or blog take less loading time, more peoples will like and will revisit again and again. On the other hand, if your website or blog loading speed is low and take more loading time, probably peoples will go to another site which take less loading time as compared to yours one.

In today time, peoples like those sites which load quickly and fast. And all these features depend upon the hosting providers. If your hosting company is a well-known and popular company then they will provide all those features. On the other hand, if you choose poor/worst hosting providing company, the result will be lower speed and poor performance.

Choosing Wrong Domain

Choosing wrong and low-level domain is another mistake that most blogger are doing. Most of the newbies are misguided by YouTuber channel owners, which motivate and encourages new bloggers to join these free domains on,,, and other free domain providers. These YouTube channel owners are also encouraging peoples to create their blogs or websites on these domain providers and you can also make money from your blogs.

A few years back, it was possible to make money from, as it is the Google domain name provider. However, in these days, it is not possible to start earning money from these domain blogs. Furthermore, Google AdSense also does not approve when you have created your blogs on these free domains providers. The main reason is that peoples did not trust on these free domain blogs. This is quiet similar to an example, when someone gives you something for free, then people think that there must something wrong in it. Because, no one is ready to give others something for free. And therefore most peoples do not trust on it.

Now if you want that peoples trust on your content, then you must have to buy a domain like .com, .pk, .in,, etc. and trust us, that most of the domain are available at very cheap prices. Let suppose, you have created your blog on or other free domain providers and you also started working hard. And after passing a few weeks, or one – two months, you decided to move to a top-level domain, then your earlier hard work will have no value. At this stage, you will have to start again from the zero. We, therefore, suggest you to choose a best domain provider and never do a mistake of choosing wrong and low-level domain.

Copy-Past Content

Copy-Past content habit is one of the big mistake that most blogger are doing in these days. Most of the blogger copying content from other websites or blogs and then pasting it on their own blogs. After passage of time of six months, which Google AdSense policy, when they apply for Google AdSense, their application is not accepted.

It is the main reason that a lot of peoples messages me, through WhatsApp and my email address and commenting on our blog post, and asking that my Google AdSense account is not approved. They are also asking for that why their blogs or websites are getting higher ranking in search engines. When I ask them how and from where they got these content, they are replying that we have copied it from someone other sites.

Those peoples who are doing such kind of practices, are choosing shortcut methods and ways for quick results and success. They simply says that we can do such a hard work. Some are saying that we don’t have such a time to write such a lengthy contents that are free of plagiarism. I am going to make one point very clear that you cannot achieve with hard work. But still there are a lot of peoples who don’t understand this simple point.

We once again emphasize to do hard work and prepare your own content that is hundred percent your own ideas and words. When you do this kind of practice, the success will not be too fare from you. And very soon, you will get higher ranking in search results.

Did not update their Content

This is another mistake that most blogger are doing. To get higher ranking in Google, Bing and other popular search engines, you have to regularly update your site. For this purpose, you have to do proper hard work. Most blogger ignore this point, but it is very important factor and, therefore, play a key role in SEO.

In the past nine years I have seen many bloggers who have published 20 – 30 blog posts in their blog and then apply for Google AdSense. At this stage, Google reject their application request due to this reason. Later on, they start working again, but at the initial stage, they are greedy and want to be rich abruptly.

When Google AdSense reject their application, most bloggers become dis-hearted, and then they leave blogging. Now at this stage they think that there is nothing to happen in blogging. They also think that there is no success in blogging profession, but in fact they are wrong. It is because, their blogs or websites are not ranking in search engines. In fact, to get indexed in search engines, it takes nearly 4 – 5 months. However, some blog posts that are well-written and properly optimized can be indexed in a few days. And it is to be kept in mind that to be indexed in 3 – 4 days, it need very hard work, like keyword research, on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

We from the WebandBlogsolutions platform always advice you to continuously update your site content. From continues updating we simple means to make it your habit to write 2 – 3 blog post on weekly basis. However, if this is not possible for some of you, then you need to write at least one blog post per week. If you continues this practice, Google will really trust your site content. On the other hand, if you write 2 blog posts in a single day and then after 15 days write another 2 – 3 blog posts, so Google and other search engines will not be in a position to trust your site and rank it in the first page of search results. In this case you will not be getting great results. And more, high-quality, content means more opportunities to keep them engaged on your site as they continue to lean from you.

Eager for Useless Backlinks

I have seen a lot of peoples looking for getting backlinks for their sites. Remember that it is one of another very common blogging mistake. Most of the bloggers, especially newbies, thinking that without backlinks a website can’t be ranked higher in search results. But according to our studies, it is not true at all. No matter, if your site has a lot of backlinks, but it has poor content and poor look, then it will of no value. First of all, peoples will visit your site, but when they look at your content and your site look, they will be disappointed. Later on, they will hesitate to visit your blog.

Those peoples who say that a blog or website can’t be ranked without backlinks, are misguided by other peoples, especially by YouTubers. As we have already discussed that these YouTubers are creating such type of videos and they are making a lot of money when people enter related keywords in YouTube or Google search engine. In their videos, these peoples are encouraging their viewers for creating backlinks for their site. They further say that without proper and several backlinks, you can rank your site in search engines.

Here, we would like to make one point very clear that if you do hard work and prepare high quality content for your site, then people will really recognize and appreciate your work. They will also share your content on social media with other peoples. And probably, it may reach to the eyes of top bloggers, who can give backlinks to your site content. Furthermore, creating backlinks from those blogs and websites which has no value, or from those, blogs or websites, which are irrelevant, can spoil your sites. As result, it may down your site ranking in search results.

Creating Multiple Websites

Most of the blogger doing mistake of creating multiple websites. For instance, when they watch a video on YouTube, or read about that a specific keyword has very low competition, so they become eager and purchase another new domain and create website on that keyword.

A lot of peoples and especially newbies are going into the illusion that creating a new website on low-level competition keyword will boost their traffic. But once again we telling you that you have to do proper hard work. Because, without any hard work, no one can get success in any field.

Let suppose, you have created a website which input all the content automatically. In this case, you still have to work hard and optimize your site. After that you will be able to rank your site in Google and other popular search engines.

Re-inventing the Wheel

Most bloggers are doing the habit of re-inventing the wheel. In simple words we means to do the same work that other peoples have already done. In blogging perspective, we can say that promoting products which everyone promote. From our personal experience of the past 10 – 11 years, we can say that more than 85% of new bloggers are choosing the Technology niche. They are creating their blogs and websites on technology related products or services.

If you look at this deeply, you will find that there a lot of bloggers and website owners who are doing the same, from the last several years and they have a lot customers and users. When new blogger look at them, they also become interested in that and starting the business of the same products or services.

This can be explained from an example. Let suppose, someone has created their blog or website about mobile phones. As it is the arena of Mobile Phones, and let suppose they are getting a lot of money from it. Now when you look at their blog or website and you also start creating site on that same niche. So how will you get the market shares? It simply means that it will be less beneficial for you.

Let take another example, someone has opened a shop in a market and selling milk in it. With the passage of time, the shop owner has developed relations with their customers and a lot of customers are coming to their shop for buying milk from them. As a result, he will earn a lot of money. Now when you see that this person is making a lot of money, you also decide to open another shop in the same market near to him. And you also started selling milk in your shop, now it will be very difficult to divert customers from the already established shop. You can do it in only case, when you offer very high quality products or services than your competitor.

Creating or opening the same business in the same category will also make your competitor angry. Due to high competition, your competitors know the better ways how to sell the products. Apart from the skill and knowledge, your competitors have also created customer base already. It is because, they are doing this work for the long time.

If you want to get higher ranking in search results, then we suggest you to choose those products or services about which you have more ideas, skill and knowledge. For SEO, you also have to choose those keywords that has less ranking but high chances of success. For this purpose, you have again do hard work. Before creating blog post for your site, you need to do keyword research. Finding less competitive but higher chances of success keywords is difficult task, but still you can do it. You can find such keyword via your hard work.

Writing only for SEO Purpose

Most bloggers are in the competition to get higher ranking in search engines. And in this competition, they are trying to optimize their content, but here they forget about that they are writing purely for SEO purpose. These bloggers are trying to write for Google robots. Now, if you only write for Google robots, then you are really wasting human being time.

Remember that your site readers will be bored and will take no more interest if you use keywords that are exclusively used for exiting of Google crawling robots. We are stressing here that you should write for your readers first, and then optimize your content for search engines later on. Otherwise, if you continues this practice, Google may penalize for using too much keywords, which comes under the definition of keyword stuffing.

Using Complicated Language

Most of the bloggers are doing a mistake of using very complicated language, while creating their content. Using such technical and complicated language is difficult for readers to understand it. Instead of using simple and easy-to-understand language, some bloggers are using Jargon, Gobbledygook and bombast language in their content.

Now Jargon will lead your readers to stop and think about the meaning of your words. Gobbledygook takes take up their time without adding meaning. While in the bombast sentences, the bloggers are using unnecessary words.

We are going to tell you a trick about creating attractive content for your readers. The trick is that if you start creating your blog post, you have to cut excess words from your sentences. By doing such kind of practice means that you are doing your readers a favor. Similarly, if you replace lengthy and complicated words with simple and easy to understand words, it means that you are delighting your readers.

We highly recommend you to make your blog post as easy to read as possible. While creating your blog post, always remember that you are writing it for 12 – 14 years old. And by writing in simple and plan English, you are showing your readers that you really value their time. Once your readers become happy by reading your blog post, they will also tell to others about your site content. And believe that a word of mouth play more important role than sharing anything on social media.

Using High CPC Keywords

Using of high CPC keywords in their content is another most common mistake that most bloggers are doing. You have to use those keywords that have higher search volume but have low competition. There are already more powerful websites and blog owners who are using high CPC keywords, and competing with each other in this field.

For newbies, and especially, at the start, it is very difficult to compete with such a large SEO companies, experienced website and blog owners. We, therefore, suggest you that instead of using high CPC keywords, you have to use low CPC keywords in your content. You can also use low CPC keyphrases. These practices will help you a lot and you will get higher ranking in search engines.

Short Blog Posts

A lot bloggers and especially newbies, think it as procession which need less efforts and high outputs. They choose blogging profession, and then take it very easy. Furthermore, they think that when you started blogging then you need to do less work. But we completely disagree with those bloggers.

When you take it easy, then you may not be too much interested in creating high quality and lengthy content for your site. As a result, you will then create short blog posts, which will make no sense. In this scenario, some peoples copy and paste content, on their websites, from other’s websites and blogs. They are doing such kind of practices in order to get more positive results in a very short period of time.

We have already discussed that no one can earn a lot of money without hard work. And those who want to get success in short-cut methods and to become rich in a day or night, are thinking completely in wrong direction. Did you know that Google and other popular search engines are using “Artificial Intelligence” system or “Algorithm system”, and therefore are more keen and smarter than you? Due to these advanced systems these search engines, including Google, Bing and others knows better than you that which content is original and which one is copied from other’s websites. The system of these search engines can easily identity the plagiarism in any content or blog post.

One thing another should also be kept in mind. When you start writing about some topic and write a short blog post. So this blog post will be incomplete, and in this case you would not be able to discuss that topic in details. As a result, your site readers will also be get confused due to incomplete information. As a result, your readers will move to others sites and your site exit rate will be increased. This will also increase your bounce rate, which in turn will badly effect on your site ranking.

Not Writing Long Blog Posts

Another most common blogging mistake is that you are not writing long blog posts. Most bloggers are writing blog post of 500 words long. Some are also writing blog post of 1000 words long. Remember that these blog post of 500 – 1000 words long did not going to help you a lot.

On the other hand, those content that are more than 2000 words long, are very suitable for ranking in search engines. If you want that peoples read your blog post then you need to be ranked higher in SERP. And if your site is not showing in the first page of top 10 results, then nobody is interested to read about your content. This simply means that there is no traffic to your site.

We once again stress on the point that for best results in Google and other search engines, you have to write longer content. But here you also need to keep one point in your mind. The point is that during creating your blog post, you never have to compromise on the quality of your content.

Not Focusing on Main Idea

While creating your blog post, you are beating around the bush and do not concentrate on your main idea. This is another most common blogging mistakes that most bloggers are making. To keep your readers engaged and delighted, you must concentrate and must talk about the main content idea, throughout your entire blog post.

Focusing on the main point that you want to explain, is really technical. For focusing on the main point, you have repeat that main topic several time in your content. This type of practice will really leave a very good impression. Your readers will really like your content and they will further explore other topics on your blog.

You Not Optimizing Images

Not optimizing your blog images is another most common blogger mistake that should be avoided. Images optimization is very important and is the back bone of SEO. Furthermore, we can say that images bring life into your content. Probably you may never read a blog without any images.

However, there may some blog or blog posts without images, but it will be too boring. In order to get your readers delighted and engaged you have to use proper images for your blog that matches with the topic that you have written on. If you want to bring more traffic to your site, then you must use alt tags in your images with a keyword. This technique will increase your SEO.

Stale Conclusion

This is another common mistake making by bloggers while creating their blog posts. There is no ambiguity, you may have poured all your energy by writing a high quality blog post. When you reached to end, now you will be summarizing your content through your conclusion.

Conclusion are playing a key role in understanding the whole content. When you developed top-quality content and at the end you present uninspiring conclusion, it will be like presenting the cheapest supermarket ice-cream after having a high-quality meal. It will leave a bad taste in your mouth. Same is the case of high-quality content and conclusion. Presenting an uninspiring conclusion will leave bad impression in the minds of your readers.

Never disappoint your readers by suck type of conclusion. You have to write your conclusion very clearly and that should be easily understandable. You need to put all your interest and energy into your conclusion that are able to attract, inspire, motivate and energizes your readers.

Not creating Email Subscription

Not creating email subscription list is another most common blogger mistake that must be avoided. If you want more blog traffic toward your webpages or blog, then it is very necessary to create an email list of visitors. By creating an email list, you will be able to send notifications to your visitors about your new blog posts or anything others you upload on your blog.

There are several tools available for creating email subscription list, these includes MailChimp, Email subscribers and Newsletters, Hellobar, scrolling sidebar and like more.

Not Using Promotion Strategies

Not using the promotion strategies is another most common blogging mistake that a lot of bloggers are making. Once you have created high-quality and fully optimized content, but you are not using the content promotion techniques then you are missing the target. Those who think that traffic will comes automatically to their blog posts are living in the pool’s paradise. To be successful and get more traffic, you need to use different content promotional platforms. If you are not doing this, then how peoples will know about your content. Furthermore, how they will read your blog post if they have no idea about your site content.

This can be explained with an example. Let suppose, you have opened a shop of anything in an area where not a large number of peoples are coming there. To get peoples informed about your business, you need to start promoting your business. For this purpose you can use promotional pamphlets, banners, advertisements and other sources. This will make people informed about your shop/business.

Have you noticed other most common blogging mistakes? How would you improve your blogging and its SEO ranking? Please share your views in the comments box below.

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