How to Configure Yoast News SEO Plugin

In this article, you will learn how to configure Yoast News SEO plugin and how to get more fruitful results from it. We will also try to cover each and every thing that are necessary and important in SEO point of view. In the previous blog post we have discussed about the Yoast Video SEO plugin.  Earlier to that one, we have also discussed about the Yoast News SEO plugin and its importance.

Today, we decided to provide a complete configuration guide for News SEO by Yoast. It is to be kept in mind that News SEO plugin for the Yoast SEO largely helps its users to do each and everything that can help you to optimize your website for Google News. With the help of this WordPress SEO plugin, XML News Sitemaps is created so Google can easily and immediately pick up on new articles as soon as it is published.

In addition to creating XML sitemap for your site, it also helps you to optimize more advanced XML News sitemap options, such as stock tickers. One point should be kept in mind that this Yoast News SEO plugin won’t submit your site to Google News. However, it can largely help you in optimizing your site to appear often in Google News. It will also help to appear your News website in the best possible way not only in the Google News but also in the universal search results.

General setting for configuring Yoast News SEO Plugin

In order to go to the general setting, you have to follow the following important step-by-step guide.

Step# 1. First of all log in to your WordPress blog or website.

Once you entered your correct user name/email address and password, you’ll be logged in to your WordPress main Dashboard.

Step# 2. In the next step, you have to click on SEO tab option.

After clicking on this option, in the left-hand side, there will be a menu. Now you have to click on SEO.

Step# 3. Click on “News SEO”.

After clicking on News SEO tab, the SEO setting will further expand and will provide you more options. In these options, you need to click on ‘News SEO’.

Step# 4. The following page will open.

We’ll try our best to discuss each and everything, with step-by-step, that are necessary for proper configuration of News SEO plugin by Yoast.

Yoast News SEO Plugin Set Up

Generally it consist of three main subsections, publication of name, default genre and news sitemap. Below these three are discussed one-by-one separately.

Publication Name

In fact, Google New Publication Name is the name that is shown when your news posts are featured in Google News. Let suppose, our ‘news agency’ is called intdailynews, that is exactly what we will enter in here. Remember, this name must match with the name that exactly appears in

Default Genre

This is the second section of setting up news SEO plugin by Yoast. Usually, the default genre sets default for the type of news your news website will be providing to Google News. Let suppose, our ‘news agency’ is writing article on business, now in this case we set the genre to Blog.  One point should be kept in mind that Google has no longer offer support for meta keywords for news articles. It is, therefore, Yoast has skipped this feature in Yoast News SEO plugin 7.2.

Including Post Types in News Sitemap

News sitemap is the third section that we’ll go through to discuss it here. Remember that Yoast News SEO plugin for WordPress will list all post types that are published on your website. However, this plugin also allows you the option to choose which one to be included in the News Sitemap.

To get more fruitful results, you have to choose those post types that truly consist of your news.

In the below paragraph we have provided an example in which we will select only posts, as all our related articles are of the posts. As our website pages do not consist of news-worthy content information, but just those that are relevant to Yoast, such as contact information.

Post Tags & Categories to Exclude

The Yoast News SEO plugin for WordPress will list all those post tags & categories that you have already on your news website. When you choose a category or tag, so any post types that they have will not show on the News Sitemap.

Once you have completed the above process, now it’s the exact time to save your changes to take effect. When you save it, after that you will be able to see all the categories that are associated with the Post Types that you have selected. And now you can also select which categories you are interested to exclude from the News Sitemap.

How to Use Yoast News SEO Plugin for WordPress?

In the above provided sections we have discussed in details about general setting of Yoast News SEO plugin. After that we also went through other necessary setting of this WordPress SEO plugin. Now we will discuss how to use News SEO plugin. In this section we will discuss about excluding from News Sitemap, Google News Genre, Stock Tickers and Googlebot-News Index.

When you properly configure News SEO plugin, you will be able to start using it for your News website articles. After writing your articles, just scroll down to the Yoast SEO Metabox. After that you have to click on the plugin icon that will be present in the side and then the Google News tab.

Exclude from Yoast News Sitemap

The News SEO plugin by Yoast gives you option to choose per post if it should be excluded from the News Sitemap. You can do it just by marking the exclude from News Sitemap option that will be provided there. So you can use this simple option and exclude your post from the News Sitemap. This will process will exclude the article off of the News Sitemap.

Google News Genre

Using the Google News Genre option is very easy and simple. By using this option, you can select the type of news that you want to provide to Google News. For instance, intdailynews is writing and providing news about politics. Now in this case, they set the genre to politics.

Stock Tickers

Stock Tickers are more advanced XML Sitemap option that largely help in optimizing your news website and SEO ranking. In simple words, Stock Tickers are references (of Google Finance) to those companies that are listed in a stock market, like New York Stock Exchange, Shanghai stock exchange etc.

Remember that you have to only add a stock ticker if you mention a company in your post and it plays a key role. Furthermore, while using this option it is necessary that each stock tickers must be prefixed by the name of its stock exchange, as we discussed above. Similarly, it is also necessary that each stock tickers should match its entry in Google Finance. It simply means that a company that is listed in a stock exchange, so its name and their symbol must match.

It can be clarified with an example, below.

Company Name                      Stock Tickers

Microsoft                                NASDAQ: MSFT

While using this option, you can use up to 5 stock tickers in each post. You can easily do it by adding a stock ticker in the Stock Tickers box that is provided in the Google News Tab.

Googlebot-News Index

It is another good feature of Yoast News SEO plugin for WordPress-powered websites. If you are interested and want that Google News to display the articles in a Google News Search, then you have to select the ‘Index’ option there. However, if are not interested and don’t want to show a specific article to be appeared in a Google News Search, for this purpose you can select the option of ‘noindex’. By selecting the option of ‘noindex’ will stop and prevent showing your article in Google News Search. It is expected that by selecting the option of ‘noindex’, your article will still appear in a regular Google Search Engine Results. If you want to further read and study about this topic you can find it here.

By following the above step-by-step guide you will be able to properly configure Yoast News SEO Plugin and get your news website listed in the Google News. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends and family members.


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