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Most of peoples don’t have the budget for paid keyword tools and they are looking for un-paid or free keyword tools to find the right keywords for their content. On the internet there are several free keyword research tools, but Google Keyword Planner is one of the best and free research tool that is using for this purpose.

By using this keyword planner you can get tons of keyword suggestion when you type any “Seed Keyword”. In addition, it will also provide you search volume in front of each keyword. In the last few years Google brought several changes in its system and now Google has restricted these numbers to ranges.

For bloggers who are newbies and are at the starting point may not be in the position to pay for paid SEO tools, they can use the free keyword tools. In this blog post we will focus on presenting free keyword research tools that will help you identify best keywords for your content along with their search volume metrics.

Google Autocomplete

We will take start from Google, which is the most popular search engine of the world. It is, therefore, considered one of the most powerful keyword research tool in the world. Google has numerous great features, and one of the best feature of Google is its autocomplete feature. This feature helps to generate a large number of keyword ideas.

Google Autocomplete free keyword research tool

It is suggested for new bloggers to just take notice what happen when you type “Latest Jobs In”. The Google search box will show up several search options. For instance, Google showing “Latest Jobs in” box for the query “In USA”. In fact, these are questions that searchers are asking about and want to know their answers and Google knows well about that.

Now move on yourself and write these kind of questions, and Google will load more suggestions. By keep continuing this practice, you’ll generate a large list of queries that people are asking. If you want to rank for a keyword, there are a lot of different factors when it comes to SEO. For high ranking in search engines, your site content needs to align with search intent.

Search engines, especially Google, are giving more value to search intent. Let suppose you are running a gym and want to rank its home page for “how to lose weight?” In this case such kind of practices would not work. It is because, searchers who perform this kind of search are really not in the buying more. The want to learn. And Google is a big source who understand the search intent of searchers.

Let suppose, you are running an email marketing company and want to rank for the keyword “email marketing”. You will notice two main points. First, it shows the searcher intent that they are in the learning more and read about related guides and site posts, but not product pages. This also shows that most peoples are interested in email marketing and they want to learn the basics of email marketing. It is because, email marketing always shows an information intent and sign. Now if you create content for email marketing you can rank for that keyword.

2nd, if you type for somethings different keyword like “clothes” you will see completely different search results. Your search engines results will be more related to eCommerce products or category pages. One can easily understand that searches are in buying mode. And as a result Google will also show shopping ads.

It is recommended that don’t overlook Google as a keyword research tool, because keyword research is something more than just finding keywords. The main philosophy here is that you have to understand about who is searching for and what they want to see and know.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is considered one of the most popular and free keyword planner. Formerly it was known as Google keyword tool but it is called Google keyword planner. Basically it is service from Google AdWord and also called Adwords Keyword Planner.

Google keyword planner

This keyword tool has been a favorite for several years for top SEO experts. For newbies, Google Keyword Planner is considered a very good choice. With the passage of time when your site grow and you plan to create new content, it can also be your good friend.

One of the best advantage of this keyword tool is you are able to get information about keyword search volume metrics directly from Google. And Google is the search engine for which you are always trying to rank in, when optimizing your site. It is very simple to use this free keyword tool, just type your keyword or keywords into the search box and then click on the blue color button, Get Results. You will see a lot of results, for your desired keyword, in excel sheet format.

Once your download is complete, you will see that each and every information are provided in a very clear manner. In addition to keyword list, you also find average monthly volume, competition and suggested bid, in case you want to use Google AdWords.

Google Trends, a Free Keyword Research Tool

Google Trends is another great and free keyword generator. With passage of time, Google Trends shows the relative search popularity of a keyword. Let suppose, if we type and look at a term “PSL cricket matches” we will see that PSL popularity increases when the PSL cricket matches continues.

Google Trends

Similarly, the term Christmas will show more trends and traffic as 25th December comes closer. Google Trends can also help you a lot if you are newbie and want to plan your content according to calendar.

Let suppose, you are running a blog related to technology, so it would really make sense to update and republish any relevant blog posts every September. You can also take the example of the term “iPhone” as keyword peaks in every September when Apple launces a new product of iPhone.

Now if you want to create content for one of these keywords, so which would you decide to choose? Obviously, it would be the one with highest search volume metrics. But remember one point in your mind that search volumes are averages. And these averages are usually taken across several months or even years.

You have to check the previous 12 months data, for your desired keyword, on Google Trends and you will know where your specific keyword stands. Now if you are running a site about PSL cricket matches you have to look at these key terms in Google Trends and create your content accordingly. Similarly, if you are running an ecommerce store for shows and want to rank for these keywords, it would almost certainly be done according to Google Trends data. If you are looking for “BATA Boots” it is clear that it will peak in winter season. So you have to prioritize your content for that keyword. In short, it is to be clear that Google Trends provides data on seasonal basis and you also have to update your site accordingly.

 Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword Generator is another best research tool that work best for local service companies. Actually, it is designed with the idea that you will want to determine local keywords.

Bulk Keyword generator one of free keyword research tool

It is also very easy to use this tool. Just start with selecting a category, then another sub-categories will open. Now choose which sub-category keywords you want to find. Remember that there are some keyword tools that are very good for every type of sites. On the other hand, however, there are research tools that are useful for a particular site type. And higher visibility is one of them. As it is design for local services, therefore, with its local approach, you will feel as if you are really on the right track.

While searching for keyword on this tool, even if your desired business category is not available, you can still use this research tool. in search results, you need to replace some of the keyword with your own. And you will find the same results.

Yoast Suggest

Yoast Suggest is another free keyword research tool that can provide you with useful keyword suggestions. Basically, the Yoast Suggest uses the Google Suggest function that you know from searching in Google. Yoast Suggest is own keyword research tool of Yoast that come up with keywords as well. Yoast Suggest finds the keyword expansions that Google gives and then requests for more of them.

Yoast free keyword research tool

Now if you want to type a keyword “Keyword Research”, it will give you the expansions for ‘keyword research a….’ till ‘keyword research z….’etc. it means that in addition to your provided keyword, it will add its own keyword suggestion and group them from alphabet starting from A – Z. Now try it yourself and enter your desired keywords and then see what results this tool gives you. With the help of this free keyword research tool, you can also find more long tail keywords that you want to focus and rank for.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is another best free keyword research tool. This tool pulls a large number of autocomplete suggestion from Google. If you want to use this tool, just enter your targeted seed keywords and then click on “Sheet Keywords”. With the help of this research tool, you can quickly generate a lot of keyword ideas.

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter pulls nearly one thousand ideas/minute. Once you got the ideas, you can export the keyword results in one click for free. Unlike Google Keyword planner, this tool does not display search volumes and trends data nor it group keywords.

While performing keyword research, you will notice that this keyword research tool have two important features; Positive and Negative Filters. To explain how this tool works, let take an example. Let enter the term “How” to the positive filter. This feature is very useful for excluding anything irrelevant. For instance, you run a technology site and want to get keyword for “Apple”, you may want to see the most relevant keywords for Apple Company, not the fruit.

Answer the Public

Answer the public is another keyword research tool that most people like and loves. This tool main focuses on questions that people ask about a certain topic. Answer the Public has very good visualization feature and display all type of combinations with prepositions and comparison.

Answer the public - free keyword research tool

In addition to other great feature, this tool find questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related searches. Probably, you may be confused but there is no need to be confused here. We will discuss each of these features one-by-one.

Just enter a “seed” keyword, for example “Keyword Research”. So first of all the results you will see consist of questions. The search queries may be like what, who, why, where, now, when, which, are and is.


  • How to do keyword research?
  • how to keyword research for blog
  • Where to do keyword research?
  • When to do keyword research?

By default, you will see visualization, however, you can also switch to a regular list whenever you want.

Next, you will see the results in preposition format, i.e, for, can, without, near, with, to etc.


  • Keyword research for beginners
  • Keyword research in SEO
  • Keyword research with google
  • Keyword research in AdWords
  • Is keyword research still important?

Next you will see keywords in comparison form. Your keywords will consist of the following terms of comparison like, versus, vs, and, or, like.


  • Keyword research and planning
  • Keyword research and SEO
  • How to do keyword research like the SEO pros

At the end, you will see the results in alphabetical order and related.

Remember that alphabetical are the autocomplete suggestions of Google. And related, who knows, well. If you look at the keywords alphabetical results, you will see that each of these category consist of twenty keyword suggestions.

While using this free keyword research tool, there is no need to register or log in. and all your data is exportable to CSV format file. If you are looking for more such kind of questions and suggestions, just plug the same “Seed Keyword” into Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and you will get a very large number of data. For newbies, answer the public is a good choice, however, once your site grows bigger, you will need advanced Keyword Explorer.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is another free keyword research tool. In fact, it is a Chrome Extension that will display estimated globally and monthly search volumes for your targeted keyword into Google.

Keyword Surfer

Remember that Keyword Surfer and Keyword Everywhere works much in the same way. Also one other point should be kept in mind that Keyword Everywhere used to be free but it is now switched to a paid version. However, the developers of Keyword Surfer promised to keep this keyword research tool open source. It means it will be 100% free of cost for ever.

With the help of this tool, you can find the local search volume for nearly nineteen countries. Currently, in their database of this free keyword tool, there is the total sum of searches from nineteen countries. One another good feature is that the extension also adds search volumes estimates to the autocomplete results. This tool will show ten similar keywords in the search results. Thus it also a good free keyword research tool that can help you to generate ideas.


KeywordDit is another free keyword research tool for finding targeted keywords from Reddit. This SEO tool will help you to find untapped and high volume keywords you’re your site viewers are searching for. Basically, this free SEO tool pulls keyword ideas from Reddit. It means that this tool scans Reddit for keywords and keyphrases. There are a lot of subredit for any topic you can think of.


Finding keyword with this research tool is very easy. Just go to Reddit, and then search for some broader topic that your target audience are interested in and what you offer with your site. After that chose a subreddit, enter your targeted keyword and you will see up to 500 keywords with their search volumes. By using keywordDit, you can also find long-tail keywords that you never thought about.

This free keyword research tool is most suitable for those who are at the starting point, who know little or nothing about a niche.

Let suppose, you are interested to start a blog about “YouTube” but knows nothings about this niche, you can pull ideas from /r/YouTube. In addition to keyword ideas, it also tells what type of language they use to describe such things. This tool also pulls the estimated US monthly search volumes for each keyword.

With this you will get some ideas about the popularity of each subtopic. If you want to know more about a specific keyword, just click on the “Context” link. It will show the details from where the keyword were derived from. is another free SEO tool to find keywords suggestions. With this free keyword planner, you can find most relevant and valuable keyword suggestions. It is also autocomplete scrapper like Keyword Sheeter but with a little bit differences. For instance, it is more powerful than Keyword Sheeter. This SEO tool doesn’t pull as many keyword suggestions as Keyword Sheeter but it does the pulling process faster than Keyword Sheeter.

Another good feature of this free SEO tool is that it provides you an option to choose the local results. This feature will help you a lot in finding keyword ideas in a specific language. In spite of other good features, one other great feature is that it pulls its Keyword suggestions from Amazon, YouTube, Bing etc.

Keyword suggestions from Amazon and eBay is very useful for those who are running online store for some products. As Amazon and eBay are used for buying products. This feature will also help you to uncover products or types of products that peoples are searching for. Thus it is great keyword planner tool not only for common bloggers but for online stores as well. has another great tool called Google autocomplete long-tail keyword too.  With the help of Google autocomplete long-tail keyword tool you can find long-tail keywords for your content.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is best free SEO tool that help you to track your site performance in organic search. With the help of Google Search Console you can learn about your site information and the people who visit it. The main purpose of creating Google Search Console was to easily track the performance of your website. This tool lets you to get valuable insights of your website. You can also easily analyze which part of your site needs improvement. With the help of the tool you can know things that how much peoples are visiting your website. It also shows you how your site audience finding it.

With Google Search Console, you can also know about how many peoples are visiting your website or blog on desktop computer or on mobile devices. It also provides information about which pages of your blog are most popular than others. In addition to other great feature, it also help and show data about the keywords that you already rank for.

It is great tool, because it not only provides information about site statistics and track performance in organic search but also helps you to find and fix your website errors, create and check a robot.txt file and also submit a sitemap. With the help of Google Search Console you can get a lot of useful insights from this report. Google Search Console (GCS) is very useful for anyone with a website to monitor how Google views their site and optimize its organic presence.

Let suppose, your website is getting a large number of traffic for a keyword but your ranking position is 4—10. Now in this situation you may want to focus on ranking higher for that keyword instead of targeting other keywords.

In another case, if your click through rate, also called CTR, is low despite of ranking hither in search results, your website page may be less appealing and attractive in the search engine results. In this scenario you can fix this by working on your meta description and your site title tag.

This was all about website organic search data, but what about finding new keywords? If you want to find keyword from Google Search Console, it is very easy. Just sort the report by CTR from low to high. This will show you keywords that you are ranking for but never targeted before. In case, if these keywords are getting low CTR but lots of impressions, it be very useful to target these keyword with a new page.


Questiondb is another useful keyword planner tool. The main source of pulling data is nearly forty eight millions questions from Reddit. This tool allows you to find the question that people are asking about a particular topic. This SEO tool sorts the questions on the basis of popularity, however, you can also sort them by topic. Questiondb is very useful tool because it group all questions together.

questiondb free keyword research tool

Most of SEO experts suggest that this keyword planner is very useful for blogger who are writing their blog post. It help you to easily understand which questions to answer.

To get started, just pick a broad keyword. Let suppose you are a marketer, and want to start with “Keyword Research”. If you have chosen the correct keyword, you will get a list of large number of relevant questions about these topics that you can use for your content ideas.

Looking at answers, if you check the box to”Show Source Link”, you will see a clickable link will appear in front of each question. In fact this link is the source link and will carry you to the reddit site, means from where this question has been originally taken.

questiondb keyword planner

Once your keyword questions are ready, you can export it to CSV, just by clicking on the Download option.

YouTube Autocomplete

Just like Google Autocomplete feature, YouTube also providing this feature for its users. With the help of autocomplete options users can find keywords related to their queries. The autocomplete feature of YouTube will give you an idea for marketing strategies. You will see what users are searching for.

We have tried out best to complete this free keyword research tools list and include all keyword planner that are providing such type of services for free. However, if you think and know that we have missed any such free keyword planner that you think we should include, please write about that one, through the comments box, and inform us so that we can include them here in our free keyword research tools list.

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