7 Google Adsense Tips for Beginner Bloggers

In this article you will learn about 7 Google Adsense Tips for Beginner Bloggers. As in today world Blogging is a popular source of expressing opinions and discussing topics. Bloggers demonstrate different levels of commitment and most interesting are influential bloggers. If you have a blog on blogger or owned a website then must be interested to earn money you’re your blog or website. There are different and a very large number of tools by which you can earn money with your website or blog. But today in this post we will focus on how to monetize a blog or website with Google AdSense. Be sure that Google AdSense is one of the best sources to make money online. If you have created a site in a good niche, you can add Google AdSense to the pages to earn additional income.

As we have told you that if you are working within a niche, then Google AdSense will scour your content and will provide you ads that are similar or related to your keywords. Keep in mind that it is very useful to keep ads on your blog or site that is constant updated without maintenance. If you want to make money from your website, you must keep in mind a few things. And Google Adsense is one of the best and powerful source when implemented correctly.

In the following lines we have provided easy and useful tips for adses, and we are sure it gave great results.

  1. Use Effective Keywords

Using better and effective Keywords are very important for attracting more traffic to your site or blog and, therefore, it is considered ad the bread and butter of Google Adsense earnings. With the help of best, effective and highly competitive keywords your site will be ranked higher and will divert more traffic as compared to using lower competitive keywords. To divert more traffic towards your site or blog we recommend the Google AdWords keyword planner. It is a best method and tool for finding low competition keywords for your articles and blog posts.

  1. Use best Keyword Density

The usage of best keyword density is also too much important. Before posting an article on your website or blog it is necessary to check your keyword density. Because it, the keyword density, determines the relevance to your niche and will definitely improve your traffic in the search engines. As a result when you get more traffic there is possibility of getting more clicks, and a result you will get more income.

The type of keyword density that you are using on your website or blog also determine the kinds of advertising is posted onto your site. Therefore, you must use a keyword density tool to avoid your post isn’t marked as spam. This will also help you in the event that you need to boost the density.

  1. Regularly Publish New Content On Your Blog or Website.

It is very important to write new content on the daily basis, because it will divert and generate traffic to your website. Keep in mind that you have used the best keywords and the best keyword density in your posts. Posting a new page to your blog and website will also be helpful. Because when you post a new page there are the possibilities of increasing the chances that somebody will click on your ads and you know that clicks will result more income.

  1. Best Formats Selections

As you know that Google Adsense are available in several different formats.  It depends upon you to select the best format for your blog or website. For the top part or primary and main menu you can use the banners while the squares can be used for the sidebars. I will recommend that you should use the 336×280 large rectangle ads, 160×600 skyscraper ads and the 300×250 medium rectangle ads. It will considerably increase your income.

  1. Use The Best Position For Your Ads

The position or place for your ads also matter and, therefore, is also too much important. For example when you keep your ads on the top position, so definitely it will get more clicks and as a result your income will be increased. The logic behind it is that when somebody visits your blog or website, they scan the headlines to see if the information is relevant to their needs that he/she is searching for. And, therefore, using the links as navigational links around your website is one of the best methods of positioning.

Instead of on the side keeping your ads on the sidebar you need to keep your links at the top and bottom of the content pages. Be sure that you want the links to look like they’re part of your site. Because when you keep them between at the top and bottom of your content pages you are more likely to get clicks and I repeat it that more clicks on ads will result more income.

  1. Color Coordinate The Ads

One of the best tip and technique of getting more clicks is that when you’re using Google AdSense with your website, you are required to make it sure that the ads look like they are part of the site. Because the possibility is that people are more likely to click on something that doesn’t look like an ad. And, therefore, we are focusing that make sure that Google AdSense ads look like they are part of your blog or website, and peoples will clicking on a link that will take them to a different page on your site.

It is very important the border colors, background colors, link colors and the text colors all match your blog or site. Don’t worry, you are in control and you can do this through the control panel. From control panel, you can even rotate the color palettes to make create a variety of colors when somebody visits your site.

  1. Use Too Many Ads Are Not Useful

Keeping too much ads on your website or blog are not suitable. Because keeping too much advertising on your website will discourage your visitors and will leave the reader wondering what they need to click for information. And next time they will not be interested in your blog or website due to keeping several ads.

Readers are humans and they don’t want a website that is specifically made for Google AdSense. They are there for your content so make sure that the content comes before the ads. Two to three ads on your site is the best amount to have. If you like this article, about 7 google AdSense tips for bloggers, don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends.

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