How Fix Destination Folder Already Exists Error in WordPress

Well you are seeing an error in WordPress as “Destination folder already exists”. In fact this error occurs when you are installing a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin. As a result it prevents you from finishing your desired theme or plugin installation process. If you are looking to fix destination folder already exists error in WordPress, then you are at right place.

Fix Destination Folder Already Exists error in WordPress

We also have faced this issue several times and think that you may also face the same error. In fact this is the common error among many WordPress users. But don’t worry about that, as there is really an easy fix for this error. That is why we have decided to explain this issue. So today in this blog post you will learn how to fix this error of “Destination folder already exist” with the screen shots from the real situation. Keep reading this article at the end.

Main causes of this Error in WordPress

In this section we will walk you through the main causes of Destination Folder Already Exist error. But before we move forward and fix the problem, we think it is very important and necessary to understand what this error is and why it happens so that you can take all the necessary steps to avoid the same error in the future. In fact, this error occurs when a WordPress user is trying to install a WordPress plugin. This error can also occur if a WordPress user is trying to update or install WordPress theme.

Probably you will know that WordPress uses a structured folder system for organizing its main files. When you Log in to your Cpanel, you will find and see that there are different folders for WordPress themes and plugins. Remember that WordPress also creates specific sub folders inside them for each theme and plugin that you install on your site. WordPress extracts your WordPress theme or plugin’s ZIP file into a folder that is named after the file itself.

Sometimes, when you are facing an issue while installing your WordPress theme or plugin and fails to finish your desired installation, it can leave the folders and some files for that plugin or theme behind on your server. Now if a folder with the same name already exist, and you want and trying to install that same plugin or theme again, the WordPress system confuses because there is already a folder exist with the same name. Now the WordPress aborts the installation process with an error message “Destination Folder Already Exist. And this is the main reason of the Destination Folder Already Exist error in your WordPress site.

What to do Now?

Now the first thing that you have to do is to visit your WordPress plugins or themes to see if you have already installed on your website or not?

If you have not installed this theme or plugin already in your site, then this could mean three things.

The previous attempt to delete the theme or plugin did not succeeded, and it left the plugin/theme folder behind with the same name.

The previous installation attempt was interrupted and it left an empty destination folder.

You were trying to update your WordPress theme or plugin to the latest version and the upgradation process was interrupted due to some reason and it left an empty destination folder with the same name.

Whatever the case may be, but it is sure that there is a folder with the same name as the plugin or theme you are trying to install or update. And actually this is folder which is stopping WordPress from finishing the installation process.

Let us Fix Destination Folder Already Exist Error in WordPress
Step 1:

In the very first step you need to Log In to your cPanel account. You can locate the cPanel by simply typing /cpanel at the end of your website URL eg. Now enter your user name and password. You can also find these information in the welcome email from your host provider.

Log in to cpanel

Step 2:

Now in this step, you have to search for the File Manager option. As it contains all of your site’s folders and files. Probably you may see different cPanel layouts once you log in to your account. It is because your web hosting company are using different design theme. You do not need to be worry with this. You can find the File Manager file very easily.

Open File Manager

Step 3:

Now you will be on File Manager page. And once connected, on this page you may see the home directory, but you have to open the root directory. In this root directory all the data is available. Now you need to navigate to the public_html folder from the left-hand sidebar.

open public html file

Step 4:

Once you reach to the public_html folder, you can easily locate the wp-content folder. Now double click on this folder. By clicking on wp-content you can easily navigate to /wp-content/theme or /wp-content/plugins folder. We means if you are looking to solve the problem for plugins then your path will be /wp-content/plugins folder and if you are looking to solve the problem for theme then your path will /wp-content/themes. It depends upon what you are trying to install now.

Step 5:

Now you need to search for the folder named after the theme or plugin that you are trying to install and then delete it. Once you find your desired theme or plugin, right-click on this folder and delete it. Once you have deleted the empty folder, now you can go back to your WordPress DashBoard area. Now try again to install your desired theme or plugin like you would normally do already. Now you will be able to install your WordPress theme or plugin without any issue and error.

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