How to Getting Paid on UpWork?

The next most important and big question is how to getting paid on Upwork and is it secure? The straightforward, simple and short answer to this question is that is extremely secure. Most of the freelancers are avoiding using freelance platforms because they feel fear that they will lose their money after working hard on their project. Fortunately, UpWork offer a good feature of tracking any hours you work and bill the client automatically. However, for those jobs that are charged on per project basis and not hourly, the client will be needed to deposit funds into escrow. This is another good feature that offer high security in terms of payment to freelancers. This assures the payment of freelancers once they deliver the project.

How much does it cost to join Upwork?

Obviously this is good question that how much does it cost to join UpWork? Fortunately joining UpWork is free for freelancers. However, you can also choose to upgrade to Plus Plan for just $ 10 on monthly basis. It is to be remembered that joining of UpWork is free but working on this site is not free. If you do some work, either on hourly basis or project basis, UpWork will charge you for a service fee. Similarly it charge every freelancer for service fee.

Keep notice that this service fee is not fixed, but it is based on the percentage of your earnings charged when a client pays you. Fortunately this service fee is a sliding fee that is based on your lifetime billing with every client. To clear this point, it simply means that the service fee decreases or reduces as you keep earning more from each client.

For the time being, three different types of planes are available and their charges are as follows.

  • 20% deduction for every job as long as the amount paid by the client is less than $500.
  • 10% deduction, once the total amount paid to you by the client is more than $500 but less than $10,000.
  • 5% deduction, when the total amount paid by the client exceeds $10,000.

This whole process can be understood from the below given scenario. Let for example you get the job from a client and the amount paid is between $1-$500. UpWork, in this case, will take away 20% of the amount paid. But if you get another/second job or project and the total amount paid from the first job and the second job amounts to more than $500 but less than $10,000 to you, in this case the UpWork will take 10% from the amount paid for your second job.

But if you get a second job and the total amount paid from the first job and the second job amounts to more than $500 but is less than $10,000 you the platform will take 10% from the amount paid for the second job.

The idea behind the sliding fees is to encourage freelancers to perform their best in order to get recurring jobs from the same clients. This helps to improve the quality of work offered on the site and improving clients’ trust on the site.

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How you’ll be get paid on Upwork?

On UpWork, you will find that there are two types of contracts available there,  – hourly and fixed price.

First we’ll discuss somethings about hourly contracts or projects. In fact, hourly projects, on UpWork, are tracked on a weekly basis that starts from Monday to Sunday. Now it totally depends upon you and it’s your responsibility to really ensure and make it confirm that every time you want to work, on the hourly project basis, the time worked is recorded on your work diary.

After that once that work week is completed, the clients for which you are working has 5 days to raise dispute, if any, about any time recorded by your work diary. If your clients didn’t find or raised any disputes, the money you earned will then be transferred to your UpWork account. And after a few days, you will be able to withdraw your funds.

Another type is fixed price or project method. In this way the clients posts their projects and mention it there that it has to be done on fixed price basis. The freelancers or applicants bid for it and the client then look after all the proposals and then select the freelancers on their choice. Once the project is completed and no disputes or issues has been raised by the clients, the fund will then be moved to your UpWork account.

There are several ways to withdraw your money. You can also choose to withdraw your money from UpWork via bank transfer, PayPal, wire transfer. These money withdraw methods depends on your country. You can also find more details here.

Is Upwork Safe & Legit?

UpWork is completely legit and highly safe. It helps to take care of this with its Payment Protection guarantee. It simply means that for every hourly project or job that you do, the time will be tracked on weekly basis and the client is automatically billed. It is, therefore, necessary that you should use UpWork Diary every week to track your work on hourly basis. However, most freelancer’s biggest worry is not getting paid. This is because, despite of having contracts in place, we have all heard of freelancers who have been ripped off by their clients. But when your clients, with which you want to work, are belongs to overseas sometimes there’s so little you can actually do.

On the other hand, if you have fixed-price jobs, the clients are supposed to pre-fund each project before you start working. By adopting this method, you will get money at the end of each project. It is also important and need to be kept in mind that you have to remind the client to fund a project before you start making money on it.

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