Is Upwork Safe & Legit?

UpWork is completely legit and highly safe. It helps to take care of this with its Payment Protection guarantee. It simply means that for every hourly project or job that you do, the time will be tracked on weekly basis and the client is automatically billed. It is, therefore, necessary that you should use UpWork Diary every week to track your work on hourly basis. However, most freelancer’s biggest worry is not getting paid. This is because, despite of having contracts in place, we have all heard of freelancers who have been ripped off by their clients. But when your clients, with which you want to work, are belongs to overseas sometimes there’s so little you can actually do.

On the other hand, if you have fixed-price jobs, the clients are supposed to pre-fund each project before you start working. By adopting this method, you will get money at the end of each project. It is also important and need to be kept in mind that you have to remind the client to fund a project before you start making money on it.

Get Started On UpWork

As it is clear now that UpWork is safe & legit. The next step is to create your profile on UpWork. To get success on UpWork, it is necessary that you have to create a compelling and attractive profile. With your attractive profile the clients on UpWork will see you as a highly skilled professional. This shows that the success on UpWork totally relies on creating a professional and appealing profile.

Remember that during creating your profile, on UpWork, make sure that you more focus on showing the client why to hire you for their project and why it will be the best decision they will ever make. While creating your profile, you have to make it sure that it is completed in all respects, from the start to the end. It is also important to add a professional looking photo, create an eye catching title, provide all your educational degrees and certificates and a powerful description that display the value to your clients.

In addition to your educational background, you also have to list your previous experience and add a portfolio that’ll showcase your past work. To make you profile more powerful, it is needed to take various tests in your skill set. All such kind of information, that you will display on your profile, will definitely act as proof of your experience and will more convince your clients that you’re really the best candidate for the published post, for which your clients were looking for.

Give more focus and attention to your profile and consider your UpWork profile as a marketing brochure or as a resume. For a processional UpWork profile, it is very important to highlight your professional skills, past experience, educational background, portfolio and your accomplishments. Also give proper attention to grammar and make it sure that your profile is grammatically correct and also error free, regardless of the area of expertise you’re interested in. Although, good grammar is not expected from bloggers and writers, but it is necessary for anyone who think themselves as a professional.

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How to Find clients on UpWok?

Once you have created your profile on UpWork and included all the necessary elements, like educational background, skill, past experiences etc the next step is to find clients on UpWork. At the start, it is hardest and really a difficult to find client on UpWork. Although it is difficult but not impossible. Usually, clients will typically hesitate in hiring any newbie when they have no past experience or reviews on UpWork. Our aim here is just to inform about the real situation, we don’t want to discourage you. The reason is that everyone has to start somewhere.

Every freelancer has started from somewhere and after that they got experience. Now, coming back to our main discussion, if you want to find clients on UpWork, you have to type just a keyword in the search box there. After that the search result will show a lots of jobs available so take a more proper look at each and every job. Also read the requirement for that job very carefully.

It has to be kept in your mind that you are competing with other highly experienced freelancers. They may include newbies and veterans. It is, therefore, required to put your best foot forward and more concentrate your efforts on the jobs you are really qualified for. By following the above mentioned technique, you’ll find the right job. After that you have to send a winning proposal to the client.

Basic proposal techniques/points

Before you send the proposal to your client it is important to keep a few basic points or techniques in your mind. They are given below.

Change and improve your proposal for every job for which you want to apply. You have to avoid using a specific template for a proposal. This will really present a good image on your client. Optimization your profile will also show that you have read the job description.

The second basic point or technique is that your proposal introduces you to the client before they read your profile. It will be more interesting that you make it a more powerful teaser/puzzle that will get the client to read the whole of your profile.

The last point is that you have to keep your proposal short and completed with respect to all of the important information. Tell your story and information very straight forward to your client that how your skills will help to make their project a successful one. Also you have to avoid any type of ambiguity in your proposal. Hope this article will help and resolve your concern about the question that is UpWork safe & legit?

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