iThemes Security Plugin for WordPress

With a lot of great features and more than 900,000+ active installations, iThemes Security is another great option to add tight and healthy security protection to your WordPress-powered website. iTheme Security is a very useful, nice and powerful WordPress security plugin that comes with best security features. Such a large number of active installation is sufficient for its popularity. This easy to use plugin protects your website in a variety of ways you may have never thought of.

Once you install and activate this plugin, it will offer you more than 30+ ways to protect and secure your WordPress-built website or blog. This plugin will not only help you stop automated attacks and protect your website but also fixes various common security gaps in your site. With one-click-installation it will track registered user’s activity and will add two-factor authentication, password expiration, import & export settings, and malware scanning and like more.

iThemes security Plugin

WordPress is a user’s friendly CMS which powers millions of personal and professional blogs and websites around the world. Such a large number of sites can become targets for malicious activity. It is, therefore that, cyber-security experts warns again and again that it is not possible to guarantee that a blog or website is completely secure and safe from hacker’s attacks and other website’s security issues. They further suggest that the best WordPress security plugins can provide complete, comprehensive and customizable solutions to protect your sites from any types of cyber security threats.

iThemes Security Plugin, which is one of the best malware scanner, is available in free and premium forms from iThemes. With the help of this WordPress security plugin, your site will be prevented from brute force attacks and banning IP addresses. iThemes security plugin features scanning with automatic fixes for website security issues and also bans spam, bots and users who have attacked other websites.

iThemes WordPress security plugin will scan your entire WordPress-powered website or blog and will find any kind of potential vulnerabilities in your site. Another good feature of this security plugin is that it also forces its users to use secure passwords. It also forces users to use SSL admin area in server support. Although unlike other security plugin, the GeoIP banning support in not offered at present time, but its company intends to bring and offer this feature very soon. This plugin will integrates Google reCAPTCHA in order to prevent users to comment spam on your site.

If you want further and more advanced features, you may choose and go for iTheme premium version. The Pro version provides extra layer of protection and comes with additional security features for your WordPress website.

Why iThemes Security Plugin?

iThemes Security Plugin is another big name among WordPress security plugins. Alongside, Wordfence security plugin, this is another most popular and most trusted tool among WordPress users. With this WordPress plugin, you will get access to a lot of great features like Malware scanning, 404 error detection, Brute force attack prevention, scan & reports WordPress security vulnerabilities with Fixes, banning of Bots and Troublesome users, strengthens server security and strong password enforcement for all users.

One important point should always be kept in mind that iThemes security plugin has been developing WordPress tools since 2008, including trust-worthy BackupBuddy WordPress backup plugin by iThemes. Now if you install and activate this security plugin, you know best that you are really secure and safe against hackers, malwares, spam attacks and lot of more. iThemes security plugin’s users are in safe hands because the plugin is maintained and supported by iThemes itself.

This security plugin have also the ability to ban users, who have already tried to attack other WordPress-built, from accessing your site. This shows that your site has adopted very hard security measures and has very tight protection against brute force attacks. In case someone is attempting to login to your site and they failed, it will also automatically report IP address and will block them so that your site is protected against such kind of attacks.

This WordPress plugin is very suitable for both beginners and experienced WordPress users. Both of them can use this security plugin very easily. On the one hand, for beginners, it comes with single-click installation for easy setup of the plugin, while on the other hand, it also offer advance security options that can be easily configured from dashboard.

Detailed Description

Most of WordPress security experts consider iThemes Security as the number one WordPress security plugin. Currently it is called iThemes Security while formerly this plugin was known as “Better WP Security”. Research studies suggest that on average, about 30,000 new websites are hacked on daily basis. WordPress is very powerful content management software that are continuously working to fill any gap for hackers. But due to its popularity, it is also interesting for hackers to target and attack WordPress-built websites due to using of weak passwords and plugin vulnerabilities.

Once iThemes Security Plugin has been installed, it will allows you to fix common security holes, stop automated attacks and will also strengthen user credentials. This plugin offer a lot of advanced options for more experienced users that will help them to further strengthen and harden their WordPress security.

Compatibility of iThemes Security

iThemes WordPress security plugin is also compatible with and works on single-site and multi-site installations. It is also compatible with LiteSpeed or NGINX and Apache. It is also compatible with major WordPress plugins like Woocommerce and like more.

iThemes Security Maintenance and Support

iThemes Security plugin has been maintained and supported by iThemes, which is developing and supporting WordPress tools since 2008. iThemes also developed and maintained BackupBuddy, a popular WordPress backup plugin. iThemes offer a lot of WordPress tools like themes, plugins and training, and now iThemes Security is another best WordPress tool to protect and secure your site against hackers.

iThemes Security Plugin Support and Pro Features

iThemes always added a lot of professional support from their expert team. It also offer pro features in order to take your site security to the next level with the help of iThemes Security Pro version.

iThemes Security Pro Features

iThemes Security Pro incorporate additional security and premium features including,

  • The two-factor-authentication (2-FA feature), for example, allows you to use a mobile app like Google Authenticator or Authy for generating code. It can also send a generated code to your specified email address.
  • Malware Scans Scheduling – This feature help you to automatically scan your website for any kind malware on daily basis. If the plugin detect any type of issue, it will be sent with detailed information to your email address.
  • Dashboard Widget – With the help of this feature you will be able to manage all important functions and tasks from one place. For example, you will be able to control user banning & system scans right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Using Strong Password Generator – This feature will help you to easily generate strong passwords from your profile screen.
  • Password Expiry Feature – The password expiration feature allows you to set a maximum password age and also force users to choose a new password for their accounts. With the help of this feature, you can also force users to choose a new password, if you need.
  • Google reCAPTCHA – This feature help you to protect your site against spammers and they would not be able to spam any comments etc on your site.
  • User’s Logging – This feature will rightly track when users edit content, login and logout.
  • Temporary Privilege Escalation – This feature will give a contractor or someone else a temporary admin or editor access to your site. This access will automatically reset itself.
  • Import/Export Setting Feature – With the help of this feature you will be able to save time setting up multiple WordPress sites.
  • It is one of the most affordable premium plugin we have discussed so far, and you can get it at just $80/year.

iThemes Security site lockout notification

There a large number of hackers who are trying to get access and log into your WordPress-built website or blog. These hackers belongs to different countries and attacking WordPress sites, and sometime these attacks ranges up to hundred each day. Now the iThemes Security is a best source to help and resolve the issue. The iThemes Security software will send you notification about this issue.

Avoid Lockouts by Whitelisting your IP

You can also avoid lockouts by whitelisting your IP. iThemes Security latest version have the ability to whitelist your own IP. You can do it very easily, just go to the iThemes Security Dashboard and use the button to temporarily whitelist your IP from lockouts for 24 hours. Remember that the plugin system will still notify you about the situation, but in the next 24 hours it will not lock you out of your site. Thus it will give you a chance to fix the issue on immediate basis to avoid lockouts.

iThemes Sync Integration

iThemes Security Sync integration is another good feature. If you are managing more than one WordPress-powered website or blog, then this feature will really help you. iThemes Sync Integration feature allows you to manage 10 WordPress sites completely free.With this unique feature, you will be able to manage away mode, keep your themes, plugins and WordPress core up-to-date from single dashboard with iThemes Sync feature.

Brute Force Attack Protection Feature

The brute force attack protection feature of iThemes Security plugin will help you to protect your WordPress site against brute force attacks. This feature will bane users, who have already tried to break into other blogs and websites, from breaking into yours site. Similarly, iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network will also automatically report all IP address of failed login attempts. This feature will block them for a period of time in order to protect your site.

iThemes Security Protection Feature

This WordPress Security Plugin mainly works in order to protect and secure your site by increasing password’s security, blocking bad users and increasing security of other necessary information. It will also find and blocks several attacks to your files system and database. It will also strengthens server security and will force SSL for admin pages. Similarly, this plugin will also turns off file editing form within WordPress admin area.

Apart from the above mentioned, iThemes Security will also prevent brute force attacks by banning hosts and users with too many invalid login attempts. Its scanning system will scan your entire site and immediately report where vulnerabilities exist and fixes them in a very short period of time. The security system of this plugin is very strong, because it will also enforce users to use strong passwords for minimizing any kind of risk.


Most of security expert agrees that security is king, especially in those cases when your site is acting for your livelihood. But the free version of iThemes Security is really an awesome and wonderful WordPress security plugin that will help you to protect your site. If you want more features, iThemes Security Pro will add an additional protection layer to your WordPress-powered website.

This plugin offer a lot of features like limited login attempts to prevent brute force attacks, strong password enforcement and 404 error detection, but that’s not all. It also offer another cool feature, known as email notification, this feature will send notification when a user is locked out or when any of your files have been changed or entirely removed.

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