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Melody Blogger Template

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Melody is another very beautiful and simple blogger template. It is suitable for health, business and also for personal blogs. It will meet all of your needs and requirements because it compatible and works well with mobile and desktop devices at a time.  Melody blogger template is also well suited with all major browsers and your blog readers will be able to read it from around the world by using their favorite browsers and devices.

Melody blogger template has several built-in features, that is why, most peoples are attracted towards it. After you download and install it you will be able to customize it. It is very simple and easy and you can add widgets, remove it and even change the location of your widgets. But it should be kept in mind to keep right widgets at right location. The design of melody blogger template is very clean, attractive and unique. The theme developers have used very simple codes that really help you to load your blog faster than other.

If you look at the navigation menu you will find it very beautiful, amazing and unique. With the help of it you can add as many pages as you want. And to display posts from a specified category or tag/label you will be needed to link it with your navigation menu pages. Once you are done your posts assigned to a specific tag or category will be shown.  If you have some basic idea and skill of HTML and CSS coding then you can add extra styles to your blog/website. This feature will attract more blog traffic as compared to other theme.

Melody blogger template also consists of so many great features that you will be unable to find it in any free blogger template.  If you like this this free blogger template please don’t forget to share it on social media. Also if you have some difficulty and issue then type a few words in the comment box below and we will be in touch with you.


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