What Is Mean By Tag In a Blog (WordPress)

Tags are common words that are using on blog and website. But those peoples who are new to blogging and especially to wordpress don’t know about tags. They are therefore asking that what Is mean by Tag In a blog? Similarly they also don’t know that how to use tags and for what purpose tags are used in blog or website post/articles. Today, in this post, we will focus on tags, how to add tags to blog post and how to display tags in blog post.

In fact tag In a blog is best and useful method to organize and group together all those articles/posts that related to each other. In the same way tags help the blog or website readers to easily find what a post is about. Tags acts as label that are applied to products or posts. When you use tag in a blog/website post it will provide simplicity and will make it easier for your blog viewers to find their desired content. Thus we can say that tags are similar to, but more specific term than, categories, as addresses items you discussed in your blog or website post. It is completely optional and totally depends upon you to use tags in your post or not.

Tags in WordPress blog

And unlike categories, there is no compulsion to use Tags, in your blog posts. For example if you assign a post to any category of your blog, WordPress will automatically assign it to the default Category. But keep in mind that WordPress will not do that for Tags. Similarly you also have the option to do not assign and add a post to any Tags. But it is very necessary and mandatory to add categories to your blog, while Tag is completely optional and totally depends upon you. It is a common practice that a blog post will belongs to one category and multiple tags, in order to further divide the blog content.

If you look at the tags provided on “web & Blog’s Solutions” you will notice that these are typically only one, two or three words that focus on the keywords or points discussed in your article. Therefore, if categories are acting as your blog’s table of contents, in the same way tags are working as your blog’s index. Let’s further explain it with an example, if you write a post and assign it to the category named “Make Money Online”, now, if you want, you can further divide it into more parts like AdSense guide, affiliate marketing and podcast, and for this purpose tags are used. Similarly, in another example, if a sport’s blog owner is posting an article about sports news, he/she may divide it into cricket, football, hockey and badminton etc.  If you want to find a post belongs to a specific subject, though, you may choose to do a search for keywords. That’s why the tags are used and come in. if you tag a post with relevant key words, we will help you find the information you’re searching for.

Organization Of Blog Content Is Very Important. The main purpose to use tags in blog post/articles is to facilitate your website or blog readers to easily find the information they want to search. As you choose names for your tags and then add these tags to your blog posts, consider how you’d find the information if it weren’t your blog. Similarly think about what kind of terms would you search for if you wanted to find this article? Therefore try to add those terms in your tags.

Tags are short. As we have already discussed above that tags you want to use in your blog post should be up to three words long, but no more, because long tags are not suitable as compared to short and descriptive tags. Tags can also be used as keywords that are related to your blog post because they will assist the search engines to find your blog or website content very easily.

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