Top 7 best mobile photo editing apps

If your gig photos are attractive and beautiful they will automatically catch the eyes of your potential buyers. It is, therefore, most Fiverr newbies are asking how to make their gig photos look better on Fiverr. In this blog post we are going to focus and discuss somethings about top 7 best mobile photo editing apps that make your gig photos look better.

For ecommerce sellers, especially for Fiverr sellers, effective product photography is one of the main factors that drive conversions. In this way, your buyers can touch or experience your gig physically. So it’s up to you to make them more attractive and eye catching for your buyers. That is why, we have put together some key tools and resources to make your gig’s photography more attractive. No matter how you will shoot your photos, there are always some ways to improve with photo editing apps afterward.

With the passage of time the iPhone industry and other top leading industries of smartphones bringing improvements in their cameras. As a result, they are providing more friendly and professional photography applications that can be used for editing and retouching the photos. These editing and retouching applications are mostly simple as compared to complicated windows software. These are so simple that even a newbie can use it more effectively.

This is really a good news and opportunity for Fiverr sellers who’s gig profile photos need a little bit editing and touchup. In fact, presently there are several apps that offer unique features and functions and they do much more than simple editing and retouching images. However, to get better results they allow you to take better images.

In the below paragraphs we have included and rounded up a list of top 7 best apps that make your gig photos look better. These apps will help you take better images in a few minutes.

1. Photoshop Express:

Photoshop express app is the leading app that are used for editing and retouching images. This app is available, for its usage, on the Apple App store since Adobe launched the application back in September, 2011. Photoshop Express app can be used on iPhone and Android and providing basic editing features to its users. This app consist of some best features like add a filter with another tap, change contrast, exposure and also a white balance with a  set of slide control for a completely better image.

Similarly it provides you the complete control over the size of watermark on your images. In addition, it also give your photo a very dramatic vignette effect with precise control of roundness and feather. In the latest version of this application, new looks and text styles has also been added.

In short, we can say that this Photoshop Express app allows, its users, to make a quick and one-touch correction to any images. User can get this app for free from Google Play Store and also from Apple App Store. Those who want to edit and retouch their photos on Fiverr gigs, can use this app.

2. Photoshop Touch:

Photoshop Touch is another popular photo editing app. This app is from Adobe’s mobile suite and consist of other numerous features that Photoshop Express app doesn’t have. In fact, Photoshop Touch app is the most powerful tablet application that you will ever use. This photo editing app offers a number of familiar Photoshop features but at the same time also provides the convenience of mobile device and touch screen.

Like other photo editing app, Photoshop Touch app also consist of some great features like it allows its user to work with high-resolution images of up to 12 megapixels. It also offer another good feature of refine edge, so you can capture extremely small objects. User can find this app on Google Play Store and iPhone here.

3. Camera+:

Now you don’t need to have an expensive camera like DSLR or mirrorless camera to take photos. Here is an app known as Camera+ and your iPhone are really the best and perfect combination to create high quality images. Camera+ app is also a good choice for users who are interested to edit their photos on Fiverr gigs. This app is considered one of the closest to make your smartphone into a DSLR camera, because it is used to maximize the capabilities of the iPhone’s. Camera+ app offer some good features like it provide continuous flash, even for images and can also shoot in burst mode. Once you become free after shooting, you can then make editing directly within the application.

Camera+ comes with a range of editing tools to fine-tune your images. Camera+ app also able to change the exposure when you set the focus but you can make the image brighter or darker manually too. This app is also very easy to use, and in short or even no time, you’ll be able to make awesome smartphone photos. Camera+ is one of the best iPhone apps to take photos. All you need to do is to install it on your iPhone and then start taking photos.

4. Pixlr:

Our next app that can be used for photo editing is called Pixlr. It is a free editing software/app that has both a mobile and web app. It is one of the easiest to access as it is also a web based application. Pixlr app developer has made it available for mobile devices as an app so you can use this amazing and powerful features from the web anywhere you are.

This app has several good features like sponge tool, red eye correction, brush tool, gradient and much more. You have both option, either you can stick with the free version of image editing app or you can also purchase it paid version.

5. GIMP:

GIMP app is really the most sophisticated and best free photo editor. This free photo editing app/software can be used for retouching, editing and drawing. This app is like a stripped down version of Photoshop with a much easy and simple user interface. This free image editing app will fulfill most of your daily requirements but at the same time will cost you nothing. All you have to do is to download this app and install it on your system before you start working on it.

6. Photoristic HD:

Photoristic HD app is a combination of features, power, simplicity and convenience. Phtoristic HD app is an iPhone app that is capable of handling high-resolution images above 15 megapixels. However, this app has simple control for basic editing features like exposure and contrast.

7. Camera Plus:

Camera Plus is another good photo editing app for editing your Fiverr gigs. This app is designed in such a way that will equip all of you with pro-like features that is very easy to use on your iPhone and iPhad. By using this amazing app, you will have everything within reach, and you will really be assured that the photos and videos captured will look perfect.

The Camera Plus app also offer some additional features like photo capture, video recording, flash on or off, live preview before you capture photo, switching between front and rear camera, count down time and instant preview after capture. In addition to other good features, Camera Plus app has a special Macro focus mode tailored just for you. As compared to other complex and complicated camera apps, this app allows you to capture stunning Macro photos of butterflies and raindrops etc, directly from the main screen just with a single tab. In short, this Camera Plus app provides so many features that you would have never found in any other free photo editing app.

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