What is a Gig on Fiverr?

If you are visiting Fiverr for the first time, probably, you may have not heard about Gig on Fiverr. This is also the question of most newbies on Fiverr. When they register on Fiverr and create a profile on Fiverr, there are several elements that you will see their. One of which is called Gig. In fact, it is, a service offered on Fiverr is called Gig. You can also say that, basically a Gig on Fiverr is a display page that are showing your services that you are going to sell on Fiverr.

what is a gig on fiverr

Some of you may be ambiguous still about Gig on Fiverr. This whole complication can be resolved with some examples. Let suppose that you are expert in developing mobile adroid apps, you make a Gig, also service, that you “can develop adroide apps for someone”. Or similarly, you are a sketch designer and make a Gig that “can make a sketch for somethings or someone just $5”. If you are expert in developing a website, you can make a Gig that “Can develop a website for someone or somethings”.

You can also sell your voice if it is beautiful and attractive. For this purpose you can make a Gig that “Can sing for someone”. In short, if you have any skill and experience of any service that you can do, you can make Gig for that. You will be needed to just make a Gig of that service on Fiverr and you will receive a lot of orders. Please note that the lowest price of a Gig start at just $5. It simple means that the base price of any service, on Fiverr is $5, and it is also known as one Fiverr. Also note that the Fiverr service start at $5 and range up to thousands of dollars with Gig Extras.

What should a Gig consist of?

A Gig must consist of an attractive title about the service you are going to sell on Fiverr. Similarly, your Gig on Fiverr also required to have complete description of the services you want to offer to the buyers. In the same way, your Gig also have the Price range for the services that you are going to offer on Fiverr.

There are several services available on Fiverr that consist of graphic designing, writing, translations, programming and video editing etc. Gig on Fiverr gives you an opportunity to make money online from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. Fiverr is, therefore, a good choice for those peoples who are traveling and stay away from their homes. Keeping this point in mind, several travelers highly commend Fiverr as a way of earning income, from anywhere in the world.

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How Fiverr is different from UpWork or Freelancer sites?

This is a good question and many peoples are asking such type of questions. There is big difference between Fiverr and UpWork or Freelancer sites. Hopefully you may visited the most popular freelancing websites like UpWork and Freelancer. You will have noticed that usually, the employer bid on the projects that are posted by clients or buyers, on these websites. But the Fiverr case is different from these websites. Here, on Fiverr, the employer post their service on their profile. And any service on Fiverr, which is offered to clients, without bidding on any project, is called Gig.

What is mean by Gig title?

In fact, the Gig title is the headline that begins with “I will provide financial services for 3 hours”. Or “I will do primary editing within two days”  Your Gig title should also describe what you are providing to the buyers on Fiverr. It is necessary that your Gig title should be well selected/chosen. However, if you want you can change it later on, anytime you want. In order to get more orders from buyers it is needed that you should remember two main points in your mind. The first one is that your Fiverr Gig should be SEO optimized. And the second important point is that it should be compelling and attractive.

Gig title

For SEO optimized Gig title, it is very important that your Gig should consist of relevant keywords in order to show up in search results. You will get not points in offering some best Gigs if peoples are unable to find them and as well as your services are not clearly defined. Your Gig title will be really compelling if you make it quite unique, exciting and intriguing. Also avoid common phrases like “I will write a great content” as a title. And instead of having common titles you have to make it more unique like “I will write SEO Optimized content”. Such kind of titles will really divert more traffic towards your Fiverr Gig and as a result you will get more orders from buyers.

In addition to SEO optimized and compelling unique title another point should also be remembered and that is use of capitalization. For instance, when you are going to craft a perfect, unique and buyer friendly Gig title, make it sure to use capitalization. A good news for sellers is that Fiverr allows only one fully capitalized word per Gig title. It is, therefore, very necessary to use that word as an opportunity to highlight the most important and unique aspect of your Gig on Fiverr.

What should be the length of best Gig title?

When you have decided and planned to provide a good title for your Gig on Fiverr, but at the same time a question may arise in your mind that how much length should I keep for the best Gig title on Fiverr? In fact this a common question and more peoples are asking about it.

But, in fact, there is no specified rules and regulations about how to create best Gig title. You will find suggestions only from different peoples. In the below paragraphs, we are going to provide some best practices that we have concluded, in the summarized form of our research conducted. These practices will really help you in creating a best Gig title that will lets your customers to know what you are offering in your Gig and what it is all about. Similarly, they’ll also know about how much your service will cost them.

Keeping the above question in mind, there are several suggestions and opinions from different peoples. Some says that longer Gig title should be provided. Because you can change the Gig title after the Gig is published. Their main logic behind this suggestion is that you should add more keywords because they will become part of Gig URL, and it cannot be changed later on.

Once you published your Gig on Fiverr you can rewrite your Gig title. This point can be cleared and explained with a simple example. Let suppose, you want to create a Gig regarding writing, so it is necessary to add the keywords, for the first time when you write your Gig title. We are providing a sample Gig title for writing below,

“I will write SEO friendly research article ebooks blogs academic short books”. Your Gig title should look something like the above titles. You will think that it doesn’t make any sense but in fact we have used several SEO keywords in this title. This is really an SEO friendly Gig title, because whenever someone are searching for SEO articles or blog post, your Gig will be displayed in the search results. Similarly, you can also try to write your Gig title something like this “ I will write 500 words well researched article in just 24 hours”.

Other suggest that while creating your Gig title on Fiverr, it is very important and necessary to be concise, brief and clear as much as you can. They also suggest to add at least one keyword which is most relevant to your services. Let suppose your niche is in article writing, so you have to differentiate your Gig title from the competitors and try for that as much as possible. Your Gig title

Some peoples suggest and prefer to use short, clear, specific and memorable Gig title. They thing that you have to use an eye-catching and short title that is memorable is really a true skill and art. They further says and suggest that your gig title should include some good keywords. Their opinion is that with a few words you have to say a lot, and this is the real art. Because you can change and compel your client with a single line. In this way you will influence your client decision and they will be compelled to buy your Gig on Fiverr. It means that it doesn’t matter whether your Gig title is shorter or longer.

There also some peoples whose opinion is that your gig title should be neither too short nor too long. They think that if you want to keep the title too short, so your potential buyers will be left clueless. On the other hand, if you want to keep the gig title too long, as a result the entire title will not be visible in the search listing of Fiverr. With too long gig title, you will not be able to read it all without clicking on the gig.

Finally, after reading out all the suggestions from different peoples, we are also giving our suggestion. We suggest that your Gig title should be in moderate length that can properly and accurately give a quick and real time overview of what the gig is all about, including the price.

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