What is Fiverr and how it Works?

If you are newbie the chances are more that you’ll have no idea and you will don’t know about “what is Fiverr and how it Works”, but don’t worry. We are here to help you and resolve your question in very simple words. After reading this article you will learn about what is FIverr and how it works? Just like UpWork, Fiverr is another world’s largest marketplace for digital services. On Fiverr, in the same way like UpWork, entrepreneurs, startup peoples and business owners are posting their jobs/projects, and other peoples, called freelancers, are working on these jobs/projects to accomplish it for some payment.  The person or company who publish their jobs/projects and the people/s who are working on these projects agree on a specified amount of payment. When the freelancer complete their task the project publisher/clients disburse the payment, if no objection has been raised from them.

What is Fiverr and how it Works

Also note that the peoples who are working on these projects are also known as sellers/freelancers. These sellers have the option to choose their beginning price point. But it is not necessary that sellers should offer a fixed price, but they can also offer multiple price ranges by using Gig Packages. With the help of these Gig Packages, the sellers can offer different services packages at different prices to buyers. Here the buyers are the peoples or companies that publish their projects on Fiverr. They are also called clients.

At the start, you will be unclear, like most of others, that how to use the site & how it works, but once you get familiar with it, you’ll find it very easy. You will then be able to create your profile on Fiverr, provide all your educational background, past experiences, skill that you have and other relevant information that you think can help you in attracting more buyers toward you. In simple words, you have to complete your Fiverr profile with all respects and never leave any room for others. It should be an eye catching profile that compel the project publishers to look at your profile and hire you.

How it Works?

There are several jobs, belonging to different categories, available on Fiverr. These jobs and project categories includes Admin & Finance jobs, IT & Networking, Sale & Marketing, Writing jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Mobile & Software development, Web development, Web designing & creative and Mobile apps development. Now it depends upon which category best suite and match your education, experience and skill. In fact, Fiverr is also another great platform and a dream place for sellers/freelancers to start and try to figure the world of freelancing.

On Fiverr, there are so many jobs that someone will must fit and match with your profile. This is also a good place for student to start part time jobs here. For those who don’t have enough skill they can do data entry jobs, which are very easy to do. Remember that as a beginner seller, you have to do any type of jobs/projects that comes in your way.

How much will it cost when I Sign Up on Fiverr?

It is completely free to join and Sign Up for Fiverr. You’ll not be charged any single penny. But note that, on Fiverr, only registered users will be able to buy and sell. It is, therefore, necessary to create account on Fiverr. There are so many projects available, on Fiverr, that almost anyone can find something to sell.

If you look at the Fiverr main site you’ll find several categories. Now you will just need to browse the categories and then look at how other sellers offer their services. You can also find that where your skills will fit in. once you create your profile, you would be able to decide how you want to sell your services. While creating your profile on linkedin, you have to complete it with all respects, because the best and professional sellers never leave any room or space for misunderstandings with their buyers.

It is necessary that three main points should be kept in your mind, while creating your profile on Fiverr. These are given below, and you have to make sure that,

  • Your seller profile is complete with all respects.
  • Your Gigs are well written, and similarly, it exactly describe the services that you offer.
  • Your skills has been shown correctly and accurately on your sample profile.

Once you have followed the above mentioned points in creating your Fiverr profile you will get higher results. Yours complete and updated profile on Fiverr will help you a lot & it will met your buyer’s expectations. Now, if your buyer’s expectations are met, or in case exceeded, you’ll definitely get a good rating and more business.

Payment on Fiverr is also extremely safe and legitimate. Buyers pay advance payment to Fiverr, if they purchase your Gigs. The buyers will give you their orders and you have to complete for them in a specified time. Upon your successful and competed delivery of your order, you will get 80% of the total order value. Let suppose, your service price is $100, for this order you will receive $80 for a completed order. If you want to get more information and further read the terms of services, you can click here.

If you want you can further increase your income just by offering extra services to your customers, during the process. Take care of your buyers and don’t try to harass them. It is highly recommended to understand what their needs are and how your Fiverr skill can help them to achieve their goals.

We are hopeful that after reading this blog post you’ll have learnt about what is Fiverr and how it works? If you like this article, please share it on social media with your friends. If you have any query, the comment box is always open for you. Just write your comments and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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