What is Google AdSense?

Most bloggers, especially newbies, are continually asking questions that what is Google AdSense? In fact it is useless to again reinvent the wheel. In this article we will try to define the Google AdSense in very simple and understandable words that “Google AdSense is a program/service that is run by Google which helps and allows the publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, and rich media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.”

Google AdSense is working with millions of publishers and advertisers, of all sizes.  Under this program the advertisers ask Google to serve their ads on websites that meet certain criteria, similarly in the same way publishers also ask Google to display ads on their blogs/websites that meet their criteria.

In other words Google AdSense is the most popular and largest CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program/service/network, in the world, that helps and allows the publishers (anyone publishing/creating content on their websites) to insert a small amount of HTML code into their blogs/websites and have ads appear that are targeted and mostly relevant to the content of the that blog/website.

What is Google AdSense

We are hopeful that the above given definition is quite clear and you will have picked the point.  But again want to further explain it in more details. You might have visited blogs/websites on the internet online and might have noticed advertisements that is showing in between the web page that you’re reading. In fact, more of these ads are nothing but Google AdSense ads. It is also called contextual advertising.

For publishers, who runs & publishing/creating content on their blogs/websites, it is a good news that the easiest and most simple method to start and generate money is Google AdSense program. Once you signed up for with Google AdSense program, a small amount of HTML code will be provided to you. You are needed to install this HTML code in your site. After you installed your code into your site, the Google AdSense program spider will crawl your blog/website to see that what all your blog/site pages are about.

Note that here ads are matched on the basis of your blog/website’s content, including location, blog topics, language, and website theme. After complete checking and inspection, when Google AdSense feel that his criteria has been matched then it will display ads next to each of your published post. These ads may be displayed in the header portion, at the side bars, and also at the footer area. Ads may be displaying either in the form of text ads, image-rich ads, or both depending on your preference. In addition, you can customize your text ads to match the look and feel of your site.

The program will display most relevant ads on your websites as we have already mentioned in the above paragraphs. This type of feature is suitable for everyone. For instance, a blogger/website owner is posting about motor cars, so their site will likely to display cars related advertisements. Similarly there will be someone that are reading an article on gardening is much more likely to buy gardening tools than someone who is reading an article about motorcars.

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