What is oDesk?

Are you also interested and want the freedom to set your own work schedule, choose your clients, and work online from your own home? So you are not alone, several freelancers around the globe are making this dream a reality.  But special thanks to oDesk marketplace, which the largest online workspace of the world. oDesk has now become the go-to source for businesses who are looking to hire top talented candidates not only in USA but also abroad. With more than 4.5 million registered freelancers and nearly 1.5 million jobs posted annually on oDesk. With the help of innovative platform of oDesk employers are able to connect with their virtual freelancers.

what is oDesk

With the passage of time the ratio of unemployment is increasing day-by-day in developing and under developed countries. Thousands of peoples are completing their master level education and are looking for jobs in their relevant field. However, few of them get jobs in Government institutions or private companies, while the rest remained unemployed.

Unemployment alone is a big problem not only for the job seekers but also for the Government of a country to accommodate such a large number of peoples in their Government institutions. For thanks to online companies who are providing big opportunities to such type of peoples and providing jobs at their home. We means they work from home for such kind of companies from home. And there is no need to go to offices and perform their duties there. Now you are able to work at your homes and provides projects to different peoples/companies and they will pay you a specified amount.

There are several companies who are providing such type of opportunities to peoples all over the world. A person situated in one corner of the world can do work for persons/companies in other corner of the world. There is also no limitation of time. It’s your choice to work either on hourly basis or fixed price basis. Among such kind of companies UpWork (formerly known as oDesk) is most popular.

Apart from the cost-saving benefits of recruiting hourly employees, businesses also appreciate the opportunity UpWork offer to reach talent from around the world. With the help of oDesk, geographical location is no longer a barrier for anyone who have some talent. In addition to other good features, the time tracking tool of oDesk makes it easy for freelancers to get paid for the work they completed. With oDesk (now UpWork) you will just be required to simply log in, work, and get paid – it really is that easy. In simple words we can say that oDesk, now UpWork, is a win-win not only for employers but for freelancers as well.

In fact, oDesk was one of two major online job provider in a business of freelance platforms. It was the global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals, belonging to different professions, connect and collaborate remotely. Actually, on oDesk you can post a job or find work and the payment transactions will be looked after oDesk. However, in the last year, an announcement came from oDesk to merger with its prominent and primary rival, Elance. After this successful merger/union, these two largest companies, which are holding the largest percentage % in the industry, formed another world’s largest online workplace /company, called Upwork. At Upwork, nearly 30 new online jobs are published every 10 second.

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Now in these days, Upwork is the largest freelancing platform and the best and suitable place to start making some extra money, paving the way for better future. Whether you’re unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a change – your dream and desired job could be just a click away.

Is oDesk a Legitimate Company?

Last week several blog visitors of our site have asked that is oDesk, now UpWork, is a legitimate and trustworthy company? To answer this question in simple words is; Yes! oDesk, now UpWork, is a fully legitimate company where freelancers can find their legitimate work. Similarly, employers find their top talented candidates for their work.

One can also guess from its reputations that it has more than 4.5 million registered users and millions of jobs are posting every year.

In the year of August 2013, oDesk, now UpWork, has reached an amazing milestone for spending over $1 billion (U.S) for work conducted via oDesk. For its good efforts, the company has also been recognized as one of the best and fastest-growing companies in the USA for four consecutive years. This company has also been awarded multiple distinctions for its online workplace.

Is UpWork, formerly oDesk, Free to join?

A straight forward answer to this question is a big Yes! UpWork is absolutely and completely free to join. Three important and main steps process are involved to getting started on oDesk, now UpWork.  These includes, build your profile, get to work, and earn a living by your online jobs.

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, oDesk has merged into a new company called as UpWork Global, inc. Remember that the UpWork marketplace is still free not only for businesses but for freelancers as well to join it. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in online jobs and want to work from home, just come and sign up for a free Upwork account.

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